So-called genocide in Srebrenica is a lie!

Hi All,

I hope you are doing well and that you are going to read this post with patience and a high amount of good reasoning.

The reason I am opening the topic of Srebrenica (the town in Bosnia) is because of Cenk’s statement of it being a genocide during “The Israel, Iran, Palestine Debate” on ZeroHedge. Cenk has promoted this lie often in past as well.

I would like to share with you the actual truth of this awful period.

The killing of many arms-carrying men in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica was not genocide! I say this because the Serbian army did not do any of “the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.” which is a short, and common, definition of genocide.

A very short YouTube video titled “Ratko Mladić - Srebrenica” shows a Serbian general, after the main attack, talking to civilian men and women. He advises them that whoever wants to stay in Srebrenica, can stay. For those who want to leave, they are free to do so, and they will be given safe and protected passage to the territory controlled by Muslim (“Alija’s”) forces. There are more videos, still available on YouTube where the Serbian general can be seen to be entering many busses full of civilians and advising again that they will be safe and that “not a strand of the hair” will be harmed as they are being taken through Serbian-controlled territory. In some of the videos he is saying to the people that they “will be treated far better than many of the Serbian civilians killed by the Muslim army over the years” and that “they should start living in peace and stop killing Serbians”.

A much stronger case for genocide during those times is what had been done to Serbian people in the surrounding area of Srebrenica, repeatedly for a couple of preceding years, in the majority of Serb-populated villages. Serbian civilians, mostly women and old men, but also including young children, were killed in the most atrocious ways. The pleas to the UN to stop these horrible attacks did not stop them. The worst one took place on Christmas, 1995, when almost the whole village of Kravice was massacred. This atrocity finally triggered the Serb army to attack the town of Srebrenica and stop the attacks against the Serbian population from occurring.

This can be seen in the short, and important, movie, called “Srebrenica - Izdani grad (A town betrayed)”. Look it up on YouTube.

The movie talks, through first-hand experience, about the desire of the Muslim government to sacrifice around 5,000 people of Srebrenica on instructions from Bill Clinton, to garner the support of the international community for a NATO attack on the Serbian enclave and its army.

The most active media reporting this “genocide” then and since were CNN and BBC. Do you truly need more convincing?

Dario, I’m not sure who is behind the recent propaganda about Srebrenica but the genocide you mentioned has been proven without a doubt by an intentional court and countless 3rd parties. Mass graves were discovered, dated and casualties identified many years ago. There is no doubt.


When you parse the line of genocide you already have lost the debate.

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The mass graves are not denied. Not by Serbian people nor Serbian politicians. Then and now. They have gone to the site and laid the flowers. They have acknowledged that the killing of Bosniak men was a war crime. And that is the point that I was making. War crime, not a genocide! It was the Bosniak men carrying arms that were killed. There was not a woman, young child or an old person that was killed. A lot of the bodies buried in those graves have been brought over from other parts in Bosnia, to build up the narrative. These again, were the bodies of men killed in battles. The actual genocide was comitted against the Serbians living around Srebrenica for years prior. Bosniak forces were killing women, kids and old people in the most horrible manner. A 10 year old child having his ears cut off for example.
As to who might be pushing the propaganda, how about those that have caused almost every caused in the last 40 years? As to why? How about money?

Not at all. Genocide was committed against Jews and Armenians for example. Horrible event. You could easily argue that there was a genocide committed against the Serbs living in Croatia, where there is 90% less of them today compared to 1990. Also, in Sarajevo, less than 5% living today compared to 1992. Women, children, old men.
Men killed in Srebrenica were the soldiers. Some of them the butchers that committed the atrocities against civilian Serbs only for years prior to the attack on Srebrenica.
After the attack, and with the Bosniak army removed, the civilian population was offered to stay. Those who chose to leave, were given a free and protected passage to other Bosniak territory. Check the videos suggested in the original post and ask for more info if you are not clear. It was not a genocide that most people were again tricked into believing by the western media. Why would the western media lie about this you might ask? Those that do, are part of the problem, however small but problem nevertheless

I will look into this at some point but I don’t put stock in a western frame. I would also say often those outside the west don’t actually understand the western frame they just get that there is one.

I would also point out offering a population to relocate could be called ethnic cleansing depending on the circumstances surrounding that.

If enough people die, so other people are questioning weather it is a genocide or not means your are likely the monster.

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Look into the videos if you are truly interested in the truth instead of the western narrative.
There was a war in Bosnia, that the Serb people did not start. There were many Serbs killed in the region decades before, again women and kids. In the '90’s again. Western countries, the regulars, insisting that they must help the region. That is the context and the circumstances.

Also, I said that people were offered to stay, not leave. And their houses were not knocked down to be unable to stay.

And no, definitely not a monster. Falling for the western media driven push for the genocide is very simply a big lie, and as such it will cause many other issues in the region and elsewhere

I was going to let this discussion slide and not add to it, but I felt I could no longer stay silent. I was in high school when this occurred, and I will never forget the horror and helplessness I felt as the genocide happened for the world to see, yet we did nothing. I apologize ahead of time for the long post.

The genocide and ethnic cleansing began following the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991 and 1992 to create an ethnically homogeneous Serb state of Republika Srpska, as seen with the forced removal of over 70,000 Bosniaks and the systematic massacre of at least five thousand more. This included children, women, and older adults (non-military civilians). In 1993, the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH) unsuccessfully attempted to resist, which I will return to in a moment. The Serbs continued their deliberate slaughter while also rendering Srebrenica unlivable, as they destroyed water and electric supplies and depleted any food, medical necessities, and essentials. They were essentially hunting the Bosniaks as they simultaneously starved them. In early 1993, the UN declared Srebrenica a safe zone and, shortly after that, a demilitarized zone. With these efforts slow and unsuccessful, the UN declared the Serbs were committing “a slow-motion process of genocide.” By 1995, the Serbs controlled the entire area surrounding Srebrenica and blocked all UN efforts to supply military and civilian support. In 1995, from July 6 - 11, the Serbs gained complete control of the area, and even more brutality continued their campaign of ethnic homogeny. After separating the women and girls from the men and the boys, the Serbs proceeded to rape and torture, as well as murder (some by beheading) the women and girls. Some of the men and boys tried to escape and resist, and the others, over 7,800, were unceremoniously executed. The reason the Serbs gave was that this was revenge for the failed resistance I referred to earlier. Needless to say, revenge motives were debunked, and the UN, the Hague, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and countless others deemed this a genocide and ethnic cleansing due to witnesses, admissions of guilt from the perpetrators, and videos, pictures, and writings of the perpetrators. They are still finding bodies to this day. While not an expert, I believe there is no room for denial here.

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There would be no denial to what you say if at least most of what you stated was true but it is not. You were in high school, yet you speak as if you lived right next to it. And there is so much more that happened before the battle in Srebrenica that you are either omitting or again, not aware of.
You are simply repeating the false narrative promoted since before the attack on Srebrenica was going to happen.
And yet, if only you have a look at two videos I shared at the beginning, one of which is a documentary made by Bosniak Muslim, supported by Norwegian ministry (of culture I believe?) you will realize how misled you were all these years. Any reasonable person at least would admit it. The courts of justice have been compromised long time ago. The breakup of Yugoslavia was planned and desired by American and German government long before the war started. The genocide resolution was attempted at UN by UK. This time by Germany, wholeheartedly supported by USA. It should really remind you of a game that they’ve been playing, e.g. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine

Unlike the one film you suggested, which was debunked as racist propaganda, I did my due diligence in researching and fact-checking this topic from dozens of reputable sources. I assure you that accusing me of purposefully “omitting” facts and failing to be a “reasonable person” will not garner any desirable attention or turn your hurtful lies into truths. The Srebrenica genocide is one of the most clearly and exhaustively documented genocides in history, so don’t get it twisted. Serbian military forces slaughtered over 25,000 Bosniak civilians and displaced over 2 million, not to mention their systematic rapes of up to 50,000 Bosniak women and girls. Promoting the revision and whitewashing of history, as you do in this discussion, is a disgusting form of nationalistic Islamaphobia at best–at best. My suggestion to you is to get your facts straight, stop promoting racist propaganda, and do something with your life that benefits humankind.

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There is a lot of insults coming from your side. I will not be stooping down to that level.
That the movie was debunked as a racist propaganda is not true.
Serbian military forces raped up to 50,000 Bosniak women and girls!? Again a lie. There is not even any logic to it. The first western media reports in 1993, a year after the war started claimed that it was 250,000 women raped. Then it was dropped down to 100,000. Then it was 50,000. And finally, when maybe, they realized how naive they sounded, they said it was around 20,000, BUT all women in Bosnia. There were Serb and Croat women living there, you do know that? Even 50 women raped is horrible of course. To claim that in the war between 3 ethnic groups only one side was killed and raped is a lie. Those who believe it, are naïve beyond belief.
What you doing drea_m_r_76 is throwing the similar numbers and responding to the videos that I shared with the ridicilous numbers and lies in the similar way the Western media had done in the '90 in Yugoslavia for the purposes of breaking the country apart. The same approach they continued using in the subsequent conflicts.
You have provided no actual proof drea_m_r_76. Just the screams and the insults. Very similar approach used by the people that are not standing on the side of truth (e.g. COVID, IRAQ, Siria, Libiya, etc.) using name calling, hoping maybe to scare me or whatnot. One day you will call me Islamophobic (so not true), and the other Anti-Semitic (also not true).

The actual truth about Srebrenica is that it was the Serb civilians (living in big majority villages around the town) that were slaughtered, literally, in the large numbers for years in the most gruesome ways. When the Serb army finally attacked, after many years of pleading with Bosniak’s and UN to stop, the Serb army killed only the men, not civilians, who were in fact protected (also in the video I provided). Clearly a war, and not indiscriminate killing by the Serb army.
There are incredible amount of false numbers and narrative you are continuing to spread. It is like you learnt nothing about the big lies spread by MSM. Maybe you haven’t come across but the same method was used in '40 by Joseph Goebbels, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”.
You were young and in the high-school somewhere when the unfortunate in Yugoslavia happened. I was there, lived a life of a refugee, and experienced the horrors, and the shameless lies before, during, and after the conflict.

By the way, show us those “reputable” sources you are referring to, but do exclude BBC and CNN please.

Let me get this straight, the genocide never happened, there can be logic in rape, and COVID is a lie? The canyon dividing our disparate moral and ethical ideologies is too vast for any amount of conversation to traverse. We’re done here.

The commonly narrated genocide against Bosniak people in Srebrenica never happened. There can be no logic in rape, I don’t know why are you suggesting otherwise. COVID response measures, including forced vaccination, were not put in to help, but to brainwash people and make money off them.
Before you leave for good could you please still provide the source of the “reputable” sources of the “Srebrenica genocide”?

So what about those who are children of the rapes? The following documentary claims 4000 children are that born by the conflict. Some of these children are abandon, abused, neglected, and discriminated against.

according to this 333,000 sexual assaults resulted in 3,204 pregnancies.

If 4,000 children are given there must have been at least nearly 500,000 rapes.

Once you argue minutia you have lost debate. I am not sure what you have to gain from this stance you are taking?

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Awful for those that are the actual children of the rape. Any number of rapes is horrible, whether it is during the peace of the war time.
The numbers that you are throwing around are simply not true. They are illogical, and almost comical. By doing this you are building up a lie which in turn causes the true victims, on all three sides of the war mind you, to be disbelieved.

The video is not directly related to my first post about Srebrenica genocide lie but if you were sharing it for the context check this link I found upon a quick 3 second search. For better context…

Bosnian mujahideen - Wikipedia(Bosnian%3A%20Bosanski%20mud%C5%BEahedini,the%201992%E2%80%9395%20Bosnian%20War.

I can find a lot more from reputable sources that would show you how the Serbs did not want the war, did not start the war but once it started how some of the atrocities they were exposed to reminded them of the horrors they were put through in not too distant past, and they had to fight back to protect their families. I am not going to do so, because there is no end to it then, and it is impossible for any person here to actually disprove the actual truth of what I am saying. Maybe look at it yourself
13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) - Wikipedia

Also, the documentary was made by DW, which was one of the key German government’s propaganda tool since before the war started, and in bed with forever-war causing US agencies.

You ask me why am I doing this? Because the truth is important. And what is true, it is that the actual genocide happened around Srebrenica, against the Serb women and children. The official narrative is false, and nothing good comes out of the lies in the long term. The killing of the Bosniak soldiers, though horrible whenever it is not necessary, is not a genocide. Some of those soldiers would have been the people that massacred Serb civilians for the years prior

To say 4,000 products of rape exists seems consistent with your pervious argument that sexual violence was used extensively on all sides. The 4,000 children wouldn’t be inconsistent with that.

Also saying something is comical then offering up a wiki about the Mujahideen in Bosnia doesn’t really find meaning for me. So Iran sent proxy fighters in, and so? Yugoslavia broke up a power vacuum ensued. I find it unsurprising proxy fighters from Iran showed up.

It doesn’t really mater how bad any Serbian wanted that not to happen. After it happens this doesn’t absolve you from your poor conduct in the war.

I understand that Bosniaks didn’t stand up for the Serbs during World War 2. I am not sure how that has any bearing on the discussion, ethnic Bosniaks were also targeted and executed.

A human that is a product of rape is a evidence of the crime.

I think your missing a fundamental point just because your a victims of geocide doesn’t give you freedom to commit genocide. Also if you commit a genocide on a people during a conflict and the other side reciprocates with a genocide. That just means you both committed genocide.

Yugoslavia / Bosnia seems never kept national statistics on the matter.

DW is German influenced but that would likely frame from a pro European perspective.

This is what some call the sickness. You maybe righteous in your defense, but you can still be consumed by the mania / rage. If you are this doesn’t mean you didn’t commit actions during your mania. It just means there is context to the crimes.

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You keep missing the key point I made in the initial post.

It was not a genocide. It cannot be if women, kids and old men are protected and the arm-carrying men are killed in a battle. If genocide as a category is used where it was not, it looses the sting and the purpose.
You mentioned the international courts of justice. Do you mean the same ones that have not called the genocide in Gaza? Or a million people, including women and children, killed in Iraq?

I was not the one that started spreading the topic into the overall Bosnian conflict. Simply briefly responded.

The narrated genocide in Srebrenica is a lie.

You continue believing it and spreading it, and you are simply supporting the never ending lies that are causing forever wars around the world!

When did I mention this?

Honestly you have ignored my arguments. The ones about parsing a genocide. I think I see your point of view. There is some point where it is a atrocity and not a genocide and I will repeat there is little difference. For instance tell that to a victim of the violence.

Here is some more footage for your you to ignore (you clearly didn’t watch the first video I sent). Otherwise you would realize your point of view is unsupportable.

You did mention the international courst at first I think, before you edited your post. If not you, but somebody else apologies. Either way, naïve people often do, believing those are the courts of justice, instead of courts of politics.

It is now 8, 000 people killed? It was 10, 000, then 5,000, and also 7,000. A lot of the corpses were brought over from elsewhere to build up a lie. 160 of the people listed as killed were found to be alive, living in EU.
Across Bosnia, there was a lot more people than 8,000 killed. Of every ethnic group. Percentage wise, Serbs the most.

The most common definition of a genocide is " “the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

Serb army has only killed weapons carrying men. Most of them in the battle. Some of them whilst imprisoned, which is against Geneva’s convention and classified as a war crime. Not a genocide, which is the point and the title of my initial post.

I also mentioned the war crimes and how they could not be properly investigated and tried because of the false genocide narrative.

If you want to continue watering down the impact and the purpose of genocide, knock yourself out. Pretty soon though, you will also see how nothing sticks, end how everybody has got their own definitions and facts

No I sent a story about a lab going through the mass graves.

I love that you think questioning numbers gives you some sort of evidence.

Do you think adding commentary to your dispersions proves anything?

I am fine with the difference between and atrocity and a genocide becoming blurred. Anyone that cannot see why that isn’t a problem needs to do some soul searching.

Say it wasn’t a genocide and so what? What would that change? I mean you clearly have a problem with the ICC and I find that curious.

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