TYT Family Wants Us To Join! Is There Any Good Reason We Should?

@cenkuygur and @tytfamily regarding “We can’t stress enough how impactful members are to keeping this company alive. We could use more of you to ensure that our network remains strong.” from TYT Family promotional emails.

Right now I do not see any good reason because I only see the cons. Can anybody point out the pros?


  • Cenk Uygur seems to have entirely abandoned the Justice Democrats cause, something that can continue to be good for america
  • Instead of supporting Marianne Williamson and potentially help her gain a fighting chance, Cenk apparently engaged in a media stunt (run for president) that seems geared towards promoting his book and growing TYT’s membership.
  • TYT’s fact checking seems somewhat deficient compared to most other progressive media
  • Other good progressive media exists that does as good, or better job than TYT
  • TYT has a bad repution concerning the fair treatment of employees
  • I am under the impression that TYT utilizes unpaid labor (researchers are unpaid I believe, correct me if I am wrong)
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Sounds like fun, I’d like to learn more about it!

Cenk is genuinely afraid of what will happen if the :tangerine::clown_face: becomes president again. He said at his town hall last night (you should try attending sometime) that he thinks he and many other journalists/people with high profiles who speak out against rump will get arrested if the orange beast wins. He tried to get more democrats with bigger names to run, like MI Gov. Whitmer, for example, and none of them would jump in. So he did. He has ALWAYS said he is running to win, but if/when he is forced to drop out, he will support another Democratic candidate — at this point, likely Marianne. He has supported Marianne and Dean along the way by offering them a platform on TYT when they did the Democratic response to the last rethugliKlan debate. The three of them will debate on NewsNation on Jan. 12 with moderator Dan Abrams.

This is a fight against the DNC, which is, as always, up to its dirty tricks. It is trying to keep ALL of them, except Joe Biden, off the Democratic primary ballot in every state. Sometimes the states will compromise and allow only Marianne and Dean on, but not Cenk, using the original Constitution as an excuse. (Also discussed last night at the town hall when someone asked about it.) No one ever tried to keep Canadian-born Ted Cruz off the presidential ballot! If nothing else, he is trying to get the courts to rule definitively that, according to the 14th Amendment, naturalized citizens should be allowed to run for President. That alone would be an accomplishment.

As for his reputation of treating some employees poorly, all we have (that I know of) are Bennie Corolla’s allegations regarding TYT’s treatment of trans people. I watched when Bennie was on and never saw a problem there. Did all that happen just because Ana said that she personally didn’t want to be called a “birthing person?” I don’t know, but that aside, who else has claimed poor treatment by TYT?

It does seems as though he has abandoned Justice Democrats. I know he’s been disappointed in what those Dems who were elected haven’t done in Congress.

It seems to me they bend over backwards to get the facts right, and put out a correction when they are wrong, which isn’t very often.


At first, I was very sceptic about Cenk’s idea of running for all the obvious reasons. BUT: I can see at least 2 good things come out of it:
A) He wins. It is not impossible, if there is a massive popular support which also is not impossible, since the vast majority of USA citizens want what he stands for.
He’s got the strength and the fighting spirit and he hat is what just about everyone in the Democratic Party lacks ( together with a denial of the very real fascist threat that hangs over us).
B) He exposes the hierarchical and ossified structures of the DNC and their ways of anybody who is not exclude mainstream corporate type, or in this scenario, is not Biden.


As a response, I’d to advocate on the basis of individuals doing what they believe is best. TYT seems to always maintain a strong bond between reporters and audience relationships, but it seems it’s shifted to more of self interested organization, for Cenk specifically, their anchors don’t deserve the same treatment, meaning of giving up on one entity for a fractured chain link. Stick with love and progressive ideas, and don’t be so quick to label someone and discount an entire network based off one individual’s mistakes.

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The way your cons are framed makes it hard for me to believe you watch TYT.

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I’m simply trying to be diplomatic, but I do watch TYT fairly frequently, of lately not as much, which maybe indicative of the post initially.

I think that Cenk, Ana, and all of the other TYT hosts BELIEVE they rely on the facts only and are dedicated to correcting mistakes when they occur. The problem is they have blindspots that prevent them from recognizing when they’ve left out evidence that would change their interpretations of the facts if they were aware of them.

One example stems from their dismissiveness of the scale and rapidity of the climate emergency. (Yes, I know when they do cover the climate they note how dire the situation is. I just don’t think they’ve taken on board mentally how radical the solutions must be to meet the astronomical scale of the threat.)

I noticed this especially in their coverage of the IRA bill when it first passed. Their derision for the legislation and the WH effort to get it into law was scathing. I would certainly agree it’s not enough in and of itself to solve climate disruption, but in my learning about the details of the bill from other outlets, I was floored by how much better it was than anyone could have reasonably expected beforehand. For instance, the spending on the energy transition is basically unlimited, i.e. it all depends on how much the tax breaks and credits are taken advantage of, including by ordinary American citizens, some of whom are low-income that the bill accounts for; it’s not just doled out to certain industries or corporations as Cenk and Ana have suggested in subsequent comments on the bill. Plus, there’s a lot more to the legislation that TYT elided.

This same blindspot seems evident to me in Ana’s dismissiveness of things like the EV transition and even conserving or recycling domestic water for on-site use. It strikes me that the only way you could be so opposed to all of these efforts is if you don’t really take seriously the global warming poised to wreak global havoc in a matter of decades. When I heard Ana poo-pooing the modest steps being made in the right direction, all I could think was, our only HOPE is that all of these energy savings are adopted as widely and as quickly as possible!

I know Cenk says that at TYT they’re radical truth-tellers wedded to nothing but the facts. But it’s just not true. There are many more examples than the one I brought up. TYT is an opinion talk-show with a biased perspective. Not saying this is bad thing. It’s shared by every outlet of every kind. It’s just that sometimes the hosts get things wrong, sometimes very wrong.

Love Ana and Cenk, beats watching, listening or reading mafia news. Period! Use critical thought and objectivity to rationalize all information and you can filter the source of your prejudice and confusion?

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I appreciate the answers, but most seem to immediately misread the query, and then wander off-topic. To clarify, the query relates Cenk’s assertion in TYT Network’s promotional material (email, call for action, etc) that TYT Network is going to cease to exist (as a business) if it fails to garner sufficient paid memberships. Cenk is asking us to support his BUSINESS.

To be fair, if a business provides a worthwhile service, I believe it is societally advantageous and beneficial to support that business. It is especially important to support socially conscious businesses, because they are sacrificing a portion of their potential profit to support and improve society.

However, the problem is evaluating whether or not a business is actually a socially conscious business, and not just masquerading as one. There are many signs that TYT is not a socially conscious business, so I am not really interested in supporting them if such is the case. Many of Cenk’s actions are just incongruous with TYT being a socially conscious business.

In the context that the TYT community and Cenk’s business are actually progressive and socially conscious as a business, then Cenk’s dissociation with Justice Democrats is only reasonable in the case that the existence of the Justice Democrats is not progressing the nation forward. While as a faction they do not have much political power, they do have some political power, so they can begin to “move the needle” progressively.

Furthermore, in same context, Cenk Uygur deciding to run for president is just objectively less effective then Cenk elevating the existing candidates, and even less effective then working with existing progressive media and organizations to elevate the existing candidates.

Also remember, other good progressive media exists that does as good, or better job than TYT, TYT has a bad repution concerning the fair treatment of employees, TYT appears to utilize unpaid labor, and TYT’s fact checking is often deficient (especially compared with other progressive media and personalities).

@sciguy24 @Laffinface @born59 @Drew2008 @enduser @cbickle @oneofthedineh If TYT is actually progressive and socially conscious business, I want to support them. So, are they?

His BUSINESS is us. I wish other businesses didn’t strip mine human talent, and bond themselves as wage slavers. Alas there greed knows no bounds, and that is why you fail.

I will say this smacks of some ivy league Carlyle team role playing nuance and progressive politics.

You don’t even know how this post makes you appear…

Imagine a future where you’re not as talented as others Imagined you would become. More talented folks may have struggled much harder and for much longer than yourself.

I Don’t think you really believe you’re equipped to compete with the likes of us, or others like myself. I will ask you to join us, but I know that prides seduction is inescapable for some.

You may want to reconsider?

@enduser Gish Gallup Rhetoric!

That’s helpful.
I think the answer to your question is simple. Yes, there is. And it’s different for everyone. Thanks for making me think of a lot of events and info I never would’ve known about if it wasn’t for TYT :+1:t3:

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If you are genuinely interested in defending your opinion you would have to be genuine in your framing.

I am simply saying your framing is confused or malicious. If you want to isolate why that is go for it I would help. I don’t think I am doing anyone a favor by engaging with your currently framed arguments it in good faith. The edgelording around fracture is clearly crafted by someone who is to smart to understand communal risk arbitration.

Twisting logic isn’t a discussion, you and others insist on me adopting your framing. As long as you hold this attitude we will be at an impasse. I don’t force framing on others and if you think that’s acceptable you become my favorite project.

I will fill your cup, but If your cup is full, you will end with your tea on the table.

@enduser You are being disingenuous, and you may be actively causing TYT harm. TYT wants people to support TYT. From what I can tell, it appears to me that TYT is not a socially conscious business. I want to know if I’m mistaken. When people ask you if TYT is worth supporting, you can attack them and drive them away, actively harming TYT, or you could explain why TYT is worth supporting. TYT’s promotional emails are inferring that TYT is likely to go out of business if they do not get enough support. So stop being a douche bag and explain why it’s worthwhile to support TYT if you believe that it is.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it. We all seem to like the pudding here.

It would seem a bit off to question the most crowd friendly platform in existence regarding greed.

This makes you ill informed or far worse. Know if you watch the show enough to be here consistently, how are you so ill informed?

If you think I explain things to you at your behest you clearly are mistaken about me.

I give you what you need only sometimes that is what you desire.

@enduser You have not presented any proof pudding to eat. Maybe try explaining yourself instead of attacking. Why do you like the pudding? How is TYT the most crowd friendly platform in existence regarding greed? Are you just trying to win a nonexistent argument for . . . Reasons? Note that I am not asking for something deep like the meaning of life, or the like. Why is your every response an attack? Do you hate other progressives or something? Are you incapable of discussion, and only able to attack? Are you just trying to drive TYT’s members away? Do you have a reading or learning disability? Are you a child, pre-teen, or teen? Do you not understand what is needed to grow a community? (Hint: not verbally assaulting people) Why are the things I am asking so hard for you to answer? Are you just trying to destroy TYT’s community? Do you hate TYT’s community? Do you think you are TYT’s gatekeeper?

I am really at a loss here, and I am really trying to be patient with you. Really, what is the deal here?

Since you’ve been here, you’ve continually cast dispersions on Cenk and his ethics. I doubt few other platforms would tolerate this for such a long of time. You have been allowed to speak your peace and you haven’t been moderated at all.

That seems very tolerant, and we would be considered a crowd here. So this form would be an example coupled with your behavior.

You may want to go back in the history of this forum and read my earlier work. You may understand what others respect me and you might not be able to bridge that understanding without reading this material. As for bullies I relish their hubris.

I’ve actually built and managed team’s professionally. How about yourself?

I don’t wish to harm or gatekeep any TYT community. How about yourself? Would you like to answer that question?

We both know you seem invested in a community that you may suspect is corrupted. So why join us if we’re corrupted or lead by a corrupted leader? Take me through your thoughts when you conceived of the best method to investigate this corruption is leveling laughable accusations in a forum regarding Cenk?

So let me guess your are not confused are you?

First, something to remember about TYT and all it’s platforms is that ALL opinions are welcome as long as you are following the Core Values. Basically, keep it civil and all is good and welcomed (not saying anyone has not been civil).

On to your Cons:

  1. Cenk was basically kicked out of Justice Dems. He still supports them but I do agree with him in that a lot of them have gotten into office and seem to have gone silent. Yes, AOC tried the Green New Deal immediately after she got in but for the most part they have been silent except when the MSM/Corp Dems/MAGA go after them for saying things like Palestine deserves respect and not genocide.

  2. He does support her. But there is nothing wrong with having another progressive voice out there. He did try to get others to run and when they didn’t he decided to.

  3. Deficient in what way? and at least when TYT does make a mistake they own it and correct it.

  4. That is your opinion and this thread seems to be you asking us to prove that TYT is actually the best. I say don’t watch just one like the MAGAts who only watch Faux News.

  5. I didn’t hear anything like that until the whole Bennie/Trans debacle and to me that was a thing between her and Cenk that got blown out of proportion.

  6. Yes, just like any other news network they use unpaid labor like interns who work there for college credits and experience and also the Platform Moderators are all unpaid(of which I am one)

For me the best thing about TYT is that they welcome the different opinions about the stories. You do not have to 100% agree with them and the hosts/on-air people do not always agree either; like with Ben Gleib and the Israel/Hamas war. But how are we to get anything done if all we have at TYT are yes-men and all the supporters agreeing and saying “Gosh Cenk, you are 100% correct on that can I kiss your ass more?”