I propose a Dragon Pact to help our Dragon Daddy

We need to help propel Johns writing efforts. John has been putting his work up on a Patreon under Peanut Butter Story Time.

Critical path explanation:

I have some experience with streaming effort I employed a bounty system to improve the stream through viewer involvement. This worked as a proof of concept, now I am going to attempt to adapt it here. Also this would be a useful experience to gain in my opinion.

Boot loading:
I believe we could collectively start a pact to work on a project. This project would have the aim to test our ability and willingness to engage in this capacity. We would aim to provide exposure for Cenk’s new book while promoting Johns short stories. If the channel ended up being profitable we would put all of the revenue into Wolf-PAC. We could also use revenue to make more tools to support progressives. I would allow others to have control or I could create a trust to reflect this Dragon Pact.

The Idea:
We collectively make stories using ChatGPT4, self written, or a combination of the two. The stories would be fan fiction using John Iadarola’s characters and worlds he has created on Peanut Butter Story Time. We then would promote shop TYT books and John’s Patreon. We use Midjourney, Eleven Labs, and ChatGPT4 to make the content. We use them to make TikTok / Youtube Shorts scripts. We submit them, agree to produce them. Once we agree, we could create AI voices for character lines, and narration by Eleven Labs. We will have stills of landscape and characters done by Midjourney. I think this idea is best if we work a choose your own adventure with a link to a poll to determine the next episodes context.

I think like all good ideas even if it fails it would be fun. I don’t think we would waste much more than time. I think if it were to succeed it would be great. It would also work to give us confidence and boost moral. Another benefit would be in the chance of success we could use that momentum establish facilities to further bootstrap.

If you have any interest in helping in some way offer what you can in reply to this post.

I suggest soliciting members for stories.
For example I have a few (poorly written ) stories that would be more creative than Chat ai’s.

That is a great idea. I was hoping someone would reply, and say that very thing. I am going to get a bit of brainstorming done and post a solicitation in another post tomorrow.

Thank you very much for your input.