Winning by Common Cause

A lot of great chats out there. But what is the core problem? It’s important to define our mission properly or we will miss the mark. A few suggestions:

First and most important: We are a country of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation. Over the past 50+ years this has caused an ever widening income gap, leaving about half of our population living from week to week. The people are tired of the broken corporatist promises of our elected politicians. So tired, that about half the country has staked a belief in Trump. An autocracy is just around the corner. The Biden presidency solves nothing, and just kicks the can down the road.

So, what’s the mission? The people need to take the country back! There are huge barriers here. In fact it may already be too late. With Citizens United, the corporations have literally bribed there way to complete government capture. Just about everyone is on the take.

In order keep that hold on power, the corporate media has divided the country. This is not just cable news, but New York Times, Washington Post etc. that make sure to keep the people divided.

So, how do we take our country back. The people (right & left) need to unite and force change. Cenk’s progressive push is a great start. But we need more. The corporatists are crushing most all progressive initiatives. Even the courts are now basically corporate owned.

It’s the politics that divides us. But what brings us together? Common causes!
Medicare for All is a cause that is attractive to most all people. To make this work, both sides need to realize that we are not the constituents of this government. Politicians on both sides have sold out to corporate interests. The people need to make peace, and put politics aside in favor of a higher standard of living for all .

While the larger goal is for the people to take the government back. We achieve that by uniting around common ground, one issue at a time.

Simultaneously, we also unite to vote out anyone who opposes our issues. We listen, but also monitor actions, which speak louder than their words.

Bottom line: We need a comprehensive actionable plan, otherwise . . . . .?


In all honestly I believe that there is one issue that stands above all others. Implementing a UBI that provides an actual livable wage to all.

This will afford all people to stop doing the bidding of others for the sole purpose of subsisting and start doing what makes them happy regardless of what that is.

Once everyone is provided for, there’s no longer any motivation to exploit people, since no one is forced into working. Instead we can use our collective brain power to solve problems instead of create them.

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Hi u/hyp3rfr3sh,

An excellent thought! Providing a universal living wage falls directly into this category. There is no shortage of issues. The key is to break up the right/left tribalism. We need to convince the people to change their tribal focus, to focus on common issues such as a living wage.

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re: Hope Project:The old slavery era compromise of big state/little state- area AND population must be reformed. My idea- redistrict all senator seats to be EQUAL population - 100 equal pop. districts, so that you may have one state, partial state or multiple states representing a better one person one vote ratio. You could also expand the House to 500 seats, again all equal pop. AND do away with the must be present in DC to vote rule. Surely the feds can devise a verifiable method to do this.

I think a bit optimistic to stay it will afford all people unless it is substantial. If it isn’t many will still work with the UBI if that doesn’t restrict it. If it is you will must be artful about how it is marketed, framed, and implemented due to the impact it would have.

People love to improve their quality of life and dislike reducing it. I suspect there would be a huge effort to sabotage this campaign.

I started another similar topic, running progressive republicans. I appreciate the points about advocating issues the left and right can agree on. The topic I started can do that, by also making progress with issues we don’t agree on.