Cenk 2024 Argument

So, with these speakership elections happening today, an interesting thought came to my mind. If the Speaker of the House is in the presidential line of succession and, as far as I’m aware there are no rules barring immigrants from being a house member, much less Speaker of the House, then shouldn’t it follow that anyone qualified to hold the speaker position is qualified to be president? Maybe this point has already been discussed, but as far as I’m aware we’ve never had a foreign-born speaker and thus no reason to discuss it.
This applies to all positions in the line of succession obviously, but the speaker is the most likely outside of the VP herself.


Thanks for your input. The presidential line of succession does not negate the natural born requirement. Second, There’s no way in hell the house would elect Cenk as speaker lol.

I wasn’t saying they would elect him Speaker so that’s a weird point.

Well this topic is about Cenk’s 2024 run so I thought that’s what you were inferring. I assumed you were staying on topic.

I think she was just trying to clarify the standards, not suggest he run for speaker. It’s a point that I hadn’t considered before but an interesting one

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It would be nice if Cenk was eligible for prez but as it stand snow he’s not. I don’t think him running does any good. He doesn’t have the audience to make a big splash UNLESS he uses the Trump strategy and says as much outlandish shit as possible to get free media. But in this country you can’t do that successfully and at the same time not be racist, homophobic, and misogynistic.

While he might not get enough media attention (and not nearly as much as trump did), I think/hope he has an opportunity to disrupt how things are currently going. In my opinion, we really need a democratic primary, and equally as important, televised democratic debates. I really don’t know how we make those debates happen, but Cenk would say it how it is and open more eyes and minds to progressivism which would be a win in the grand scheme of things


Do you agree that Trump is racist, homophobic, and misogynistic?

Of course I do.

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Several glitches exist with respect to establishing a mandatory nexus between the NBC requirement of Presidential eligibility in the original Constitution; and ending up with a President who is a NBC. You have identified just one. And I completely agree with Cenk’s analysis of NBC jurisprudence auguring a ruling by the SCOTUS, reconciling the meaning of the words found in the original document with subsequent amendments requires a finding that being a naturalized citizen entitles Cenk to all of the rights and privileges of a NBC. But here’s the thing. I am unable to find any provision of the Constitution that requires Electors may only elect a President who is Constitutionally eligible for the job.

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The law has a catch all for this sort of thing. They say that if you violate the spirit of the law that is tantamount to violating the law as written. This is a well worn grey area that lawyers earn fees due to their skilled brinksmanship.

But this is a racist, homophobic, and mysoginistic country.

Zara has an excellent point which sciguy24’s response does not address. Her point was not that “[t]he presidential line of succession negate[s] the natural born requirement.” Rather that it clearly conflicts and is inconsistent with it because the NBC requirement does not apply to the speaker. If it doesn’t apply to the speaker, which it expressly doesn’t, why can’t the speaker be read as an exception to the NBC? Without getting into construing conflicting provisions in laws or constitutional provisions (which is much more sophisticated analysis than simply saying one does, or does not negate the other) the issue is the one working its way through the courts; why doesn’t the 14th amend the NBC requirement? sciguy24?

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