The New Candidates

Who would be your pick to replace Biden as the Democratic nominee to defeat Trump?


Anybody will have a better chance than Biden.


I would love to see a Raskin/Turner ticket!


sanders/turner but i’d settle for anyone that doesn’t want to continue the genocide of Palestinians


AOC who turns of legal age the month before election


Georgia Democrats are urging a more dynamic candidate and urge the national committee to consider favorite son Jimmy Carter.

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At this point almost anyone that wants to be president should not be. Gavin Newsom wants to be president, should not be. So, lets nominate someone that thinks not of their legacy, but the good of the country and the world. Intelligent, capable of creative problem solving, and with fewer skeletons in their closet than any on Epstein’s flight charter. Maybe learn from the republicans that many voters do feel, rightfully, burned by paid politicians. “Weird” Al Yankovic, Dolly Parton, Snoop Dogg, Bill Nye…

  1. Gavin Newsom has been strong against Trump and some of the indecent GOP Governors who have taken away the rights of women, minorities and caused actual harm to children.
  2. Josh Shapiro has implemented some good policies for Pennsylvania so far.
    I agree that Biden can not be President again but if we are not given another candidate we wont have a choice we can not let Trump win. I just at this time do not feel that enough Democratic or Independent voters have gotten past the old beliefs that a women would not make a good President even though I feel there a few good choices available and I am 62 and been around the block a few times with elections and chose being a Democrat over a Republican at 18.
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Here is my top choice for Biden’s replacement Presidential nominee given the combination of several material variables including timing; preferences of elected delegates (and state and DNC laws/rules respecting delegate voting at the convention); likelihood of winning the general election; ability to fill the position; and Cenk’s opinion: Al Gore, ‘the only person elected to be President who never took office.’ And this choice has an additional benefit: it (re)acquaints people with the history of electoral malfeasance from the SCOTUS. Specifically, in 2000, J. Thomas and his collaborators in the SCOTUS stole the Presidency from Gore and handed it to Bush by overruling the order of the Supreme Court of FL to finish counting all votes cast in the election.


i think ANYBODY vs Trump will work. If its between them and Trump, I’ll go with the other person


Pete buttigieg has an obama-esque style to the way he communicates that i think would resonate with many voters. I think an arguement could be made that his track record doesnt stand out as significantly bad like some other democrats, and he’s not terribly irrelevant and isn’t hostile to donors, so he’s viable to replace biden. Kamala is polling well right now so with her as his VP and out of the spotlight of the presidency she would resonate with female/black voters while pete would pull the lgbtq vote. Maybe some people think her as VP would be a terrible idea but i can really envision a buttigieg-harris presidency.

VP candidates that would be better than harris would be Michelle Obama, Al gore, etc. But realistically i don’t think these people have a chance at coming back especially with Al gore being out of the spotlight for so long its most likely any joe biden/harris replacement will be just as lame and institutional as nobody wants


Andy Beshear is my pic. Here’s my reasoning…

  1. As a Democrat governor in a red state he needed wide appeal
  2. He signed an executive order restoring the voting rights, and right to hold public office of Kentuckians convicted of nonviolent felonies.
  3. He opposes right to work laws
  4. He would likely be appealing to Southern and Midwest swing voters
  5. He supports medicad expansion in KY
  6. He would likely appeal to younger voters

I would love to see my governor Andy Beshear on the ticket for president .
Being elected twice in a republican state could mean a huge win and possibly help Americans feel more united than devided where it matters, plus seeing him handle natural disasters, with meeting the people, and providing more than a billion dollars in disaster relief. He has a history in economic growth, record low unemployment, expanded access to healthcare, delivered more than $400 million for clean drinking water, restored voting rights for more than 187,000 Kentuckians, signs 627 bipartisan bills including tax relief, disaster relief and multiple budgets, secured more than $2 billion for high speed internet to date, historic/significant investments in education, expanded early voting, and much more.


At this point, I do believe he would be a better choice.

I think Hasan is correct. Gretchen Whitmer. The biggest issues that help Democrats are that fascism is on the rise, that abortion rights are in jeopardy and that the Rust Belt has moved away from the Democratic brand in the last 15 years. Whitmer, as a woman, can make a strong connection to female voters on abortion. She personally had her life threatened by MAGA and can speak on the importance of that issue. And she is 10 points more popular than Biden in Michigan, which is a must-win state and could also give a boost to Wisconsin. Policywise, she is basically a generic mediocre Democrat, but she won’t make herself the main focus of this campaign, which will put the spotlight onto Trump.


My ticket would be Al Gore / Gretchen Whitmer. But I would also like Bernie Sanders, John Stewart, Charlemagne the God, Andy Beshear, and Cory Booker.


It sounds like Beshear is doing well in KY. Maybe him and Senator Turner?


Hear me out, I have a crazy idea: Sanders/Haley. A progressive and a centerist republican. Republicans will love the idea of her being a check on Bernie, and potentially taking over if something happened to him. Bernie can get the young vote and bring back progressives, Haley can get women and non maga republicans. It’s enough of a coalition to stand up to trump.

Please NOT Gavin Newsome or JB Pritzker. These two greasy sleazy terrible governors have driven their states into the ground, smiling for the camera the entire time.

Cali and Illinois literally have the highest taxes in the country. They have some of the worst crime, worst financial deficients, highest rates of people and businesses leaving the state. They drove 2 great states off the edge of a cliff thelma and louise style, and they’ll do it to the rest of america. They are authoritarian as it comes, and the people who don’t live under them already won’t know that.


him not being a national figure already would probably help, less baggage. and being elected twice in a red state and working with the legislature there is a great sign.