Chinese Corruption Very Worrying (This is how World Wars Start)

Please check out the link attached below. On top of being just generally informative and interesting on its own, I believe it is the tipping point of what I have seen coming for a very long time.

Corruption in China is in many Ways what Corruption in the United States would look like on every level if taken to its extreme. It is a combination of Authoritarianism and Cronie capitalism that you can imagine happening had the Trump coupe have become real.

While far too complicated to get into here, lets just say much of the ‘growth’ and amazing development you have heard about in China over the past 20 years is a house of cards that includes things like Sky scrapers and cites that were built at record pace (and at the time we were told America is falling behind because we can’t build as fast as the Chinese!) that now sit empty and are falling apart already due to poor construction.

This is due to massive over dependence in real estate for wealth growth caused by regulations forcing investment there for a variety of corrupt reasons (#1 being its the easiest business to skim money from). After 20 years of this the Bubble has been contained with debt and the Chinese Government containing it in non-free market ways…until now.

Watch: [Can’t include links Search " Protests Erupt! Could China’s Economy Tank Over Evergrande Collapse?" on Youtube]

This is the kind of financial collapse that would make 2008 look ike a minor dip in the economy. This ONE company holds the vast majority of ALL Chinese citizen Wealth and if they are as corrupt as I suspect (With historic reason to suspect) it is ALL GONE.

If the past is a guide…buckle your seat belts…my warnings for 25 years are predicated on things like this moment and what happens. The thing is, its not gonna be up to America how this goes. Its gonna be ALL UP to the Chinese and how desperate and determined they are to stay in power. They are not going to give us a choice to avoid war at a cost we are going to be able to accept if they decide international conflict is the only way to keep unity at home.

Most worrying is this collapse is NOT a surprise to most people in the Chinese Government like it would be here in the U.S. as they would be heavily intertwined with this company…meaning much of their aggression the past couple years could all be leading up TO THIS. Highly concerning. Keep eyes open and hears listening.

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Way to push far-right Falun Gong propaganda on here. :+1:

It is not propaganda if it’s true. I am a HUGE progressive. I also have a military background. Keeping our heads in the sand is no better or less dangerous than seeing everyone out there as the enemy.

Sadly, and abuse of force has cause a false belief that America is the World only security problem. Very untrue. Despite current events and lots of mistakes, America is STILL the single most stabilizing factor of the post World War II world. As bad as some moments have been, we are the reason the only full blow wars have been few and always stayed regional.

Not saying we are the ‘good guys’. I am saying power dynamics are a part of human evolution and like them or not you can’t ignore them but only adapt with and change them for the better.

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This one becomes quite extensive and complicated from an anthropologist standpoint. I’ll start out with why we do research on viruses, to put it simply it’s to ensure we have preventive counter measures in medical field as a counteractant for viral agents, Now this in it by itself, by origin of RNA replication, is extremely risky because it’s basically seeing how infectious diseases can jump from species to species through mutations in genetic sequencing. This research is necessary to stay ahead of genetic mutations and having a wide-spread break out to be preclusive. So to add US congress funded this research that’s been going on for more than 10 years and is what has lead to having a vaccine to save millions. Now looking at the nature and origin of research it can be controversial, but from Biological standpoint, this virus was bound to present itself. Possibly even with mutations we as a humanity, wouldn’t have been prepared for, this basically leads to all the misinformation and political usage of the virus to gain power thru manipulation, all the way from stocks to propaganda.* it’s important the point of genesis to truly offer resolutions.

how so my man? willing to debate/learn any rebuttal you may offer, here to learn

Just saw this. Will respond later. In the meantime check current chinese economic events and realize their mass sell off of oil the other day is in desperation and will affect is all

:notes:Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda​:musical_note:

Btw, love your fake profile pic dude. I ran your pfp through facial recognition software and it came back with all kinds of red flags. Weird proportions, dull background, artifacts in the foreground… are you C.I.A. or Project Veritas or just a Steve Bannon stooge?

No leftists spread misinformation against China. We are trying to prevent a Cold War, not start one. Gtfo.

Wow. Just. Wow. I guess crazy is gonna cray cray.

Dude, here is my twitch: Twitch

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I mean, I ‘suppose’ even that could be some super sophisticated fake persona like that Japanese Anime character…

Billions of Dollars spent to create this fake liberal who PASSIONATLEY fights for progressive causes EXCEPT wants to spread misinformation about China with articles that are completely factual because OPINIONS about PROVEN FACTS are now ‘misinformation’.

You got me…you and your facial recognition software that finds me so h handsome I must not be real…got me…

Or it was just one of my best pictures and hence the reason I use it. And YOU are frigging NUTS.

A little of this; a little of that I suppose.

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Compared to the USA? The home of legalized bribes, the most expensive drug prices on the planet, or the worst healthcare system in the First Worlds?
China is draconian, no one denies that, not after how they handled the citizens of Wuhan during the pandemic.
We can’t be pointing fingers, nor are we able.
We know nothing of nation building or fighting wars.
20 years of nothing, didn’t even deploy to the right enemy, and Kabul showed the world what we knew of international peacekeeping.
Coronavirus and China? How about America walking away from our duties at WHO, allowing China one less, and I dare say most important, eye on their actions.
We had a seat to keep an eye on them, we left it, cared not of our role, so…
The international stage is already a working democracy, each nation with it’s own representation, you can rip all you want into the UN, but that organization is built on the foundation that we can check and balance each other from exploiting or devastating entire nations.
Still has a lot of work, but players like the USA have been galavanting on their own, fighting wars single handedly, not even letting the locals in on any of the fun.
UN could be so much more successful if resources like us would… take democratic process seriously.

We can’t care about anyone else until we right the ship.

They locked down Wuhan as a response to slow down the spread of covid to give the rest of us time enough to enact measures of our own and we fucked it up in the worst way possible.

Only sanctimonious pricks use language like, “we had a chance to keep an eye on them” and so on. Who the eff elected the US as the world police? The fact is the establishment has been realizing for the last ten years that they will soon no longer be #1 when it comes to be the world economic superpower, and has them shitting in their little diapers.

The fact that a country was able to bring up their population from the brink of extreme poverty, provide 95% of citizens with basic healthcare, good education, not starting a bunch of needless wars all while using socialist policies has got capitalists shaking in their boots. And that includes your favourite “progressive” candidates.

Try not to get your information from Steve Brannon’s buddies okay Mac?

And using the world Draconian as it pertains to China is sinaphobic. Get off YouTube and social media, go read some books that aren’t funded by your favourite imperialist think-tank or the C.I.A.

That’s the thing, USA is always stepping out of line and taking a moral high road stance when we’re about to break everyone’s rules.

WHO is an organization that was built on checks and balances, World powers know that the best way to check each other’s behaviors is if we have nations chipping in to the universal effort of progressing humanity.

“USA #1 let’s go tell the world what to do” is very much what I would like to get away from.

There’s no reason why our military cannot coordinate with ally forces to help conflict.
We spent 20 years trying to so on our own with absolutely zero results.
Working with allies, something could have gotten done, Kabul would have lasted at least a week before surrender, and the toll on US troops would have been mitigated with international support.

We need to grow up and sit at the dinner table like regular adults.

You have some serious issues to work out, my man.

#1: I am a progressive who finds Steve Bannon repuslive. ‘MAGA’ Lefter’s treating everyone who disagrees with them on an issue as a far right enemy is major problem. YOU NEED TO STOP. YOU ARE HURTING US AS A PARTY.

#2: I never said Jack of Shit about COIVD. In fact, I specifically mentioned my MIlitary Service which included a SPECIALS PLANS GROUP I was a part of that developed the framework of TODAY’S response to Chine 7-8 yearse ago.

#3: As a country whose economic and military might is under VERY REAL threat from China I think we need to KEEP AN EYE ON THEM. Who said anything about being the worlds policemen? The are a LEGITMATE DANGER to us.

#4: I stated multiple times the USA has SERIOUS issuers of our own that we ALSO need to respolve. I can help resolve those. I cannot do SHIT about the internal politics of China and as much of an ass as America has been as the Worlds Leading Super Power China has ALREADY proven that if it ever becomes top dog we ARE IN A WORLD OF SHIT>

#5: Come back to reality. There world has not evolved to the point we can organize under a global system and if you think the US behaves a it does because we are uniquly different and NOT just be it happens to be US on top your a fool. Replace our wealth and power with ANY other country on this planet and THEY WOULD BEHAVE THE SAME OR WORSE. HIstory has already proven it.

#6. SO YES, I take a very pro American stance and Nationalistic stance on these Issued. I am fighting tooth and for economic and cultural equity and greatness INSIDE the country celebrating our diversity of abilities in pursuit of unity of values. Every other country? At best COMPETITIO at worst DANGEROUS due to being outside my ability to affect their government. In a perfect world one day they will not be. We are not anywhere CLOSE to that perfect world yet.

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#1 See my response to the ‘crazy’ named froggy_bear

#2: I have said on MANY MANY MANY occasions the US has been WRONG in our aggressive and franky EVIL foreign policy post WWII save some exceptions like Korea, and Desert Storm. The Enter Cold War WAS AVOIDABLE but used as an excuse to crack down on labor so loved by the establishment.

#3: CHINA IS DIFFERENT. In this really sick and sad twist American policy makers have learned the EXACT WRONG lesson. We’ve used sticks when we should have been using carrots for 40 years unitl now the CORRECT strategy is to use a stick, and we are trying carrots.

Chinese Culture is VERY different than ours and just like we went to the middle east not understanding THEM our dealings with China have assumed Western Values on an Eastern Asia Country.

This has lead to a critical misunderstand of how Chinese culturally make deals with each other (and hence us). The reason 95% of gaming hackers and Cheaters are from China is NOT because they are bad people …it is because in their culture cheating is PART OF THE GAME and NOT unethical.

You are not looked own on for cheating in an moralities sense. If you get got you are looked down on for NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH to get away with.

Establishing rules and figuring out ways to break them without getting caught are PART OF THE GAME and PART of how they even conduct business.

We went in with them using our values and got economically RAPED by them. Here is the thing…I don’t blame China. I blame our arrogant ass companies for assuming they were so much smarter and superior that when China told them to bend over they ASKED for the rope to be tied down thinking it was a all a game.

But I am STILL American and know the only thing we can do NOW after past mistakes is UNDERATAND the MONSTER we have helped create and make ready to defeat it. IT IS NOT going to Stop its expansion on its own, and due to Obamas BLUFF on a RED LINE regarding the Man made Islands in China Sea it will take a pretty serious conflict for them to stop. The real trick is to pick the time and place where we can hand them a military defeat without at the same time setting conditions for total war escalation.

War is GOING to happen. It is just a matter of when and how bad.

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And I’m telling you, the USA has spent a century trying to secure our strategic points across the world to monitor and position for proper border security.
Part of that strategy is foreign policy, alone we can not do enough, that is why we have allies we work with.
Those allies are not perfect, but we need to erase the idea that the USA is any morally better than anyone else. We can say all the good that we want, but once we execute corruption kicks in.

Your disregard to WHO is why I know you don’t see it. The WHO is not that powerful, BUT, it literally allows for ANY monitoring of China’s health at all! For us to discover viruses, and have access to a nation’s resources to combat that virus is a great asset! Because China would not allow us to see what they’re doing otherwise.

No one wants to force their hand, they know better, now here you are saying we have to do something… what? If no one else does than mobilize?

We can’t even mobilize for democracy!
We can’t even reconcile with Black Lives Matter!
We are on the cusp of Civil War STILL!
The mentions of conflict are starting to come from right wing media! Public forum!

Sir, with all due respect, eyes on the ball.

edit: don’t you dare come back at me with, “but it was Taiwan”, wasn’t talking about covid, was talking in general, Taiwan isn’t allowed to be considered a nation per demands of China, and EVERYONE abides because it is the first requirement of China trade.
Taiwan are the ones that started a democratic society on top of communism, and have managed to make it work, albeit precariously, with the motherland. It does seem that they will need to come back to the negotiation table soon, to settle on terms on how the people will continue together.

I don’t mind letting Taiwan take lead on China, they were the ones that called red alert on coronavirus.

For the third time. My issue with China has NOTHING to do with COVID. SO. I think we are done here cause you are not even reading what I am writing.

WHO is just one example.

Organizations like WHO or whatever minimum regulation, are the limited relations we have with China, that’s our access to China.

We need these organizations because China doesn’t like people snooping on them, and they are good at keeping secrets.

So what then about China? There are some things I’ve learned the military to be, and that’s crafty.
You don’t think WHO is a perfect cover for observation? You think it’s all strictly medical?

And the only way to gain more access is to work on the relations that we have.

I’m not sure what your alternative is, if you think we can just walk in there and start muscling people around… even vets know that’s not a good idea.

Not even imperialism will work here, if we pretend to go after a WMD, they won’t roll over like Iraq did.

Are you AT ALL aware of what China is doing in the South Sea? How it is bullying the Philipines, Thailand, and even Australia. LITERAL bullying.

As in sending in fishing fleets into Philippine waters and forcefully keeping Filipono fisherman from accessing said waters WITH FORCE

And the Chinese Government DOES NOTHING

You are not educated on these issues and are sitting here arguing with me, a subject matter expert, without even doing basic homework. Frankly, its transitioning from annoying to OFFENSIVE.

How many times do I have to stay it: I do not care about COIVD or Internal Chinese Affairs. I care about keeping them from LITERALLY bullying their neighbors like some 18th century medieval empire.

Do we bully, too? YES and I WANT US TO STOP! But we are ALSO the ONLY ones who can stand up to China and appeasement and apologizing for them will JUST MAKE THEM WORSE>

Nothing you said affects what I said.
You’re talking about the problem, I’m talking about the means.
We’re not even capable of being an international power right now.

No, I don’t know what’s going on in China, whatever it is, I don’t think the USA is capable of handling such a threat, even if it’s a minor one.

Did you see us make a retreat?
We’re not ready for Mexico let alone China!

You and I are having a complete misfire on communication tot he point I’m just going to call it and wish you a nice life. Most of what you are saying has ANYTHING to do with what I am talking about and while I have plenty of critical Opinions of America I am not nearly as negative thinking about our country as you are.

Frankly, no wonder Conservatives think Liberals Hate America. Your complete naive and simple assessment of the country makes me think YOU do. Nothing is black and white, and nothing offends more in many ways than those who enjoy all the social wealth that has come from Americas past atrocities and then act like they are above it.

You can hate on our 200 year history all you want, but for all our problems the majority of Americans DO life a VERY comfortable life compared to other non-European countries. Seeing as we are not even 3 centuries old that is quite the accomplishment.

Edit" And how quickly we forget things like Japan’s atrocities during WWII. Yes, Germany’s were so bad they made a very deep mark…but have you even researched Japan? What about China and their Governments Millennial’s of treatment of its citizens. And don’t kid yourself, it is only VERY recently due to WWII that Europe has developed its high levels of ‘humanity’ Only after suffering the worst of inhumanity"

So, no, America is not ‘especially’ worse than any other country and in fact we still do have MANY great things to be proud of. I have ZERO problem with you being critical of America. I 100% DO have a problem with you suddenly treating us as the end all and be all of the worlds problems and acting like we are some horrible and pathetic country.

One, its personally insulting as a Veteran.

Two…way to just take cultural ammunition and start Amazon Prime shipping it to conservatives who point at the likes of YOU as a recruitment tool.

It actually just dawned on me.

MANY on the left are exercising their own "progressive’ form of Racism.

What do I mean by that?

Assuming that other races are so naive and simple that they must lack the ABILITY of Americans to be as Ruthless as we are is no less Racist than thinking they are MORE animalistic as we are.

Yes there are some REAL sociopath shitbags in America who are also SUPER SUPER smart . How do you think they are so successful at manipulating things?

But when you start assuming it’s just some American quality what you are ACTUALLY demonstrating is you are a RACIST because you think other countries people/leaders lack the Intelligence to be as clever sociopaths as we are.

I am treating other countries like I treat all human beings; As inherently ruthless and selfish individuals where I found uplifted members to be the exception…not the rule. And the RACE of who is ‘uplifted’ has NOTHING to with it.

It all comes down to values, and make no mistake…the Chinese human values in their leadership is just as ruthless and selfish and manipulative as the Best Sociopaths America has to offer.