You Can't Get Something For Nohing

It seems like people think we’re going to be able to get the money out of politics without a fight. This is impossible. The powerful interests are going to fight with everything they have to hold on to their position.

This is a war we have to fight. Unless we get the money out of politics there might as well not be a TYT or a progressive movement.

In the history of the world, no great change has come without a fight. People were willing to sacrifice everything they had including their lives if necessary to achieve change. If we aren’t willing to to pay whatever price is necessary to achieve change, we won’t win.

Hello. Indeed, money out of politics is a pressing issue and it would streamline democracy if reformed in a way that changes the dynamic we have now: one that is obstructionist towards the things people need, want, and pays taxes for… and gets things done in vast majority, for the wealthy; for one that works for the people (the “demo” part of o democracy)

But hey, there is parallel working, and we are not the only group behind this. We can collaborate and chip in on that effort… and we will. Just stay tuned.

Maybe you think we cannot do many things at once, but I am here to show that we can. We got to be organized and we sure will be a little more organized after the polling structure is fully implemented in this platform.

@cenkuygur instructed to give ideas and find out strategies, if we were to go your pathway, this would be a group whose goal would be “Getting money out of politics and then we’ll see”… Groups like this already exist helping them could be one of our endeavors, just another instance of bringing positive change to the world.

Legislation is the only thing on the topic tree so far because we have strategically narrowed the scope for now, but if you have checked the forum: there plenty ideas that are beyond legislation… attainable ideas, ideas that can get results beyond the hurdles of money in politics.

Money in politics IS important, and we will tackle that one. But please do not think that is the first or only thing we can and will be doing. You got a good point, though. Let’s put it to test.


WTF are you talking about?! Unless we get the money out of politics we cannot accomplish our agenda. Focusing our energy elsewhere is a waste of time and resources.

Yes. I see that that is your thesis. You are the one saying that we will be

, my thesis… and this will be as I said: “shown” in practice not debated, is that we are going to be so organized that we can run parallel efforts. That is what a portfolio of projects is.

Please read TYT core values

We are to be productive. Please stop projecting your strategic limitations to the group, but please do stay so we, as a team, can grow together and show you how resourceful, organized, and effective we can be. This is just beginning. I have seen ALL your posts around and I notice you don’t see a clear pathway to victory, but I do. We will get there together.
Your objections have been useful, though. I will show you what I mean and the value I got from them after I finish implementing the polling on the forum. In a form of a deliverable: a video that can Undeniably Clearly demonstrate that @cenkuygur is constitutionally eligible for office.

Please stay tuned.


I’m here to get medicare for all and education for all passed. I’m not here for any other purpose. I’m going to speak the truth. If you don’t like it, I don’t care.

Those two are goals that are in our list and we will attain those as well, again:together.

Please do not take anything I say personally,

I even thanked you for speaking your truth… I used your opinions (and others) as sparring for the truths to be tested. You had your chance to give out your arguments (talking about cenk’s campaign) and a video is being produced at this very moment (talk about doing multiple projects simultaneously, huh?).

We need your objections as well as your ideas, don’t get me wrong. What I am saying is that you should try to be more productive in your communications. Repeating your thesis is only redundant. I don’t think any of the currently 944 users of this forum are not aware that money in politics IS a great hurdle on the way… we come from TYT, that point is clear! We are here to find ways to circumvent or surpass that, not to complain about it.

You’re here to ACT for M4A and education, you are on the right place. The place for change on the real world. Maybe your approach is the one that we end up deciding upon. For that, we have to gain consensus on our priorities. I will leave links (placeholders because I have to go update) in here for that.

[placeholder for links for polling]

In the meantime, I will be productive and update the links above. Please vote so that your opinions, even on strategic grounds, can be counted.

[placeholder to link for cenk’s call to action]


@fourthwall_dragon I really appreciate that you are listening to people coming to the TYT communities with goals and purposes that are very different than the broader TYT community. Making allies to further the goals and purposes are an essential part of furthering those goals and purposes. As an ally, I have high hopes that progressive communities could come together to make real change.


It is a endless balancing effort here. I think part of what you’re trying to say is that things are usually more connected then framing may allow. This means while your efforts may not be at the top of the priority we have to understand this in contextual fabric of resource allocation. This may reveal your priority is indirectly related to other efforts and maybe part of a critical path to your goal.

Also: Some deliverables along the line can be used by different branches of production. I don’t know if I am using the correct terms, but this is something that I can show happening. I will link here.

I mean: Like a deliverable can serve more than one purpose

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Exactly your very much on the correct track.