TYThon Instance #1: TYT Core Values

Since a while ago, I don’t remember exactly when, but It must have been on my most recent sprint of learning. I have been thinking that lawyers and law itself could be positively affected if some sort of coding syntax is used in addition to plain text. I say this mainly, but not exclusively, because it could get rid of ambiguities present on sentences that could easily be resolved with a pair of square-brackets or other grouping symbol.

Let me use an example to make this clearer. Let’s start with something easy (click to reveal spoiler):

TYT Mission Statement:

To boldly pursue truth, challenge the establishment and drive positive change.

By Using:

tyt_mission_statement = 
	{action: adjective:boldly: 
           [ pursue truth, challenge the establishment, drive positive change]}

It is clear that we want to boldly execute ALL three of the actions inside the square brackets, in contrast with the plain text in which if we want to mean this without ambiguity, we will have to add the adjective to every object of the list and make the clearest but ugliest sentence ever. What do you think?

This is just an example that we can use now to play around and use on the rest. And even apply it to:


That does sound useful, and laws should absolutely be unambiguous. In the case of the Core Values sentence I think a colon after ‘boldly’ would set up the group, but approaching stuff like the 14th Amendment is tricky. If your coding syntax makes it easier to understand that’s definitely a win, but some of the laws are intentionally vague so they can put ultimate power in the hands of a judge.
I like the idea, had to read a lot of probate stuff recently, it was so bad I forwarded to a lawyer friend asking for help.


To me this seems like an emote or cartograpy ledgend logic. A person or AI personality could visually object code ledgends or emotes with a standard like this.

Curating data is at the heart of this in my opinion.

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Yeah. 14th Amendment IS tricky. I gave it a thought the same day I posted and ended up with some loose ends that I may (somewhat, perhaps, but not so sure(?)) be able to make up to an acceptable deliverable for this. But hey, I am highly relentless and that was just attempt #1. There will be more attempts to come.

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Crash and correct, I am glad we are cut from the same cloth.

Does the blur text help with data scraping mitigation?

It is just a user experience thing. On marked down, all text is in there, only that with a few specific containers, kind of like html, but not quite

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The text blur is great, nice way to get a reveal reaction from just reading something :+1:t3:


Thank you for your input. I personally though that the colon would be too much as I had already used two sets, but hey, that is just subjective, and the idea is to leave subjectivity aside. All suggestions are welcome. Also, the little arrow-> on Python gets used for annotations, so it inspired an idea for the 3rd instance of this discussion:

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