Operation Hope Town Hall

Hey Kara, thank you so much for nominating me for hero of the week. I am completely stunned and surprised. I never figured that what I’ve done on a small scale would be a. big thing , but evidently , it is. That is what is so amazing about life. Even when you think a contribution is small, it really does matter and you have no idea how actions can affect people. I am so grateful and privileged to be part of the TYT Community. Thank you for showing me a light in the darkness. Cheers, Jack


I’m glad you are felling better. We had 2 guests this week. One was a friend of David’s, a man by the name of Paul Sonn. Paul gave us some great info on the Ohio ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. It is $10.25 right now, $5.25 for tipped employees. Apparently, they have gathered the required number of signatures, but should get more before the 7/3/24 deadline. He will connect us with the group leading the effort so we can discover ways that we can assist them.
The other guest was named Lena. I just looked at my notes and realized I forgot to write down her last name. She lives in the Atlanta area and spoke about several issues, especially a “divisive subjects” ban in local schools. The language of the law is so broad that teachers don’t know how to avoid running afoul of it, and possibly getting fired. Cenk asked her if she would come back a second time and share more with us.
Micheil is still pulling off miracles. The Trump Czar website has been completed on his end. TYT staff are now putting on the final touches. But Micheil isn’t resting on his laurels. I don’t understand most of the technology, but Micheil has it ready to be delivered on more than a dozen platforms once TYT is ready to push it out. Also, Cenk asked us to think about next steps regarding new initiatives. I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff, but that’s the gist of what occurred in the town hall.


Oh, wow–thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Now that I’m home I can maybe actually do something. :smiling_face: I hope you are doing well, and I look forward to seeing you next week. :heart:

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Andrea , I hope you are feeling better. I am well aware of how medications affect a person, both mentally and physically. Hang in there , we are rooting for you, Best, Jack


Thank you. :heart:

Hi there, I’m Andrew Daniele aka Cenk’s Raging Emotions and I just attend my first Town Hall last week and it was awesome and I will be back as this is so cool.

I’m posting this though hoping it will get to Cenk. I am an eCommerce, email/sms marketing, and website sales specialist currently working in the industry for almost 15 years and my wife has been in this industry since 1998 (you do the math on that one).

I would love 60 minutes of Cenk’s time to provide some insight, criticisms, and (most importantly) solutions that will improve improve you websites, shoptyt store, so that you all can bring in more money and these are easy fixes that should have a rapid return.

I am offering this advice free of charge in every way other than simply your time. I am not looking for a job as I currently make low,(very low) six figures doing this very thing for a pretty big company that you have heard of and will share on a more private platform. I’m not embarrassed of the company I work for as they are, actually a pretty good, liberal (possibly progressive even) company as much as a Capitalist Corporation can be.

I just want to help keep TYT afloat. My suggestions and guidance has little to no cost other than a little manpower, really the most things are rearranging things on your website, in your store, and social media eCommerce that would make you more efficient, cut your costs by cutting out middle companies like Meta from taking cuts of your profits, and increasing your sales and memberships.

If you’re interested please let me know, you all have my email address from my profile on the TYT app. Shoot me an email so set up a meeting.



Hello! Could you email me about this? [email protected]. Thank you!!!

Here is the link for tomorrow’s town hall at 8:30pm ET - Meeting Registration - Zoom

Do I need to do anything else to get it in the “events” on Discord? Meeting Registration - Zoom

Any Discord member can start an “Event”. Just click on Events and then choose “Create Event”. From there it will walk you through everything. When I did it last week I chose “Somewhere else” for “Where is your Event?” and then put in the Zoom Link

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For some reason, I cannot create an event.

Hi all, I hope the townhall went well on Wednesday. Sorry I missed — I’m out of town and couldn’t connect at that time, first time I missed an entire town hall. :cry: I’ll look out for any posts or emails about any action items before the next meeting.