Politics is War

There’s no sense in denying it. Politics is war. We need to accept it and even embrace it… We’re in a war.
But what war are we fighting?
Yes, we’re fighting many many battles. But what is our central idea? What is our rallying point? What is the war we’re really fighting? On what battlefield should we strategize?

It seems to me we don’t get this. We’re too naive. War is dirty and we don’t want to get dirty. We want this to be easy, convenient, and cost free. No war is easy. No war is convenient. No war is cost free.

We are in a Civil War.

Lots of truth there @sciguy24 . This is a war as old as society itself, people trying to control the actions of others. We need more people engaged, especially those who are going through life without a single thought to the politics that are generally crushing them. Coalescing to take action is more challenging, but I hope that’s what has been happening here on TYT.

I think if you support progressives you’re automatically considered to be counter culture. I have done street level work, I suspect many here have. I am not sure what this means to you?

What gives you an impression anyone thinks this is easy, convenient , or cost free?

Reading between the lines may lead you read chapters into sentences that don’t exist.

I think the question is what would you get dirty for?

I don’t say this in the same sense as picking up arms or committing violence. Rather what causes the individual(s) to realize “I cannot let this continue/I must act”. For the right its much easier to galvanize their base because they’re striving to achieve a monoculture and subsist on a diet of fear and anger; two motions that prompt immediate reactions. For the left things get less uniform.

The left may have a laundry list of issues that can fulfill any outrage requirement, but we’re also such a big tent coalition that not all issues have the same impact or longevity. We can all agree that immigration reform is a necessity, but immigration impacts myself and my family more than someone 5th+ generation American who generally agrees with me. Similarly, I can agree that we need to end institutionalized racism against the black community. But I am blind to the true depths of the issue, and much more likely to disengage after the initial outrage because of my distance from the issue.

If we’re going to galvanize the left we need to be able to clearly display the connections between each broader issue through their sub issues. Take this chart for example:

I’m not saying it has to be this detailed. However, it should help left leaning individuals realize that we cannot have unattended matters while working towards our preferred issues. This also creates callbacks to action that should reengage voters when their auxiliary issues come up on the ballot.


I love this taking a stab at this is really great for us to try to attempt. In my opinion this type of endeavor is fruitful even if it fails. If you’re able to find value in the diagram sometimes the graphic itself can build consensus.

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Could this be a good start? @enduser @hella_dragon

I got these by condensing TYT’s website, Wikipedia, and TYT App

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I’m sorry I’m not sure what a chart of the different kinds of Electronic Music has to do with the topic.

It is a template to visually display and organize data.

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