A Way to Remove Biden as Opposed to Hoping He Drops Out

Since the Democrats cannot effectively remove him as their presidential candidate unless he drops out, they could force the issue by impeaching him. The Republicans already want to do so, so it should be pretty easy to do.

It might seem like an extreme measure, but if winning the election is the point, well . . .


Simpler: Article 25.

But my guess is the Congressional Dems have already discretely demanded a comprehensive test.

See my post earlier on another thread

@patrie Simpler, maybe, but it is likely at this point that the Republicans want to run against Biden, because it is SOOO easy to politically disparage Biden, and make the election an easy win.

Impeachment, however, is what the MAGA Republicans have been demanding for years, and it will be politically difficult for the MAGA Republicans to vote against impeachment.

Of course the Dems are not going to attack him openly, to hand the Repubs a victory; I think it will be a shot off the bow, all done in private. It starts with a demand he has a full test, as indicated by the doctor in the post I linked to there.

They will point out to him that the demand will inevitably come from Repubs, and he won’t be able to stop it. Continuing to fight such a request would only convince voters he’s a lost cause; so they need to assess it RIGHT NOW…

@patrie Everything done in private? How do you think that will play out? Do you think Biden’s team would not drag things out until there is no other option left but disastrous last ditch plans? If the Democrats try to do this in private, they will be forced to revisit this issue in 6 to 8 weeks when any plan they might have to come up with or rely upon will be disastrously difficult.

Doing it in private this week. If he refuses to get the test, some -SOME- are going to start openly rebelling. They will have NOTHING to lose.

I don’t know: maybe this “falling back in line” topic Cenk is covering is: “We did a deal; he is to get the test, and we will stop questioning him in public.”

I can’t imagine all the Dems going along with a test not being done. They are probably waiting for it to be done right away…

@patrie No they won’t. The bipartisan party system disincentivises that, and they will just hopelessly hang on hoping to be saved.

As we speak, there are Dems who have NOT “fallen back in line” (though they are a handful…) If the Dems don’t get that test this week, MORE will rebel. My guess: they did a deal to tone it down in exchange for a test…

The reason why they wont just impeach him is because a lot of them are themselves a million years old and they would fear the same will be used against him.
Repubs are sending very mixed signals. When you ask them point blank, they always say I want Biden to stay in office so Trump can beat him. But if you look at all these right wing media outlets, they have been screaming to remove Biden since Repub primary debates Vivek made that claim in the 2nd repoub primary debate I think. And now House repubs have “declared” they don’t think he is fit for office., Which tells me maybe Biden isn’t actually doing that bad against Trump.

I don’t think Dems want to really replace him because

  1. Who would be dumb enough to risk political suicide by running with his baggage. Any smart person would rather wait till a good dem term or a bad repub term to do so.
  2. They probably see themselves losing some down ballot races. But they don’t want to take the responsibility and have to do a long introspection of their politics and corporate ball licking. So they are looking for a scapegoat. They will blame progressives or hamas supporters eventually but they know they have pretty much culled the progressive movement and they will just get criticised for not listening to us. So they have decided to make Biden’s age the scapegoat. Look his age was the drag on our tickets, we couldn’t do anything.

Plus I think a number of donors are panicking because they probably realise that they backed the wrong horse and want their money back., I think this theatre is just an excuse to take their money back and give to Trump so they can get their corporate shit there instead.

They are all fooling us. Whenever you see right wing media and left wing media saying the same things and house reopubs and dems saying the same thing, it is the establishment talking. Do exactly the opposite.

That is why we see the split in Dem party like we do - all these corporate dems on one side and progressives on the other, Because Biden is now a pariah for the establishment just like the progressives.

There are many problems with replacing Biden

  1. The money can only be transferred to another candidate with the permission of donors, Biden and harris.
  2. None of his replacements are polling better than him
  3. This will cause too much infighting and chaos and lose voters and donors.

I do think it is quite late to replace him.
But my biggest gripe with TYT is that they know full well this isn’t a democratic process. Elites will just pick the sleaziest, most corrupt corporate lapdog that they can find. This does not take into account the voice of the Voters at all. But they keep gaslighting us by calling it a “democratic process”. It is not a freaking primary, stop calling it that and stop talking about it like it is.
Also they are pushing for a massively right wing candidate after they have spent years screaming at the dems for doing exactly that.
I am sorry but I have no interest in promoting corruption to a party or moving the party further to the right of this nixon wannabe we already have in office. i have no interest in spending my time democracy-facing corporate despotism.

If you want to replace Biden I will only settle with this.

  1. Conduct extensive polling with registered dems and independents (including broken down by race) to see how the votes would change if we remove just Biden and both Biden and Harris vs different replacements.
  2. Only and only if there is a lead beyond the margin of error against Trump am I ok with replacement.
  3. The replacement needs to happen in an actual open primary where anyone can put their hat in the ring, have 3 debates in 3 weeks and nationwide snap primaries are held for the registered dems to vote for their fave candidates.
    Whoever is the winner is then fine by me.

If they do this anointing of corporate ghouls, I am out. Out from supporting the party altogether.

Yes, yes Maxine; the polls are lying.

I think at this rate if he does not step aside by Monday, there is just no hope of coming back and holding the line, never mind any sort of win.

The Dems now brazenly ignoring the reality of multiple polls is damaging any positive image some had. Many polls can be defective, but when you have that many agreeing, denying them looks like a blatant attempt to knowingly suppress reality -not just be in denial about it…

<sarcasm>Oh, yeah; that’s going to help…</sarcasm>

To make a solid wall against an Article 25 being done by the Repubs BEFORE the conclusion of Biden’s term this year (I won’t even waste time now entertaining the notions by some he can somehow have a 10 point poll jump by Monday!) they will need to have a neurological review done by A PANEL of independent neurological specialists. That needs to go in the can ASAP, so when the Repubs demand it, it’s ready…

Then later:

Stephanopoulos apologizes after saying Biden can’t serve another term


I find it strange that I have to post this on a forum called “Operation Hope”; but when BOTH the debate debacle and the piss-poor Stephanopolous interview happened, it presented a fantastic opportunity for the Dem Party.

The MAGA Repubs are all about doubling down on a leader unfit for Office. This was a chance for the Dem Party to differentiate itself from the Repubs. “See? When we see there’s a problem, we address it. Those guys just double-down on dead-end ideas. We’re the Party of the Adults In the Room…” That could go so far as to convince some Never-Trumpers to vote for a replacement candidate on the Dem ticket.

The present denialism coming from Dems about where the polls are showing things are going is JUST AS BAD as MAGA Repub climate denialism [Stupid Hitler: “The weather is beautiful…” Let’s see how beautiful it is when you have massive famines because a farmer can’t grow anything in this (never mind some people dying from heat stroke…) And spare me on how vertical/indoor farming will save us! If it could, stock prices for vertical farming ventures would be going through the roof; they are not because the yield is paltry relative to the cost. “In the future…” -yeah, in the future WE WILL BE DEAD!]

So younger voters point to the present doubling down by BOTH parties and say to me: “See? They both are acting in bad faith!” Dems: you are breeding nihilism about public service for the sake of your careers. [Carville has mentioned this…] PLEASE STOP THIS BLEED OUT. Announce there will be an Open Convention and you will try your best to pick the candidate that is most well-received by the greatest number, while not throwing some shred of a rule of law out the window…

[And this is coming from a person who has thought Biden has done a superhuman job these past 4 years, in spite of an obstructionist Congress…]


Its not that they are ignoring Biden’s polling. Its that they are looking at the polling of his replacements and they are doing worse than him.

And this is before the media starts digging up their hidden skeletons and dirty laundry.

Plus I have no idea who would want to run with biden’s baggage and commit political suicide. They could easily wait for a bad repub term or a good dem term to coat-tail on.

Plus there are funding problems because you cannot transfer the money without the approval of donors, Biden and harris, And I don’t see harris agreeing to fund her replacement because she knows she is never getting another shot at this. And for whatever reason, the establishment doesn’t like her in the top job.

If they skip her for someone else, they have to calculate the risk of losing black and female voters. They really cannot afford to.

Then they have to also think about risk and reward to down ballot races with the shift. There is only 2 months before early voting and they will have to start fundraising again and build name recognition nd hope some insane scandal doesn’t come out against their candidate.

And remember we arent going to get a progressive. This will be corporate ghouls picking a corporate sleazebag to undemocratically remove Biden, another corporate hack who was also put in by undemocratic means. Voters still don’t get any choice, and they will most likely move to the right of Biden who is already a Regan-Nixon-esque character. I don’t want to be any part of that.

It is time that Dems either start listening to their voters or get destroyed as a party. If they want to replace him, hold open snap primaries where VOTERS get to vote. Anyone can throw their hat in the ring. Hold 3 debates in 3 weeks, and then open polls for registered dems. And let them pick. That is the ONLY acceptable option for me. else they can continue with whatever BS and that will only be elites anointing their fave pet. I am not interested in helping them democracy face their despotism

I now quote Cenk: “Most ANYBODY will do better than him!”

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based on what? Where is the empiricial data? He kept saying Bernie would be more popular than Biden but Bernie lost the 2020 primaries because no one showed up for him. I have posted polls, I need data as counter. Nor gut feelings.

I keep saying - learn form the Tories. They ousted Boris Johnson, had a leadership crisis and installed Sunak and faceplanted into the worst defeat of 100 years. That is exactly what will happen here

Great discussion. I think 25th amendment is the cleanest and easiest option for Dems if Biden is too stubborn to step down. I think this is the Frankenstein monster they themselves created, but as much as i love to see corrupt Corporate Dems lose I definitely don’t want to lose our government to fascists. The little bit of government that actually helps the people. Too bad people in power are so damn greedy, they just want more and more power and they’ll break down the system to get it. We needed a strong third party decades ago. I wish the people with no power would unite and boycott the top two parties. :sleepy: in any case, I’ll do my part and light a few candles and pray God comes down and bitch slaps Joe in the face.

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Why the heck do members of the democratic party just keep saying Biden should step down WITHOUT offering up a capable alternative candidate ? Their method of just yakking about a problem over and over without providing a solution is the method of losers !! During my work history if I brought only a problem to the table (without a solution) I would have been removed from the team. Just sayin’ …

That’s what the discussion topic on this forum here is about:


An Open Convention would be the opportunity to present candidates. No replacement candidate can be discussed until Biden agrees to step aside; it’s a case of cart before the horse. If you’re saying that a replacement candidate is not possible to find for him, we have had straw polls showing there IS a field of possible replacements…

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