Technical: Tython Layout + [Reusability : Multiusability]

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In the technical sense (or perspective), I meant this as an example of the physical layout that I intended with this Tython Idea of using code as a pseudo-surrogate (add-on) for legislation.

I point out that a better layout (compared to what I originally posted) would be one in which the literal component (i.e. Legalese #bonusshow ) is on the left side whilst the pseudo-code component is right next to it, on the right. each portion separated either by colors or a subtle dashed line (- - - - taking into account color-blindness) or maybe both.

Now, it’s been two paragraphs and I still haven’t mentioned reusability nor multiusability:

  • Reusability: when using the same abstraction (sometimes with minor/aesthetical changes) within the same area: translation, in this case (for songs and reused for Legalese Vs pseudocode)

  • Multiusability: In a more far-fetched example that I would prefer (that one is saved FCEO) but staying on the lane of Tython*, the broader idea of laws being the code for humans (this is something that Cenk has alluded and that is one of the points made on Eric Liu’s analysis of power dynamics). This could be taken to an advantageous place, if well directed, we could:

  1. Lower/eliminate ambiguity via closure and opening symbols analog to those of programing
  2. Make sure that the result (return value) of law provision(s) do(es) not deviate from a baseline via annotations/strong_typing_of_return_values
  3. Use more abstractions like Decorators / Wrappers in a way that laws are better understood / applied

*I’m not married with the name, I use python terminoligy as default, but the abstractions i use as examples apply to a broader set of programming languages. I just replaced the first P with a T because it then forms tyt.

This is how it looks on my Anytype notes without color (I will be back with a better model). I would even use arrows, however, I wouldn’t apply on per line basis. something broader, I think. Per sentence, maybe. I am just speed-balling and discussion is open.

Also, here’s the video (the one I mean):