We need solutions!

My best idea of a solution to even begin coming up with end solution is lets pave our own path brick by brick. Looking at the daunting tasks that awaits us, solutions have become increasingly difficult to manifest due to how steeped in a maze of convoluted, loophole legislative system. It makes it almost impossible due to nuanced language. I’m tired of people, to be specific conservatives or just brainwashed individuals from mainstream media use facts 1800’s or early 1900’s to prove some sort of point that really has nothing to do a resolution or the actually subject. Collectively our best bet is to first get everyone on the same page in sense of putting aside interpretations language and really just ask how, when, where, why, what do you need as individual to contribute to society to get this cogs turning again. If not where literally just a frozen clock fated to revert back to times of chaos.