Who is the greatest activist ever? The GOAT!

No need to get your panties in a wad sweetheart. If you don’t like my comments you can report them to the moderators or find another room.

Sweetheart? Really mature.

Or is that a quote from someone that only you say can be on your list?

You really seem like a very intelligent and progressive thinking individual. I’m very sorry to have wasted your time.

@enduser absolutely couldn’t agree more with your post. MLK preached and delivered so much kindness. There really is so many people that are amazing in this world as a result of such amazing people in any category as him. The idea is to be as much like them as possible or at the least respect them. They opened up so many doors to how we think as society and culture. And they all gave up so much in doing so. They really are the inspiration and best of what people can do.

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Some really find what is happening here a threat. It seems that some would even seek to attempt to even derail this harmony.

I think @sciguy24 is personifying a spoon, they seem to love to stir the pot.

I think some view this space as a sort of verbal wrestling ring. This isn’t how I view it, I think it is more like a makers space for ideas.

MLK is only broadly consider to be the GOAT due to fact he was assassinated before his work was done.

GOAT came from my neck of the woods I suspect we have been using since the mid 90’s here. It started as GOAT(s) which was much more like a hall of fame designation amongst a peer group. As the language escaped people started dropping the plural and the past tense. So here it was used as GOATed a lot which doesn’t make a ton of sense, but was to mean you are preforming like the GOAT(s).

It seem to come along around the same time as hella around my region.

We seem to export slang hella and GOAT. It will become really popular regionally for a 10 years or so then it slowly stops being used over another 10 years. A musician will put it in a song 10 years after is slowly died and everyone and their brother is saying it again.

I will say this is only the opinion from those on the outside. I suspect your average activist would balk at crowning a king amongst their peers living or dead.


Personally, I evaluate the quality of an activist by the following factors: 1) Did they succeed? 2) What was the level of impact of their leadership? 3) What was the level of opposition faced? I think this is reasonable. I don’t pretend others have the same standards.

I think Nelson Mandela is also in the GOAT conversation.

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I’m not sure you have any standards and to be around 43 you should definitely start acting your age. You definitely show that you lack all experience to be of such age so maybe you’re a trust fund baby. I really don’t care. I can sleep very well knowing how pathetic your attacks are on other people have yet to amount to anything whatsoever. You don’t represent anyone other than your own ego which seems entirely way too big.

Everyone should have a chance to grow even trust fund babies.

Many see what is happening. I think pointing it out devalues the flop.


I personally don’t like how conversations like this devolve and this one had so much potential that I would like to give it another shot and try to rescue it.

I think the original question constrains the answer to just one and we most likely have more than one person along our travel that has impacted us in such a way that we want to take action and bring positive change to the world. It is my case. But even if we were to pick just one, like I did with Aaron Swatrz.

I think you should have given more space and keep inviting people to chime in. Why? 2 reasons so far:

  1. We could have just accumulated a body of activists and get to know others that impacted others and we get a new chance to be positively affected like the ones sharing their experiences.

1.1 This could turn into something positive in the real world as we could easily make it an inspiring video for others to see and also get impacted and share it with others in an exponential chain of positive impacts. Maybe something like this: (without assigning a rank to any of them)

I will do the editing:

Top 10 American Civil Rights Activists

Top 10 Women’s Activists - YouTube

… and

  1. Disagreeing is not bad, doing it in such a way that drives away participants is the opposite to productive specially when this comes from the host of the topic.

I have a technical observation on next reply.


I like the first two and I think there should be more (I haven’t given thought yet).

Number 3 is out of activist’s control. But it can be modified to [creativity and resourcefulness to overcome such opposition]

Aaron Swartz was very effective.


You are absolutely correct. I do apologize to you and everyone sincerely. Definitely appreciate you and your insight that I have read from your posts. I have a lot of respect towards all the fellow members of this website and will definitely try to do better about responding to any hostilities.

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@fourthwall_dragon super awesome posts I really enjoy this conversation and community as a whole. So much good comes out of this that it absolutely outshines any negativity.


In these discussions of the GOAT we must remember that while one person can accomplish great and impactful things, it does take a team of activists for a movement to succeed.

Here’s one that will spark discussion: Another candidate for GOAT is…Barak Obama. LOL. Now before you give up on this post, give me a chance to explain… protection for preexisting conditions is monumental both politically and morally. Politically, its a stronghold for passing more healthcare legislation that eventually will lead to medicare for all. Morally, people who couldn’t get care can now get it.

That was a very interesting documentary. I’ve never seen it but was very enlightening. I really didn’t know much about what happened to him. Thanks for sharing. I love learning more about this type of subject matter.


Harriett Tubman for her courage to free slaves, risking her life on the underground railroad.

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Just rewatched this again. What a a great doc and would love to push this conversation forward but maybe in a different direction. I would like to see any and many inspirational impacts on this community like you mentioned before. It would be great to know anybody’s even a school teacher. Obviously a different post and subject. I don’t think I can start one just yet. I am beaming with ideas though. There may already be one, I’m sure with this great group there is. You are all so amazing. Thank you. :slight_smile: