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Continuing the discussion from TYTthon Instance #2: Reconstruction Era Amendments:

Using decorators as wrappers for legislation

Although I was already familiar (recently, though) with the concept of Incorporation Doctrine, I have to admit that this concept, incorporation doctrine through [law]wrapping, came to my mind when reminiscing and re-reading this discussion Trump Bible in which both sides @drea_m_r_76 and @billyfoppiano came to an agreement on the historical semantic labels of those portions of the constitution. Since I gravitate to the fourth wall and to thinking in solutions, it came to me following:

In Python, wrappers are called decorators and it is just an agreed-upon abstraction to describe when a function wraps another, or in this case a law provisions wrapping another. I am not setting a final word on how to execute these, I am just giving out ideas on how an abstraction of these sorts (one that was not available at the time when the constitution was signed) could be beneficial, although, a six hat analysis is always recommended.

For this instance, it would go like this (just a lame draft to portray the abstraction):

the symbol agreed upon for decorator in python is @ but it does not have to be this one necessarily:

@Amendment14_Section1 def Bill_Of_Rights

Amendment1, Amendment2, Amendment3,# etc


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I was forgetting a link that will make the whole abstraction more clear:

Technical: Tython Layout + [Reusability : Multiusability] - Operation Hope - TYT Discussion Boards

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