Wtf just happened?

The world is not yet ready for dragons.
In order for dragons to flourish, people must believe in them.
They must be willing to hear the words being spoken, they must look passed their own bias first.
I cannot apologize for faults that are not mine, I too represent my allies, this is how I fight for them, under the authority they have bestowed upon me, my being cis has no bearing in the matter.
That has nothing to do with compassion or understanding, we do not keep others ignorant simply because it is not their fight.
Wtf are you talking about, this is our fight, I am an ally whether I subscribe to your ways or not, we fight to ensure rights are protected for everyone!

“Fight the good fight” while I face adversity even among allies, I have been told those four words over and over again when I ask, “Am I too much?”.
It comes with, “I don’t read it all, but what I do, I’m in.”

Who the fuck is going to read everything?
Not for generations, ours is one of wasted potential.
Our kids are in a much better position for progress.

I am old, I am only the foundation, but I am hard and unyielding on what I stand for.
I have yet to come across any view that is disagreed upon, only misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

For what it’s worth, I had a blast, accidentally blasting my way through the ranks.
How could I know that you don’t know anything about my kind?

I was forged by WWII vets, single mothers, and guys that just want “everyone to be nice!”.
Here’s a secret to the evolution of such thinking:
Just because we want everyone to be nice, no longer means just being nice all the time to show by example what everyone tries to ignore.
It means being savage at even the slightest of offenses when it comes the jurisdiction of our character’s beliefs.

And since highschool, I have carried with me beliefs that are so important, tested so many times, something as trivial as family sentiment, that it is not some principle to which I uphold, it is engraved as sacred duty.

Since I was six years old I grew up without a father, have had many stepfathers that were nothing more than men getting into my mother’s pants… and wallet.
I am a father, I will never let anyone step on that.
I won’t let anyone conflate my allegiance to LBGTQ+.

Sorry not sorry, I love you dragons, but we do this together or not at all.
This is the way.