Wow a friend unfriended me because I'm not right in politics

He said this to me

Yep, if you want to bs some outside I am okay with that. I am just sick of all the leftwing bs.
If I wanted to hear or read any of that I would watch MSM, be part of Facebook, Twitter or go back to college. You want to talk politics go for it with Chico. Just don’t involve me. I have pretty much the complete opposite political view of you two. I go outside to have a smoke and relax. Not to be irritated with leftist ideology. I know it isn’t always you starting the conversation but sometimes it is. You guys can have a good old time all you want. I will just finish my smoke that I am on and head in and not be part of said conversation. Chico has also been removed from all of my contact lists. I don’t dislike either of you but I don’t have to stay out there and listen to any of it. Especially if it gets thrown in my fucking face multiple times a week. All it does is piss me off and make me want to completely dissociate from you two and avoid both of you. When you two are this far on the opposite side of the spectrum there is really just no middle ground obviously. Either of you guys want to chit chat I am obviously fine with that. Unfortunately, it seems to devolve into some type of political conversation lately. Which again, you guys go for it but don’t expect me to hang around and take part in it.

Wow one of 2 only friends I could chat with on tech, other one goes off into tangents about games I got no clue about and doesnt stay out long so now I cant wait to get home to Chicago, just gotta wait for the Cook County Housing Authority to get us a unit! Good thing I got you guys!

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Yeah, this is such a problem now, unfortunately. People can choose to avoid truth, critical thinking, and hard conversations all they want. I have a hard time chatting about inane subjects and I have an even harder time letting someone bloviate or talk only through social media keywords/catch phrases, so I’ve either cut ties with or been cut off from many friends. It sucks, but there’s definitely greater community to find with inclusive people when you have a broad mind rather than a narrow one!


Good thing I’m making new friends


My mother unfriended me for my politics.

People have a hard time with the truth when it doesn’t go their way.

It’s amazing how long they have gone without feeling any sense of responsibility or self respect to their own core values.

It’s really sad, but for me, I should have seen it coming a decade ago.

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My parents also have very different political views than I do, however, I am not quite old enough to move out and they are not, or at least my mother isnt, so radical I would want to avoid them. But any political discussion we engage in usually ends with my dad regurgitating stupid conservative talking points, myself or my mom disproving him, and then my mom will go an some long tirade to “put me in my place” and then I am either ignored or made fun of, and my dad grumbles about anything left leaning.

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Family first. Politics should not have to come before blood. Avoid it, as if you were taking off your shoes to avoid tracking mud in the house, and your family will be grateful and keep your acts in mind as you lay into them once you’re off dependency.
Choose your time wisely, plant seeds if you can, find common ground if you can, and bond on little things if you can’t bond on the important stuff.
Baby steps, parents are old, obsolete, haven’t had a software update… probably ever.
Old fashioned be set in their ways, coax them out if you can, just don’t risk the peace.

You can thank me later.

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