Zionist's: Rose-Colored Lenses, Malignant Greed or Geniunely Too Stupid to Offend (or all 3?)

Anybody else’s mind blown by Zionists insane ability to memoryhole not only the past 7 decades but their entire history and scripture as well?

The indoctrination process that has been in the works since 1964 has stupified their ability to form a cohesive arguement or rebuttal to defend Israel’s apartheid state and the many atrocities its committed that the West ignored and/or helped cover up using the propaganda machine of the West, the MSM.

Notice when you debate them, their retorts aren’t of anything relatable to the subject matter but rather disturbingly child-like behavior and rhetoric…

So this pegs the questions: Are they choosing to see the conflict through rose-colored lenses so they can live their colonial lives in blissful ignorance or are they completely aware and wearing their travesties like a badge and unapologetic as we are currently seeing them OR are they just that vapid and too stupid to offend?



Sir , unfortunately , the propagandists here in the US and in Israel are in full swing. The mainstream media is complicit because of the corporations funding them. Add to that the politicians in both parties are bought by AIPAC and others claiming any resistance to their cause is anti-semitic. These Zionists don’t care about Jews, they’re about control, power , and taking the Palestinians out of Palestine . The result is draconian to the extant that they , the Israelis politically are now the exact same as the Nazis were during the Weimar Republic. This is the most existential issue of our time. The youth movement and others [ such as CODEPINK ] are pushing back because these people have a moral core. If people committing the atrocities were real Christians and Jews , they wouldn’t be shunning the moral precepts of the Talmud and the Bible which lay out how to live a good honest life. Jackc380


Israel’s desperate attempts to control what info leaves Gaza and who has access. on top do that, one only has to see their past atrocities of the last decade where the numbers that the UN, the CIA and the Amnesty Intl. used to document palestinian death numbers have each time mirrored Hamas numbers so theirs zero reason now to doubt the numbers coming from them now are a lie.

Israel’s poorly constructed cherry-picks events where ignoring the most simplest of truths and the reality of this entire conflict: Hamas wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Israel and they should give the most credit to Netanyahu for giving Hamas millions of dollars and salaries to give them a leg up to evidently shore up an offensive to take down israel which its mission i would say was successful.

firstly, i think it’s important to preface what i’m about to say, for those in denial from the indoctrination, that Hamas is an idea, a movement just as Zionism is. The two cannot exist as long as the other does. Let me also make it abundantly clear that this doesn’t mean that Jews and Palestinians cannot coexist. of course they can and they have done so for millennia. Zionism and Judaism are mutually exclusive terms where one is again an idea and the other, a religion.

Considering the above, it goes without saying that Hamas wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the illegal occupation of Israel and its many well documented and verifiably true crimes against humanity. Israel’s defense?: because they’re impossible to prove true, bible said that land was theirs. this is where science plays the most important fact because it cannot lie no matter how hard you to try to stretch it but there is a reason DNA ancestry tests are illegal in israel.

The Palestinians have been native to the land historically known as Palestine for thousands of years. The region has seen a continuous human presence since ancient times, with diverse groups including Canaanites, Philistines, Hebrews, Arabs, and others contributing to the area’s complex history. The modern Palestinian identity began to take shape in the late Ottoman period and solidified further during the British Mandate era in the early 20th century. Thus, the Palestinian people’s deep-rooted connection to the land spans millennia, reflecting a long-standing historical and cultural presence.

in summation, while modern Jewish populations, including those of European descent, do have genetic links to the ancient Middle East, their history of dispersion and intermingling with other populations complicates the notion of indigeneity compared to the continuous presence of Arab populations in the region. Therefore, it is more straightforward to consider the Arab populations as indigenous in the traditional sense of the term, given their unbroken habitation and cultural ties to the land.

now that i’ve established that, i’d like to say what is clearly the reality of this conflict which is Hamas cannot be defeated because its not a numbered militant organization. they aren’t a military or some kind of intel agency like Mossad and most notably, they lack a centralize command that has the weapons and technology like Israel does. they are essentially farmers with pitchforks when comparing to the occupation enemy. considering the latter reality, they still were able to accomplish a few missions that had feed into the damaged egos of zionists which are:

  1. they got penetrated the border of a territory of an apartheid state with one of the most technologically advanced in the world and the 7th largest arms manufacturer and distributor in the world (impressive title for a territory no bigger than the state of NJ) in which these companies provide the wealth of the entire upper class society of israel so this is one of the reasons israel prolongs this “war.”

  2. This triggered following events such a the bold move on israel to assassinate a high ranking Iranian government official which lead to Irans massive assault in retaliation. now this revelation was three-fold. firstly, it forced israel to unveil to the world every missile silo and bunker it has which israel has always tried to keep top secret, even from the US. secondly, it revealed who would come to israel’s defense in a time of an imminent attack which was only 4 countries and thirdly, Israel needed the help of those 4 countries for its Iron Dome to not have faltered which is huge considering israel depended on its famed “impenetrable defense” courtesy of Obama and the american tax payers. israel is not impervious to attacks and iran did it with zero financial loss compared to the billions it cost israel and the US.

  3. last and certainly not least, Hamas did what no revolution has done in modern history which was the exposure of a people, a people who suffered a genocide themselves and losses of millions of their own, that turned into the very demon that hunted their ancestors, and somehow was able to trigger their fragile and ego maniacal leader Netanyahu to take the their bait on oct 7th and show the world what was truly rotting within those walls of israel. it became the real victim and the israeli’s the perpetrators of many crimes against humanity, a country added to the list of countries that harm children, a country whose leader is now wanted for those said crimes