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Topic: Foreign Policy
SubCategory: Immigration reform
Is it Legislation?: Yes
Is it Federal?: Yes

What? Why?
Major overhaul. Reassigning courts in all states to work immigration cases, transporting people to cities where they can be at the court dates assigned, allow temporary work permits. — Coverage- Federal and states, including the use of current CBP and ICE employees and equipment (minus detention centers) for protection and transportation. Federal funds already go to states and should be distributed according to who welcomes the immigrants. Immigration is important for every person and desperately needs to be reworked in the US. The bussing of migrants to other cities has brought attention to them being people who ALL Americans need to help with and not just border states (not that they’re alone, but they cry like they are).


Original Poster @over9000 , if you have any disputes regarding the classification (What and Why, etc.), please @ me and I will update in accordance… it is after all, Your input

Now @everyone, please vote on the following questions:

  • Are you in favor of this idea? (higher is better)
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If AGAINST, on what grounds are you against the idea?

  • Conceptual Grounds (Idea itself)
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I would like to add the idea that boarder patrol should be refocused to humanitarian missions with security instead of the other way around.

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Absolutely @enduser , that’s part of my vision for what CBP, ICE and even state/local government immigration agents should be doing. I haven’t heard anyone address the idea that helping these immigrants on the border would immensely reduce the power of the cartels and smuggling groups.
Creating a more safe, secure and non-threatening immigration system would encourage people coming to America to work with the authorities. The more immigration going through legal channels, the less threats available to leverage these poor people into illegal schemes.
@fourthwall_dragon I’m still not clear on the new ranked voting, I probably missed something when reading through. Is this a single vote to determine both being in favor of a topic AND how highly I would rank it on importance? Or is this to vote on how strongly everyone agrees with topics before we hold a vote on the topic our community finds most important?
Thanks all!

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It is a rank voting system right now. I think it was stubbed out for the purpose of building rank choice in the future with better ergonomics in development.

1 is strongest agree to 5 is agree with the least conviction.

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I am glad you are talking about this, @enduser and @over9000 , because I wanted your opinions on this:

Ranked Choice voting can be just posted as a topic apart (1 Topic for Conceptual, another one for Strategic) in which we reply with each item in the [Topic Tree] and then voted from one to ten by every user. The only apprehension I have with it is that by doing this, the whole ranking is not right there for the user, they will see each one as they scroll-down.

The list with containers and separated by commas (JSON file like(ish)) is visible at a glance f or the user and offers a complete view of their respective priorities. What do you think? JSONish list or Polling add-ons per reply on a separate topic dedicated exclusively for ranked choice voting?

BTW, @over9000. I got your feedback on how it would look better for use on mobile, and I will be performing changes today to enhance this. I will hit you back with the first one for your feedback. Also, Image of Topic tree has been updated:

Topic Tree (Image)

Thanks for keeping the conversation going. There is more to come.

Please stay tuned

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Looks amazing @fourthwall_dragon !
So, a few things here, from the top.
Should immigration reform be considered as a foreign policy issue, or a civil rights issue? It involves a broad range.
I suggest both federal and state governments be involved, it only lists in the summary as Federal. I realize that a federal policy that allows states to tinker with the specifics can be problematic. At the same time it gives people in each state a sense of control, even if that is through elected officials.
The voting scale - I get the idea of 1-5 with placement (ie. #1, #2 etc), but when you say “ * Are you in favor of this idea? (higher is better)” I’m reading that if I vote 5 then I want this to be in the highest (#1) position. The system looks good, I like that everything is consolidated, just want to make sure it’s being read and understood how you’re intending. I think the less time we’re asking people for to get a vote cast the better, so this is excellent.
Forgive me if this is simply how ranked choice works, but it’s something I’m ignorant about. Only recently learned of it since some states are picking it up. I want to make sure that everyone will understand the system when they read it.
Great work, keep it rockin!
@enduser Thanks, just semantics confusing me, my neurodivergence on full display :sweat_smile:

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@fourthwall_dragon It now says the legislation is not federal

Thanks! @over9000. I am going to be working today on a tool to both automate and validate to avoid these so that it will be available for the team for these and upcoming stages.