Wisdom of the crazy ass old people you called WWII vets

Back in my day, WWII vets told me that if anyone even entertained the idea of civil war, that they no longer deserve to be an American.

Because what American turns their back on their own people? Because the Civil War didn’t teach us anything?
We lost too many on both sides, lessons were learned, profound lessons fundamental to how we run our nation today.

I was taught that traitors like these should be spat on, shat on, and never to be given any respect for the disgrace of being ungrateful for what you were given.

You don’t like it? Get the fuck out, WWII vets flagged this nation as Antifa: anti-fascist.
If you have a problem with that, go fuck yourselves.

Your grandparents would be so disgusted at such actions, in fact they ruined family get togethers all the time over that very issue.

And now it’s time for me to follow tradition.
This time, my belt is metaphorical.
It’s still going to sting you baby eating, blood sucking, child sex trafficking pedophiles.
Who’s first?

If you talked about starting a civil war back in 2003 because you didn’t believe we should have been fighting in war justified or not, we would have hung you like Saddam Hussein.

If you talked about starting civil war in 2008, even under a Black President, we would have flagged you as Jihad, Jack Bauer your ass, bring you down like Seal Team Six and drag your dead carcass back to make sure you no longer posed a threat to national security.

I protested the Iraq War.

When we found out they planned the 9/11 attack in Saudi Arabia, we allied with them.

Taliban tried to give us Osama Bin Laden, and we refused.

For Iraq and your fucking weapon of mass destruction.

We have been brutalizing an entire nation for twenty years, and you won’t even stop for one second and consider the countless lives lost or insurmountable suffering cause by the American Government!

You don’t give a fuck, and now you’re about to raise your guns because you don’t like needles.
You fucking pussies, after twenty years of watching you “support our troops” as you send them off to die allow me to inform you that you don’t know fucking shit, no one is going to fight for you, you are a bunch of cock sucking, ass taking, cum swallowing bitches.

If you’re military and you’re Republican, you’re in bed with the people that didn’t care about what you were fighting for, the suffering you endured, and they definitely don’t give a shit that you did it for absolutely fucking nothing. You vote for that? You’re voting to throw your lives and the lives of your fellow service people to the wind at the beck and call of your conservative masters.

This is the United States of America, and it has always been this way.
If you’re surprised, that’s because you’ve never met a patriot before in your fucking life.
Fucking recognize.

America is on the brink of war.
Why? Because not even the police will deal with threats of violence.

“some things are worth fighting for”
You don’t ever fucking say that about Civil War, that’s something we should have all learned in history class.

You promote killing more Americans than anyone can do to our nation.
You think it will make your problems go away.
Just like the Nazis.

Republicans believe the best candidate for Congress is someone with permanent concussion damage.

Putting the best people in charge, not only is Hershel Walker qualified for the Special Olympics, he beats his wife too.

Because he’s a man, so vote for him, and Hershel Walker can put you in your place.
Or just beat you, because he forgot what it is he was doing.

Someone tell him there are no refs and flags in real life, or he won’t know when to stop.
OJ himself.