Yes a debate show!

Yes a debate show! A debate REALITY show! Progressives against anyone else. It doesn’t matter yet, just that the Progressive ideology gets out there. Let anybody line up against them. The key is to have the right panel conducting the debate. Professional Psychologist, Sociologist, Linguists and Historians, peered reviewed and accepted Intellectuals, even Religious leaders. A panel of people who will see through the crap for us! A panel with a rotation of new guest. Like The Daily Show does now. the Progressive opposition, and maybe some Progressives could be Raucous, Loud, Security personnel breaking up fights, Name calling. And after some time of just getting Progressive ideology out, maybe a Team Matt Gaetz against Team Katie Porter. Not obscure but F…g Prime time!


so, I’ve thought about something like this for a while. I think we should also include logicians to analyze arguments for validity. to promote a rigorous debate. to have categories of overlapping arguments based of off facts organized into sets for probabilistic truthfulness.


A probability score assigned to elements of arguments. Especially when some part of the debate implies or maps out a trajectory for humans, our policies, and activities. What is the probability of this or that really working out. What is the probability of our positions turning into positive and/or negative consequences. I can even imagine the debate being fed into an AI like ChatGPT as one of the panel members, this in real time with real time responses to compare and contrast with the human panel members. An AI can datamine and articulate responses fastest enough to generate scores. This all being said, the debate might really be about the panel of experts who run it. Which is incredibly important in this day and age when their seems to be now adults mediating interaction between pro and antagonistic positions on matters of the day. A new adult concept to guide the minions who ultimately have and can harness power great enough to change the paradigm! A reality debate show with shock and entertianment value, an ethical and moral crossbar to get over, Social Democratic Ideology being disseminated and bucking horns with Neo-liberal capialist positions. I think it would have to be solidly anchored in the public domain inorder to have credibility. Possibly even no money donors, just a public service brought to us by working class tax dollars. Lobby the nation to carve out a piece of prime time airwave/bandwidth for a two hour show once or twice per week. I wonder if their is anyone courageous enough in government, and in the entertianment industry to consider refining this idea into something real?