Trump Bible

Holy Jesus… Well, among all the weirdness of the Trump Bible apparently with the Bill of Rights the amendments 11 through 27 have been excluded… So unlike Jefferson who used to rip pages out of the Bible that he didn’t like, now Trump is screwing with the founding fathers documents and ripping the amendments out


The exclusion of amendments 11 through 27 from the Trump Bible is indeed concerning and raises questions about the integrity of the document. Such actions, akin to Jefferson’s selective approach to the Bible, undermine the principles of transparency and respect for foundational documents. It’s essential to uphold the integrity of our constitutional rights and freedoms, regardless of political affiliation.

Political affiliation has nothing to do with this-this is pure MAGA , which is a CULT. Not a political leaning,

While I am not advocating the Trump Bible, I believe the Bill of Rights consists only of the first ten amendments.

So…you don’t believe in the right to vote…or have a womene vote…

The 19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment is about the right for any citizen of the United States to vote, regardless of their biological sex. Essentially, this was the moment women joined male citizens and were granted the right to vote in the United States. This amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920.

There are also other amendmonts that are important…why do you have no interest in them? Slavery, like?

The first ten amendments are known as “The Bill of Rights.” Of course, I am aware more amendments followed. In the future, please do not speak to me as though I am an idiot.

I did not talk down to you. I asked a question, and you heard derisiveness. Didn’t come from me. I’d apologise with an “IF” apology, but I don’t see where I treated you like an idiot. I, of course am…that’s why I’m thankful of the internet.
But…I guess I will have to see why the following amendments didn’t make the cut with you…or why they are NOT included in YOUR Bill of rights. I’d ask you, but you are already mad at me…

Okay, I looked it up. Technically, I guess you are right. BUT 11-27 were ratified and on the books of law, and included …So…leaving the ratified additions does not cause you distress?

I’m not mad; I mistakenly found your tone aggressive, and I apologize for the misunderstanding. (I should have known better than to partake in a discussion right after leaving the hospital to visit my daughter.) My bad. :white_flag:

The lack of the other amendments doesn’t bother me too much. Only because I thought that’s what it would be. I do, though, find everything about the Trump Bible distressing in general. (As I do all things Trump-related.)

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Well, his antics never disappoint! Well, i was pretty shocked, but others have pointed out that leaving out 11 -27 is pure MAGA. Anyway, I learned from our discussion and thank you for enlightening me!
I come from 2 cultures (Spanish and Italion) where we have had the fancy Fascists (Mussilini and Franco). I read up on both of those guys…both their fathers were Socialists,so that’s where Trump breaks the mold. But point being, I am not a fan of Facsists. Anyway, thanks for your insight.


That’s interesting that both their fathers were Socialists. I’m not sure what party Trump’s father, Fred, affiliated with politically (probably Nazi), but he was a crook and racist. Woody Guthrie even wrote about him.