Operation Hope Begins!

For anyone who might wonder, I’ve solved the, “How do we hold our elected officials accountable.” Question lol

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We seem to have undertaken the same goal and being actionable about it. I also have in high regard my plan as I have worked 7+ years in it, however, I’m still not that certain that it will get chosen, regardless of my opinion that it should. PERFECT TIMING also applies for my case, in so many ways, but primarily because it coincided perfectly with the time in which I just finished a promo for TYT/JIC that is kind of a snippet/appetizer of what I have in mind. (Sep 28/2023)

Include me on those looking forward to hearing of your input, there may be overlapping between your approach and what I have… or maybe with another ppl in the community.

I like your boldness and how certain you are of your plan; I subscribe to that feeling too, about my plan, though, but if you make a good case, you can have me on board.

I also claim having solved (as a plan) the “How do we hold our elected officials accountable.” question, but my challenge is that I can make a better case if I could make a visual presentation. I know my way around words, but beside English not being my first language, I do think that I do better with charts+ and other visual aids. That is what keeps me from being 100% sure like you are… I would be 99% since the best we can do is to explain our idea to the best of our abilities, and they may not suit the plans of the person(ppl) in charge (final decision).

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I genuinely hope I didn’t offend anyone! I was just excited and confident!

I’m gonna rephrase my post lol

I just so happened to be brainstorming an app that inforns people about those they vote for to send to Cenk and so this opportunity and got a bit eager!

Also I’m working manufacturing job right now so I had to type quickly


You didn’t offend me. I actually feel a LOT identified with your confidence. One can make a good calculation as how successful our plans could be. That calculation is what gives me so much confident in it, and I am willing to bet that that is your case too.

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I look forward to working with you and unveiling my plans!

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Hey Cenk,
How do we hold our elected officials accountable?
I’ll tell you.

We profile them!

OF COURSEEEEE! (Just bear with me here lol)

If the words “profiling our officials” puts you in a bit of an odd place, then sit down and allow me to sell you a hot take that MIGHT just change your mind.

First, lets talk about why. The progressive fight has been climbing stone wall after stone wall to shift the balance away from paid off politics. It’s time we applied some external pressure; and I think I’ve got just the angle you need. In this hefty forum post I outline what could potentially be the next battlefront in the progressive movement. Call it a pressure campaign if you will. =P

So hear me out. We need an APP. Everybody uses phones these days. Especially for news and research. SPECIFICALLY, the crucial younger generation who wants to stay informed about what is really going on in the world.

The purpose of the app is to break the media filter that blindfolds the people and bring accountability back to our countries elected officials. The app would show voters what our politicians were put in office to do VS what they really do in congress. This would allow voters to piece together their own opinions based on facts they can see with their own eyes instead of what media tells them.

This would not only reinforce the power of the vote for those who feel like their votes don’t matter but also allow informed voters to more critically target those who are doing the least for them.

In other words;
If someone has campaigned on a promise to help the people and has not done so, IT WILL, be reflected in this app. This allows voters to see who is actively hindering change in our nation.

So without further due, I PRESENT TO YOU,
Operation HOPE, Mission One (or whatever number you decide)

The “Know Your Vote APP”

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The basic core features of the APP would be simple for ease of use and informative purposes.
While there will be other features, the primary feature includes a roster with currently elected officials to choose from. Voters can simply select the profile of an actively seated senator or house rep to see crucial statistics and information on what they have done in office.

The app would essentially keep track of which way they vote on bills they bring to the floor, what amendments they propose, which way they vote and most importantly, who their donors are and how much they have donated.

All this information is already made public, however, making it EASILY ACCESSIBLE straight from one’s smart phone would absolutely light a match in the Gaslight Chambers of Media and Twitter. Which over time if we advertise the app enough and really promote it, it would eventually force our officials to do what they were voted in to do.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the APP is meant to do, lets move onto the features and how it would look/work!

Upon Opening the APP

The basic Menu would be made up of buttons for the following features
° Congress House & Senate
° Bills on the Floor (a section specifically for viewing bills that have been voted on. It would be cool to be able to also see which members voted which way specifically from this section as compared to going to each specific member in the roster)
° Sources
° Upcoming Elections (so voters can see which districts/seats are up for vote. This feature would allow voters to quickly target primaries and check the record to determine if their currently elected official is serving them effectively or not)
° Sources
° Polls (just an idea, would be cool

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Upon Choosing Congress

You will be greeted with two more buttons.
° House of Representatives
° Congress

After having chosen an option you will then see a roster of currently elected officials. The roster of currently serving members will appear organized by filters of your choosing and appear in squared frames with their election photo. You can filter the roster by Party, Committees or Alphabetically.

After choosing a member the screen will transition inward toward the elected official where Voters will then be able to see the following information.
° Party, State/District of representation, Age/DoB
° Which Committee they are currently serving
° If they are part of a caucus/group, which one?
° When were they elected and when is their re-election?
° How many terms have they served?
° What were their campaign vows?

On their Profiles their should be Tabs for the following information

Cenks favorite feature will be found here lol

° WHO DO YOU WORK FOR :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (A list of their B̶r̶i̶b̶e̶s̶, er I mean donors)
° Bills/Amendments they propose
° Which Way They Voted (shows recent bills/amendments and their voting history.)

Goals of the App

° Easily Accessible & CRUCIAL Information for the everyday voter.
Overtime the goal is to get this into the hands of everyone so that media no longer controls the narrative about what voters should and shouldn’t know regarding who we vote for.

° People can see the donor money and draw their own conclusions.
This point specifically is what our elected officials are going to fear over time. This will have a massive domino effect that Cenk will have a field day covering lol


If this APP was to become reality and someday became the pocket guide for every voter in America, (WHICH WE COULD HAVE TYT MEMBERS HELP PROMOTE AT VOTING LOCATIONS OR COLLEGES) it would set an entirely new ball game for congress. Over time, it wouldn’t matter how much donor money congress members received. If they want to keep their seat, they MUST serve their constituents.

Some final footnotes for random ideas post brainstorming

The original idea for the app was to cover the House and Senate only. While it would be a lot of work, if the app were to grow enough, it would be cool to also expand to state legislatures, governors and presidents.

Maybe small steps toward a much larger goal??

Add a “details of bill” button to show/hide full details of the amendments/bill to reduce clutter when viewing from profiles. Since all members of congress/senate will vote on the same bills, once a voter is familiar with the contents of a specific bill they wont have to constantly scroll through the details repeatedly.

Maybe hire a team to develop the app?
Honestly the idea of this gets me super excited.

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Btw, during Operation Hope, yall need to add a sound effect that says “YOUNG TURKS ASSEMBLEEEEEEEE” to play in the opening of The Young Turks show following the “WOOOOO, GET SOME” sound lol

does this mean wolf pac is old news?

why is congress worth our energy, all of the sudden?

I knew I wasn’t wrong about you! I was willing to bet, like I told you. We seem to have made the same calculation as mentioned above when you were prefacing us about your idea. I hinted at the same idea above, but I gotta say: I hadn’t tought of the user interface yet, let alone at that level. I mentioned that a TYT contributor has portion of the job done and maybe we could build from that, with your user interface, of course, as it seems a lot better than what Politiscope is. Please read below, especially the portion about of the segmentations (more segmentations can be included, i just gave an example)

OBS: I am with you in that this can be impactful in the way that is expected, but this is a sub-goal of the overarching goal of bringing positive change to the world (although exerting outside pressure from the actual voters is a lot). DO you have more ideas like these for the overarching goal?

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The senators and governors will just ignore us. I’ve sent many to the leaders of my state and have been blown off with a form reply. What we need to do is vote incumbents out. They feel like they’re invincible and need to be reminded that they aren’t.

I am a teacher librarian in a very rural district. Our kids have 1:1 Chromebooks, but there are still about 30% of our student body who has zero Internet at home. They are the kids who I keep the library open late for. The kids who have to wake up early and come to school to get homework done, since it’s mostly online now.
Getting affordable (or free), guaranteed internet access for all homes would make a huge difference for some of these kids and help bridge the inequality gap we see in my rural district.

Just my two cents

Keep up the great work :heart:


We need to forge an alliance between Progressive Democrats and Third Party Leftists against the Corporate Duopoly and Trumpism in 2024 and 2026 and so on. That should be included as part of Operation Hope.

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This is a really good idea. Often times, the media is much more powerful than politicians in making an issue something that is discussed and eventually voted on.

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This is also a really good idea. A lot of bad guys use this strategy against me. But there’s no reason why we can’t use it as a force for good instead.

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I started Rebellion Pac for this exact reason. rebellionpac.com

But the challenge has been getting enough attention to it, so that we can concentrate our money and power in one place. The rest of the media is not dying to give this positive coverage, as you might imagine. And there are many other competing pacs that claim they are going to do one thing or another (and usually never do).

But I like the way you;re thinking! And this strategy will definitely work in the long run.

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These are all excellent ideas. And if we wrote into a bunch of newspapers at the same time, it could create a feeling of momentum.

I also love the idea of reaching out to the community to get grassroots buzz.


If you work remotely and want to stop climate change please take a look at the #WorkFromProtest Topic. The key to stopping climate change is the same as so many other issues. As Cenk would say: the money, Lebowski!

And banks have it…

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