Why isn't TYT, or anyone else, talking about this?

Project 2025

A friend of mine enlightened me to this thing. I can’t believe out of all the progressive channels I watch, nobody has even mentioned this!!

project2025 dot org

Am I the only one that finds this scary???

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To me it is a surrender of sorts.

What will likely come of it is a new talent. They may find someone bright but they don’t have a very deep bench.

This person maybe every formattable possibly. I am not sure what there is to be scared of. They will open the doors up to more incompetency in the end, only marginalizing their own relevancy.

It is only scary if we fail to build the coalition or fail to get sufficient morale.

Glad to see that at least a couple of resources have found this important enough to talk about. I honestly don’t understand why these progressive outlets aren’t making a bigger deal out of this.

We have to be careful how and when we decide to focus our strength.