TYT story submission for crowd source story telling idea

I purposed and idea found here: I propose a Dragon Pact to help our Dragon Daddy

In a nutshell it is an idea to create a TikTok or YouTube short with the use of AI and the TYT community. We would produce the videos with a series of AI tools. If you would like to know more check out the link above or reply with any questions here.

As outlined in the pervious post I think we should show preference to stories that are in alignment with TYT ethos. I also think we should use John’s Peanut Butter Story Hour worlds as the basis of our writing when possible.

If you would like to submit a story do so here:

Clearly if you submit a story here you giving us permission to use your story as outlined in this post and the pervious post found at the link above. Also for voting purposes it will be public, but no authorship will be attributed unless you put that information in your submission. I will post a link to the submissions a link to the submissions here.

A deadline makes no sense, so submit them at your leisure.

When I did this before I put up some money out to start up the bounty system. I used bounties to incentive people to participate. While I can’t really do that here. I think if we had enough interest we could crowd fund a purse used to reward people that participated in a round of production. I have checked with a TYT moderator for the chatrooms, and that seem to think we would be alright to discuss it here as long as we didn’t solicit without approval. If there is interest in that line of thought I would appreciate someone from TYT proper giving us some explicit boundaries.

I have experience in project management software and could create, or help to create the backbone of the bounty, or purse system.

Human, AI, or hybrid submissions welcome. Remember we are dealing with the tools outlined in the previous post linked above, so keep those limitations in mind.

Here is the link to the submissions: TYT Stories (Responses) - Google Sheets
I will link google doc versions of the uploads to this thread.