Why isn't TYT, or anyone else, talking about this?

Project 2025

A friend of mine enlightened me to this thing. I can’t believe out of all the progressive channels I watch, nobody has even mentioned this!!

project2025 dot org

Am I the only one that finds this scary???

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To me it is a surrender of sorts.

What will likely come of it is a new talent. They may find someone bright but they don’t have a very deep bench.

This person maybe every formattable possibly. I am not sure what there is to be scared of. They will open the doors up to more incompetency in the end, only marginalizing their own relevancy.

It is only scary if we fail to build the coalition or fail to get sufficient morale.

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Glad to see that at least a couple of resources have found this important enough to talk about. I honestly don’t understand why these progressive outlets aren’t making a bigger deal out of this.

We have to be careful how and when we decide to focus our strength.

Can somebody please summarize what is Project 2025 for those who don’t open the link?

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Sure. It’s basically a far right-wing project to put far right-wing conservatives in as many government offices as possible to ensure they can make new laws to give a newly elected POTUS more power, or, absolute power.

Look up Jayar’s story on it on The Damage Report


Haven’t the Republicans been doing this for years now? I have always wondered why Democrats didn’t take notice of this type thing a long time ago. We focused on national politics, mean while McConnell was helping Republicans get elected in local races by helping fund local campaigns. We were late on this and its cost us a lot.


I think this is more than local races. It sounds like this includes inserting them in every aspect of leadership. DOJ, IRS, CIA, everything. Very much like the SS in the 40s.


Oh it’s scary as f*&# - and people are discussing but not nearly enough!!! I absolutely agree!!!

We need to press every Republican on it. Make them answer whether they support it, what they plan to do about it & their party.

Do not stop until we have answers from all of them.

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I don’t take it seriously because Its not possible for anyone to have absolute power in Washington. I think we should stop worrying about right wingers winning elections in washington. All it does is help us. Its a win-win for us. We make money and win votes on their idiocy. part of me actually wants Trump to get elected so he can never be elected again.

Their is no focus of strength. Lots of entities and Org’s out here but no one on the same page. Not about what the underlying or root causes of bad domestic and geopolitical governance is/are. Not about what corrupts markets and economic system here and globally. It seems to me that Progressives have no central theme naming the problem of the day. I keep repeating myself on this and other platforms that Progressives need to name Neo-liberal ideology as a root problem, and to fix it, Social Democratic representation and principals must come to power and be applied. I haven’t heard a peep out of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in months. While MoveOn is doing good quiet work, its marketing branch is not in the mainstream, not heard from. All elements of the Progressive movement should be parroting, in communion, the roots causes and the root fixes for our crumbling Democracy. Certain constructive critiques, Progressive assertions, should be common place in our feeds and our lexicon. So how do we reach out to the multitude of progressive groups making efforts? How do we communicate and coordinate key talking points? How do we get our representatives to parrot our identification of root causes and root solutions? We could take some lessons from the bad guys, who no doubt, can get on the same page when they want something.

I am glad sycophants like Vivek fail in the way they do. It gives me hope for us.

You realize there was a movement who attempted to crown George Washington king right? Many didn’t want another president after him.

I think your absurd arguments are part in parcel of a framing of contingent ethics. These ethics usually have a common denominator of revering ones ego above your desire to for a good faith dialogue.

When people value power above all, they make themselves predictable and easy to dominate. I wish we would raise our collective standards as a society.

Does your statement invite any kind of of exchange of ideas you supposedly purport to desire?

Remember it is best to remember to remain silent and be thought a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.


I think we need more of a kin to a issue tracking system. With more adding in a sort of the possibility of functional organizing if there is enough support.

We form things more organically and we use a tribal governance model. If we attempt to remodel to act more like the bad guys it will likely fracture the community. This isn’t’ to say we can use some of their spice in a model that was much more complete. This ide must be executed with care and understanding in my opinion. Without education across the community the introduction of these ideas may induce instability.

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We need to push for truth. We need every tool available.

Please consider supporting & pushing for public officials to take the Pro Truth Pledge - bring back norms & force people, like MTG who was forced to go to the Holocaust Memorial museum - and admit truth - by using this non-profit tool.

Tim Ryan, who was defeated ny JD Vance - buit who has been regular on Meidas Touch, Crooked Media, etc - took the pledge – tell people, use his example to excite people

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No one is talking about the same old fear mongering

I’ve heard it mentioned a bunch of times. People who follow politics are aware of the threat these maniacs pose.

But there isn’t a lot to say about it once you tell people the American fascist movement has a playbook to destroy our republic and they’re not hiding it. It’s entirely out in the open.

If Americans vote for Trump and his henchmen anyway, I don’t see how anyone can continue to excuse the electorate. The plot isn’t hiding, it’s in plain sight.

“Fearmongering”, one of Ana’s favorite characterizations, means the threat isn’t real, or is at least overblown. Is that what you believe? That Trump and his followers aren’t actually fascists?

Who’s “we”? The last 3 republican administrations didn’t help anybody in the broad group of people I’ve known except the 2 wealthy ones. Didn’t even benefit the supporters. Same problems of the last 4 decades, just different clothes and hair.
The dem admins that sweep up afterwards have made some progress but have also led to where we are.
@cbickle Our US fascism is probably hard for a lot of Americans to recognize because of how strongly our society has ingrained nationalism. The media control makes it difficult to get new perspectives, which is def why I love TYT. There’s real conversation and discussion.
Fearmongering means intentionally focusing on something, usually for a desired effect. I think the threat is high, and it needs to be addressed more openly in ways that the average citizen can observe and understand. Probably won’t happen until after uniform jackboots are walking the streets, it’s too big of a cash cow subject for mainstream media.
Project 2025 is a pretty dangerous idea, and it follows the maga design. Say something is broken, do everything to break it, point at it claim they were right and should be in charge of something entirely unrelated. Rinse, repeat, ruin democracy.
Doesn’t mean it’ll happen, but it could.

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In politics there are only 2 dynamics. Something either helps you or hurts you.

If you study the history of this country, and indeed the history of the world in general, extreme right wing policies have caused great left wing response and change.

In this country here are some examples;

  1. Slavery resulted in a civil war and the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.
  2. Labor exploitation resulted in tougher labor laws.
  3. Stock market manipulation and the lackluster lending by the Fed resulted in the Great Depression and the New Deal.
  4. Racism and Jim Crow resulted in the Civil Rights Act.
  5. Poverty among elderly and children leads to Medicare and Medicaid.
  6. Hospitals turning away patients who could not pay resulted in the EMTALA Act of 1986 prohibiting emergency rooms from turning patients away who cannot pay.
  7. Insurances refusing to pay because of pre-existing conditions resulted in the Affordable Care Act - which, despite its faults, has done some good.

…And there are many many more examples. All of these are moves in the left direction, and show no signs of going away. More generally, societies tend to move in a leftward direction over the long term. Its hard to see when we’re on the ground but rest assured this world is moving to the left, even if its at a snail’s pace.