Why make promises you cannot deliver?

I would like to point out about 3 weeks ago Biden sent assurances to UK court that Julian Assange will have 1st amendment rights protected.

How could anyone take that promise seriously considering the inability to grant these rights to their own citizens?

The following was done in collaboration with ChatGPT:

In the halls of power, where justice should reign,
Julian Assange’s name is whispered in vain.
A press corps gala, where truth should be praised,
Yet his absence speaks volumes, his voice left unfazed.

While they wine and they dine, in their self-righteous glow,
Assange sits in silence, the depths of his woe.
For the crime of exposing, the secrets they keep,
He’s left to languish, in shadows so deep.

They talk of freedoms, of rights they hold dear,
But for Assange, they offer no cheer.
A hollow assurance, of First Amendment’s grace,
While extradition looms, his fate they embrace.

But amidst this charade, this mockery of law,
There echoes a call, a rallying draw.
For Julian, they cry, to his homeland return,
To the land down under, where freedoms still burn.

Let us not forget, in the glitz and the glam,
The man who dared challenge, the powerful sham.
For his fight is our fight, for truth to prevail,
Let justice be served, let freedom set sail.

So raise your voices high, let the world hear your plea,
For Julian Assange, let him be free.
No more extradition, no more chains to bind,
In the name of press freedom, let justice find.


Please do not forget all the journalists who have laid down their lives so that we, the people , can get the truth in this unprecedented age of disinformation , lies , and gaslighting. Case in point , at the White House correspondent Dinner { WHCD } , a journalist from CODEPINK was arrested { having paid for the event! } and escorted out because she asked questions at an event celebrating Journalists , that the status quo didn’t like. Heresy for all to see. Jackc380


It is a rag tag group I always dreamed of…

I am grateful to all those who put forth effort, thank you!

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