Operation Bliss #TeamJoy

In this community, we all work to make the world a little bit better, a little bit happier. But I often feel like we forget to be happy as we’re doing it. So, we have decided to add a little bliss into the world, as we go along. Operation Bliss is our new campaign to spread joy throughout the internet. You know, because that’s what news networks usually do, right?

We’re going to do two things to make this happen:

First, we’re going to start making videos online that describe different things that made us happy recently. This is a small act of rebellion. Because it feels almost taboo to talk about something that brought you joy. We want to break that cycle of hiding all your joy and exhibiting only your pain. The more you share joy, the more it gives others permission to share it as well. We want everyone to participate and send in their videos as well. Every video is a positive role model in the world. As we work to fix all the things that are wrong in the world, let’s not be embarrassed to talk about the things that have gone right in our lives.

Second, in the Bonus Episode for members, I’m going to start giving people tips to be happier. I know, I know. I’m not an expert or a guru. And there are so many things to be upset about. And how dare I think that people can be happier by just thinking about things differently? And how dare I think I have the answers? Yes, that’s all true, nevertheless, we’re going to try. And we’re going to try together. This is where we’re going to need you to share your stories and experiences, too. Because if we’re not trying to be happier and more fulfilled, what are we doing? I believe there’s some chance we can help each other and yes, bring a little bit more joy into the world."


Why would I do this, Cenk?
Because it’s time we start focusing on joy. We all need it more than ever now.

What does TYT know about Bliss?
Have you ever watched us? We are all about it.

How do I join in on social media:
Post videos or memes on TikTok or Instagram. Tag #TeamJoy and @theyoungturks

I am a member and watch the Bonus Episode. What do I get to do?
For members, watch the Bonus Episode. I will have a weekly lesson related to happiness and joy. Write something (or make a video) about the topic and post it on our YouTube Community forum or directly on our website under Operation Hope

What happens next?
We will repost or share posts on our social media. We will also pick a #TeamJoy hero of the week and spotlight amazing people doing amazing things.

Will all this work? Of course. Together we will successfully spread mirth to the whole planet. How’s that for a blissful goal?


I love this!

Ive had severe chronic back pain for over 2 decades and the number one question I’m asked? How do i do it?

First, i always acknowledge that I’m lucky enough to have a great support system of family and friends.

Part of it is actual medical treatment of course. But much of it is because I have created my own personal list of what i call HAQS. Happiness AcQuisition Strategies.

So when I’m down or in pain, I pick something for that particular situation. It could be simple like watching baby animal videos, reading/listening to a good book, or doing a craft.

I have short term, mid term and long term strategies that i work on. Like eating healthier - note i didn’t say healthy- so I can celebrate wins on my healthier spectrum. Long term might be seeking out research backed strategies that I might try.

Everyone should find HAQS that work for them.


By the way, one of the things that brings me joy is making miniatures. Here are just a few. :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration:


I have to say, when Cenk first mentioned doing something like Operation Bliss, I was skeptical.

But hold…

As someone with bipolar disease, my hesitation at first was that there are millions of people like me with mental illnesses who also need medical help. Just like with many other diseases, a positive outlook isn’t enough on its own to treat it.

For me, what has worked is a combination of three things: therapy, medication, and techniques I learned like centering myself in the present (instead of lingering on the past) and fighting negative thoughts about myself with positive ones.

And that last part is why I’m on #TeamJoy. Seeking professional help is one step in some people’s journey towards happiness. For me and many others, only looking for joy is not enough — but the decision to be happy is the first, and necessary, step on that journey towards bliss.

The TYT Family has really been like a family to me along the way, and I hope Operation Bliss will help others to find their joy. :heart::muscle:


I adore miniatures and am super impressed that you can make them! :heart:

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Thank you for sharing this. It makes my heart glad to hear you speak about choosing happiness! You are not alone, my friend. :heart:


I’m totally borrowing Happiness Acquisition Strategues. But I like being able to shorten it to: Have at it, HAS.


Totally agree with this. What we’re talking about on-air is not going to work by itself as a complete cure (to anything). It’s just a good step forward that gets you alittle closer to your goal of happiness.

And every moment of happiness is a win in and of itself.


Hello Cenk,

I hate my own voice and accent, but I have been in the need of speaking out on the town halls. I want to volunteer as both researcher and web-site team but silly me didn’t jot down Kara’s email address.

I mentioned last week that I would be sharing some idea for funding Operation Hope via cancelsuperpacs.com. They still are getting submissions:

I have an idea of a conversation starter towards money out of politics… and how little changes on the rules (like Buckley V. Valeo and Citizens United) can lead to highly consequential aftermaths… I would like to elaborate but I Always worry that this outlet might be too public for some of the ideas that I would like to share

Hint: you mentioned when launching Operation Hope that we could make suggestions for the hosts: This one is for Rick Strom: WASM Weird Ass Soccer Match.

…More to come


This may be in line with the goal of Operation Bliss. A YouTube channel, Positive Leftist News, has recently caught my attention. They seem to have a monthly round-up of, you guessed it, positive leftist news. I find their aesthetic to be quite refreshing. They focus on many little reported and successful initiatives on a wide range of topics.

Here is their most recent round-up:


Yes, a fellow miniac!
I bought a few minis here or there for many years. It started as my obsession with the Sanrio/Hello Kitty store… at 7.

Later i started making a few things. Now that I’m kinda retired, i make SO many.

Alrhough I do have an etsy shop, I primarily like to send them to folks randomly as it always makes people smile. Plus it makes me happy!

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Please borrow, because I’m now borrowing your version. :grin:

I absolutely love the phrase Have at it HAS!

Dear Dawn , I’m so happy to see your post. I, too , suffer from chronic back pain for over 10 years now. I have a neurostimulater implant , Morphine pump, Fentanyl patch and Oxycodon. But you know what. I wake up everyday happy to fight this, and try to have a normal day as much as I can. I love music and am putting in time supporting TYT . When I get flareups , I think what can I do to support others so as to not think of myself. Please take care , Cheers, Jack Callahan


Dear Jack,

Im so sorry… back pain is just awful. I’ve been going to the Pain Treatment Center for nearly 2 decades and I’ve gone through many of the same things.

Mood plays such an important role! Here to more happiness.

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Dear Dawn , thanks for your kind words , Take care, Jack

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I hope I am sharing this in the right place. Been watching TYT for about a year, but this is my first post (and hopefully in the right place for operation joy). Bit nervous about sharing this publicly, as I’ve never done so before, but here goes…

This is a very long story which I will try to very much shorten -
My children have suffered through a pretty horrific divorce that started about 8 years ago. To oversimplify, child protective services got involved and the children had their own lawyer (Guardian Ad Litem) due to the mental abuse they were being put through by my ex. Long story short, it was determined that the children would live with me and have supervised visitation with their mom. This despite the fact that my older son (10-11 at the time) everytime he saw me would physically attack me due to the manipulation occurring. Fortunately, he wasn’t a big kid so I could handle it and even more fortunately, the people assigned to look out for him saw through the situation and recommended the arrangement described above.

It was clearly a difficult time, which i survived one day at a time. Despite telling him that I love him everday, the return was often I hate you and never I love you.

Long story short, 8 years later he graduated high school last year with honors and this is what he wrote to me in his Thank You card:

Dear dad,
Thank you for everything. Thank you for dealing with all my s*** (sic) and helping me however you could. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you.

That card is my joy.
Funny aside - he then signed it “Deepest regards” and then both printed and signed his full name. Funny kid. Love him to death.


This is definitely the right place to post this, thank you for sharing your story! Glad to hear that the relationship with your son eventually ended up working out positively in spite of all the hard times. That must have brought a lot of joy (and relief) to get that card from him.


Wow, that makes my heart happy! You done good, Dad.:face_holding_back_tears::heart::+1:


I came out of a 2-year depression, discovered a treatment team and method that works and got back to making music, which I’ve done off and on for 38 years. I struggle with procrastination so bad and I have a lot of regret about it. But I am practicing music every day and am grateful for what I have.

I discovered TYT about a year ago. I didn’t know much about progressive politics but I dove in when I discovered it. Thank you Cenk and Ana for being a part of my healthier life and for creating this platform.


A beautiful, uplifting story. Thanks for sharing!