Why doesn't Cenk go to NY and give press conferences at the NY courthouse while Trump's there?

He said it right on the show. “And please, are there any democrats in the world, how about somebody in Congress, ANY democrat stand up and go “hey guys, look at what an idiot Trump is, he didn’t ask for a jury trial and then he cries like a little baby.””

Well, there’s MAN WOMAN CAMERA TV all going nuts down at the courthouse, why doesn’t Cenk go down there and give “anti-bullshit” press conferences giving the low down on how crushed Trump’s getting in court. If you make it funny, it’ll get views, and the court and the AG need support, Trump dominates the message, they can’t fight back. If you want free press for running for president, you can’t get more exposure than down there. You could take a podium, charts, make a huge blowup of “no jury requested”, show the document where Trump objected to the Maralago valuation at $18 million as TOO MUCH because he wanted lower taxes, you could show that he thinks his property that he bought for $8 million is now worth $1.5 billion. You could have a field day. Ideally Cenk would become the humorous guy people tune in to to find out what happened in court that day. At the moment it’s just the press reporters asking questions about what Trump is having for lunch.

Trump Violates Gag Order AGAIN, Right Outside The Courtroom

The quote I’m mentioning is at 5 minutes in this episode.


I like that. Go where the cameras are! Wouldn’t it be funny if he showed up in every camera shot at an NFL game!

All it would take is one joke, especially with Trump present. The whole country would see.

That could WORK! He needs to get as much coverage as possible and I love the uniqueness of it! It would be both extremely effective and hilarious.

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The judge needs to give him community services for violating the gage orders. I want to see him doing PSA’s about fraud or sexual discrimination in the workplace.

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