YouTube Membership

Several months, maybe even a year ago, I updated my YT membership to producer just so I could watch all of Old School. Unfortunately, since then, there have been several times that I can’t get the main show, or at least not the Bonus Episode (like today is Monday - Friday’s main show isnt available on YT). And idk when the last OS was actually posted to YT.

Now I know that I could use the tyt app, but its a little hard to do unless I’m on WIFI (same for Twitch). My membership is through YouTube so I dont think its too wild to think I should be able to watch these shows ON YouTube!

And since I can’t consistently get Old School, and now I’m having a hard time with the main show, I just don’t know if I should keep my membership where it is. Of course I want to support TYT, but I should be able to get the access that is supposed to come with my membership (without having to use a separate app). I have tried emailing, and commenting during a live show, but it still keeps happening. I want to keep my membership where it is, so I am hoping someone at TYT sees this & can figure out whats happening so it can be fixed. :crossed_fingers:

I subscribe directly through TYT and not through YouTube. I don’t know what difference that makes. I am able to access Old School through the app, the website, and as a downloadable podcast. I live in Japan, so being able to time-shift via podcast is very useful for me - plus it lets me take the episodes with me regardless of my connection. It looks like they missed a couple of episodes in November, but they’re otherwise pretty regular. Hope that helps.

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Maybe I should change where my membership is but they always say that through YouTube was best I thought. But everyone should get the same access if theyre on the same tier - exceot for the Twitch only stuff. :woman_shrugging: I lowered my tier today just because I feel like this has been going on for a while with no resolve. When Sen Turner had the Thursday Power Hour that often wasnt available on YouTube until the day or two after - we couldnt even watch live! And it looks like it is maybe an issue with youtube mobile because when I pulled it up on my TV I could see more, but I often listen while I’m out working so not having the same access even based on where im watching YouTube is frustrating :confused:

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I’m not a fan of the multi-platform membership model, but I understand the pressure to do it (maximize eyeballs and reduce friction). It goes both ways - I’m a TYT member, but my membership isn’t through YouTube, so I miss out on a few minor benefits associated with that platform.

The TYT app itself could use some love. Currently it’s the worst way to watch the show live, which is ironic (I think it’s because it’s just showing the YouTube stream, but that means I can’t minimize the app without the stream shutting off). I highly recommend subscribing through Twitch if you have an Amazon Prime membership. It’s essentially free money, since Bezos pays for it, and it solves the live stream problem.

Weird about the Power Hour delay on YouTube. Podcasts are usually delayed, but that makes more sense, since they’re done after the fact and require processing. You’d think all the shows would be first-class citizens on YouTube. Still, that’s the problem when you don’t control the whole pipeline. In the end, they’re at the whims of the platforms they publish on.

One trick I’ve found is that I can start the live stream and, even if I close YouTube and miss the live stream window, it will remain in my YouTube history, which allows me to time-delay it as necessary.

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I usually try to get them in my watch later list wbile they’re live but I haven’t tried just checking my history! Thats something I will try. I was subscribed on Twitch too, but Twich is glitchy for me unless I’m on wifi… I would love to see the app itself get some love, too. But youre right about not owning where theyre streaming. Im sure its hard to get everything right everywhere. It seems like it might be a setting thing? Udk because I don’t upload to YT. And TYT may not even know that they’re missing a setting that opens things up to mobile because who knows how much YT makes that stuff widely known… I do hope they can figure it out! :crossed_fingers:

I have the same problem with Twitch; it doesn’t really do buffering like YouTube does.

I use a lot of Google apps as part of work, and I have found that it’s usually Google’s fault when features don’t appear on the apps. They are historically a browser-oriented platform, so I think they prioritize the desktop first. I’ve played with uploading videos myself, and IIRC there’s basically only three settings; private, public, or unlisted. I think it’s designed to be that simple to encourage people to upload. But then not everybody is as big or complex as TYT. Here’s hoping things get better!