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Pre-Occupation / Worry - Choosing the perspective of the English Language

From: Did you notice? #OperationJoy - Operation Hope

This getting to choose the perspective of a specific language is more evident to those that speak more than one language just because you they get to compare one language vs the other (even if disregarding the cultural differences).

This covers the “being evident from a different perspective” portion of it…However, the limitations (in my case, of the Spanish language) are very evident in this case, but you, as an English speaker, get to enjoy the advantage of the English language because you use the English language

In Spanish, we have the word preocupado / preocupada but it only means worry: you know, the feelings you have when concerned, overwhelmed, etc. It is an advantage to have a word so that you can put on a different state of mind to the face of adversity: preoccupied..

So, when adversity is on the way (or even if it is something good because preoccupation is neutral: it just means that you are occupied (as in busy) in anticipation of events). That seems to me a more advantageous state of mind when dealing with these, so I choose to be preoccupied, rather than worried.

In regard to learning more languages, it does give you the advantage of getting to choose the advantages of each language you learn… they’re also a window to the culture of those who use it as communication code. I want to learn Italian next: I love the way it sounds.