Nationalist Zionist are no better than Nationalist Socialist

If you think I’m wrong, debate me. I think the state of Israel is morally and spiritually bankrupt. They’re highest god is the god of death and destruction, and maybe the god of colonization comes second them.


I agree. This is evident in a recent poll where 2% of Israelis polled that the government has used too much firepower in Gaza. TWO PERCENT!

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Here is a general overview - I’m interested y’alls input on this:

Nationalist Zionism:

  • A political ideology advocating for the establishment and development of a Jewish state in the historic land of Israel
  • Emerged in the late 19th century as a response to antisemitism and the desire for Jewish self-determination
  • Emphasizes Jewish national identity, culture, and the right to self-governance
  • Seeks to promote Jewish immigration to Israel and the development of Hebrew culture and language

National Socialism (Nazism):

  • A far-right, totalitarian ideology that emerged in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s
  • Characterized by extreme nationalism, racial superiority theories, antisemitism, and authoritarianism
  • Advocated for the creation of a racially “pure” German state and the expansion of German territory
  • Led to the Holocaust and World War II


  1. Nationalism: Both ideologies emphasize strong national identity and the importance of the nation-state.
  2. Historical claims: Both use historical narratives to justify their political goals and territorial claims.
  3. Cultural preservation: Both stress the importance of preserving and promoting their respective cultures and languages.

Key differences:

  1. Racial ideology: While Nationalist Zionism focuses on Jewish national identity, Nazism was based on racial superiority theories and extreme antisemitism.
  2. Goals: Zionism aimed to create a homeland for Jews, while Nazism sought to expand German territory and eliminate perceived racial threats.
  3. Treatment of minorities: Nationalist Zionism generally advocates for a democratic state with rights for minorities, while Nazism pursued systematic persecution and genocide.
  4. International relations: Zionism sought international support and recognition, while Nazism pursued aggressive expansion and conflict with other nations.
  5. Historical context: Zionism emerged as a response to persecution, while Nazism arose from a mix of factors including economic distress, political instability, and racial theories.

I thought Zionism originally came about because Europeans wanted to rid Europe of Jewish people and basically “send back where they came from”. I think its origins lie in Xenophobia. Later ofcourse it was adopted by Jewish people and made into a Jewish National movement.

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Yeah, I thought it was an, “Of course, the Jewish people need a safe place to call their own, just not here,” kind of sentiment from the Western countries (aka Colonizers).

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yeah, That has always been my undertsanding from what I read in history

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Whenever I think about the Israeli Government and the Palestinian people I can’t help but think about how our great country was founded on the same depraved principles. My ancestors had been here long before America was discovered by Europeans in search of religious freedom (as long as your religion was theirs), took the Europeans in with open arms and tried to help them survive, and then were ethnically cleansed into an apartheid state as the American Government committed systematic genocide against them. This is one of the reasons why I stand with Palestine. It saddens me to see how little has changed both here and everywhere Colonization rapes societies.

Yeah well, that is true outside of literal physical settlement as well. Wars for resources? Like this is always a catching point for me when people talk about say green energy and stuff. Its great but to get all the rare earth minerals for them we are still eroding the little habitats for natives left in Chile, Argentina, Brazil etc. Slave labor in Congo. Genocide in Tibet. All that goes into green energy too. Cant we ever find a way to just trade like sensible people?

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