Worker Cooperatives: Expanding Democracy In The Workplace

Great YouTube video showing principals of a democratic business model. Includes plenty of examples where they can be found and supported in everyones daily life. (banking, food, electricity…)

Limiting money of big business and therefore lobbying power will lead to real change, I think.

Vote with your money!


Co-op everything is my motto! Here’s the link for people: Worker Cooperatives: Expanding Democracy In The Workplace - YouTube

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@alison_hartson Excellent motto to have. Thank you for the link.

For anyone who would like to learn more. Here is a sad jet insightful talk on how science covered capitalistic economy topics in the last 50 years.
[Richard D. Wolff Lecture on Worker Coops: Theory and Practice of 21st Century Socialism - YouTube]

Interesting take on cooperatives: They are businesses with a mission other then profit, e.g. environmental social issues.
The Cooperative Business Model | #WeAreREC - YouTube

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