Triple rebranding? …Kind of

Triple rebranding? …Kind of

Don’t be scared, the TYT name doesn’t get lost, we are not a bunch Elon Musks in here, and that’s a good thing; but please hear me out.

I am going to propose 3 different instances of rebranding and their respective reasoning and advantages for them. I will do that in three different replies so that you can hit the like button if you are on board. Here we go…


For the people on board of Operation Hope:
We can call ourselves “Hopeful Operatives”: “Hopers” for short. Please notice the opportunities for visual logos for this since the two words share letters Hope-Ful, H-Operatives, H-Opers… we might even change what it means to say: “a bunch of HOs”.


For the TYT Army:
As to avoid any semblance of a violent movement. Our actions are to be pacific and if we are going to cause trouble, it should always be good trouble. If people’s first impression is going to be our branding before getting to know what we are doing, it will be better to have less hurdles along the way of getting more support for our movement.


For The Young Turks:
TYT initials should remain, but these can be the flagship to our pacific tecno-revolution. Leaded by TYT and that should also have the great effect of elevating standards of how news is presented to the public.
TYT can refer to:
• “Take Your Tools” as TYT would be providing the public with better tools to act as a watchdog of those in power.
And also allude to:
• TYT’s Data central: A visual layer that will place in better context the news shared to the public. These can permeate all platforms in which TYT is used:
a) TYT Clips with better charts presented as animation or with pointers… all aiming to the pedagogical (yes TYT is basically teaching History class, the History happening in real time).
b) TYT Website* Visual aids that the public can interact with and better understand the context and insights provided during the show/clip.
c) TYT App Same as previous but on the App.

We can hire two developers for this (some have volunteered already) but I have an idea for funding that can also represent getting a lot of eyeballs to our movement. For that I will link the idea to a new topic in here.


I know many times name changes were proposed. I like Take Your Tools. I will say on the hope idea. Here many figures are derisively call political supporters “dopeless hope fiends” the hope connotations are a bit stigmatized here regionally.

That is not reason not to use the name. I am just pointing out you don’t want to have a slogan that resemble that one to much.

I will also say they have a tech team. I think the “boiler room” is part of their technology branch.

I really think this is a great direction to head but needs a bit more augmentation.

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Agreed. And ONLY support and push the positives of OUR candidates. Don’t accost the supporters of other candidates; let them do that to us.


How about “Hoperatives”?


I LOVE it!!!
I gotta say that I like this one more than my proposal. I can even explain through (visual) essay. I’ll get back to you on this one.

Thank you very much for this input. You’ll see why
Stay tuned

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I agree that we should not accost other supporters. If they mess with us, I think we should use that as motivation to give more support to Cenk 2024.


Hope is NOT necessary to achieve something… I mean, this occurs a lot on job environments: people achieve things that they are not personally connected or inspired necessarily, but they can and do accomplish them under the threat of losing the means of survival. Hope IS necessary, though, for better and prompter results.

But hope by itself will get us nowhere. We could hope that corporations come to their senses all at the same time and will stop crushing the workers and legally bribing politicians to get legislation in favor of them instead of the electorate, which is in mostly made of workers, not corporations.

That is why I think that @jmsoules suggestion for Hoperatives is BY FAR better than my original Hopers: Because it emphasizes also the Operative component that is central to this movement, bring positive change to the world by means of action… by Operating

Let’s do this!! TOGETHER, we can make this Whisper Of A Dream a Roaring Reality

They’re gonna see us ROAR

An inspiring video essay for this has been added to the

Backlog with priority order #4

Placeholder for video essay

Much more inspiring: John Legend’s Call to Action: Preach

John Legend’s Call to Action


My taste isn’t for everyone but I like these two:

‘Boots Riley - Underdogs’

‘Ayreon - Everybody Dies’

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