TRIBEL App (New Social Media App)
Tribel bills itself as a “bigotry-free social network where kindness and intelligence flourish” and is owned by the activists Rafael and Omar Rivero, who run the news website Occupy Democrats. Tribel claimed to have 400,000 users as of October 2022.

INSTAGRAM PAGES: (1st link is official)





Cenk for America (I support Cenk Uygur)


We need a ruling from SCOTUS ASAP. January will be here before you know it and we need to know if Cenk is eligible right now. What is the soonest way to get a ruling?

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We do… but SPREAD the WORD on Instagram if you can
I just created cenk_uygur_2024 and cenk_for_america on instagram and tried to make a reel on Cenk’s eligibility

Honestly i’d rather know if he’s eligible before I do anything. If he’s not eligible then the whole thing is moot, a waste of resources, and fraudulent. He’s telling people he’s eligible when the court hasn’t ruled on this yet.

I tried to use part of his TYT announcement to make an instagram reel to explain how the requirement to be a natural born citizen violates the Due Process Clause


I personally don’t really use instagram but everyone my age (27) and younger does

I’m 42. Facebook is the best social media site, and the most widely used. Its lets you do everything.

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