You Tube Login?


I’m a TYT member on this website, but when I go to the You Tube TYT channel, it still asks me to Join to view the members only content.

Is there some way to link my membership here with the You Tube channel?

Note that the only reason I wanted to do that is because there is content on the You Tube channel that is not on either this website or the TYT podcast – specifically the discussion of the presidential debate on August 23. What’s up with that? Is that content going to be made available on those other platforms?


I will say sometimes it takes a while to get content up on proper. Mostly it is their additional content so I don’t mind the wait.

Hi, Richard. The membership is separate from the TYT Youtube membership, so there is no way to link them. I will see what I can find out about the presidential debate being published on, but please email [email protected] about this.

Thanks for all your support, Richard.

:frowning: I got the website membership hoping to access the YT content too.

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Hi there - At this time, memberships purchased on cannot be used on YouTube to obtain the platform-specific perks such as badges and channel-specific emotes. If you wish to have these features, you will have to purchase YouTube Channel Membership. You can read more about memberships here. I hope this helps and thank you for all your support!

I cancelled my TYT membership and joined on YouTube. On the tyt site there is a button to connect your YouTube membership to the tyt site, but after doing that it now says I have connected my Facebook account. I don’t get it, lol.

Hi there - our support team is responding to your email about this. Thanks for connecting with us!

I am happy to see that someone asked this question.

I love you guys but this is one of the bigger issues I have with paid membership. I do not have a PC/laptop, using my phone to watch sucks. The YouTube app on my TV or game console is what I primarily use to access TYT. When I purchased my membership on the website, I assumed that I would be able to connect both accounts, which I would assume is the case for others who’ve purchased a membership. I’ve been listening to you guys since the beginning so I kinda just deal with it, but I can guarantee that my many of the people I know would just be so turned off by it, they’d forego the membership and not engage despite agreeing with the content and wanting more.

You guys do great work and, if we are talking about growth and reaching more people to get involved in the progressive movement, what is the cause or thought behind this?