The Birth Tourism Argument Debunked

I just finished watching Cenk’s appearance on Tim Pool’s show (you can find it here: They spent a good chunk of time talking about birth tourism, and I think that whole part of the discussion was a waste of time. There are 3 eligibility requirements for president:

  1. Be Natural-Born (the clause that Cenk’s trying to fight).
  2. Be 35 years old
  3. Be a resident of the U.S. for a minimum of 14 years.

People always seem to forget about that 3rd requirement. So, any argument about how a person born here, emigrates to another country with their family, and then moves back here can automatically run for president, is ridiculous because you can easy challenge that candidate’s run on the residency requirement.

And if it’s a rich person trying to do that, I don’t think they would be able to do that either. If anything, they’d most likely wouldn’t run because if it’s challenged, then the authorities would have to look up the person’s residential history and financial history and if there’s any shady stuff involved like money laundering, that could easily get discovered.


I watched that interview and must say Cenk did an excellent job. I love the tenor in many of the exchanges.

I had trouble parsing that myself, what I will say is it would appear there is no requirement that those 14 years be directly before your candidacy. This is pure speculation on my part, I haven’t looked into this directly so I am not really sure what facts are.

I didn’t know what to expect when I looked up Tim Pool’s Show but Cenk was honestly really good. Tim asked the questions that the moderates / conservatives / independents will ask about Cenk’s campaign.

Cenk did an AMAZING JOB answering his questions and emphasizing how similar their positions are.

At one point I burst out laughing when Tim was talking about his positions (and his viewers) which were the SAME positions as Cenk’s Presidential Platform

Cenk can argue to the courts all he wants, he’s not going to win. He’s not even going to get into the debates.

You’re confidence is mind-blowing. I think the your framing is the height of indulgence.

I wonder if you repeat this enough you can convince yourself?