3 Major topics to tackle in the US

  1. Term limits for Congress and Supreme Court Judges

  2. Free Jr. College/Trade School for all

  3. Rewrite tax code to eliminate loopholes and tax rich and corporations fairly.

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Just pointing out I think we could get some public bi-partisan support by fighting the term limits argument. I think if we made this at least one of the key pushes, it would help.

I want a unicorn that pees gold too… Lets try to get this closer to doable.

  1. 3 months paid family leave. For both women and men.

  2. Stop talking about minimum wage in terms of a dollar amount and use percentages instead. And tie it to inflation.
    It’s basic marketing $15 an hour is a bigger number than ~8% per year(an example) then tie it to inflation.

  3. Legalize cannabis on a federal level. Or show us you are really trying.

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  1. Paid Family Leave (must explain the scope, not just for parent)

  2. Adult Protective Services / guidelines and protections for elder care (might be big but guidelines would be a good start)

  3. Child tax credit (support families, support population growth for Republicans)

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I think #2 has an error. Your framing insinuates we’re needing to market it to a board of directors and not main street.

I assure you they are looking at it too. And probably in the form of a percentage anyways… And they vote first on who we vote for… It’s less about the people that know better and more about gathering up the people that buy penny stocks from Jordan Belfort.

Framing is important.

Republicans will often jump on Child tax credits. You just have to make it palatable.

Not buying the term limits argument. Just vote better. Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein came from one

This is a good start but I think an issue more important (in my opinion) is Immigration reform. Neither party is doing absolutely nothing about it but making the situation worse for everyone.

Yeah that is a fair point, we need solutions to work for everyone.