Why should I try?

This is a unique topic. I’m 42 and the longer I live the more I’m convinced its going to take a massive revolution for this country to guarantee human rights to all its citizens. For that revolution to happen, things are going to have to get really bad. This country is going to have to fall flat on its face. I don’t know that any effort I can give is going to make a difference. Why am I wrong?


This is a deep question. My heart goes out to you. Let me start by saying, we can make a difference by working together. I got your back. But also, try to keep your state of mind in mind so that you don’t get burnt out, and so you can grant yourself grace and space when you need a break. You can center yourself, and find your path, and find your pace. You don’t need to do anything you can’t do. And if you need a break, you can always come back when you’re ready.

That said, I won’t sugar coat it. I also expect things to get worse before they get better. My continuing to work on these things is in full awareness of that expectation. I can’t say I know fully how bad or in what way the worseness will manifest, but I keep going because there is hope for things to be better eventually (even if things are getting worse first).

I’m reminded how we’ve inherited this struggle, and how we will pass it on. Our future people will look back on us. I want them to see that we did all we could do. I myself look back, and see how some before us did all they could. Still, some before us were on the wrong side of history, and some before us were made too distracted or made too busy.

When I’m most cynical, I contemplate supporting Trump to try and break the back of the establishment sooner. I don’t expect I’d ever follow through with such madness, but I say this to share the depths of my own turmoil and struggle. I also have times in which I expect an authoritarian left to emerge from upcoming crisis. But I try to keep in mind I don’t know what will happen, I try to be okay with the uncertainty, and to remember we can still shape the nuances of how things turn out even if we can’t prevent the worst consequences of the current momentum. Navigating these issues is like riding this momentous wave, and working together to bend our trajectory, to glance off the upcoming rocks rather than crash head on.

I’m also reminded of an extinction rebellion video which explored the predictable future worseness, in order to prepare those of us who will inherit (and hopefully outlive) these crisis. I could go find and link that video if you want.

But here is this link which I would share first, which speaks to some of these struggles. (It is also included in the series I shared in your economy and society thread, so you may have seen it already, but even still maybe others would like to see it here).

Is there anything else I can offer?


Maybe lastly, I keep myself paced by hanging with my friends regularly, and being grateful for our games. Hopefully you have or can find something to pace yourself with. I also like being in nature, or going on walks. :turtle:

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Maybe stop being such a dick and understand that other people know or at least have a different experience than you. You come off like a snob constantly and it’s obvious you need to grow up. I don’t care what your age is. You have no respect for anyone and it’s hard to believe with your attitude you could help any progressive agenda until you change how you communicate and relate to other people.

Wow! You know you don’t have to publish your introspectives. You can just type them out in wordpad or similar and then read it to yourself. But thanks for sharing.

@sciguy24 I don’t agree with what you are saying here, but I admire your tenacity and appreciate you still trying. For what I’ve seen in your posts, you seem to really want to change things for the positive I am right there with you. I know I have made lots of promises within this discussion board, I will deliver soon… In the meantime, i have been working on a long past-due promise i made to myself and I am finally at the end of that process. I will be back today for some more. I hope that some of my participations today may help you feel as hopeful as I feel, even though situation is dire. I will comeback… I have some unfinished business at TYT’s official discord channel.


wow, lol, could you project any harder?

Seems like he needs the truth. He can sure dish it out any chance he gets so I’m sure he can take it.

Perhaps they may have dished things out; I wouldn’t know since it hasn’t happened here, and was frankly entirely irrelevant to the point of the thread here. But since you’ve gone out of your way to start such a non-point here, I must say that I regret how our team is apparently struggling with such lacking social skills, and I would be remiss to not help. It so happens that the types of skills which are lacking here are exactly the skills it is my profession to mentor and coach.

Rather than react as you did, our progressive movement is better served by recognizing that such dishing things out is symptomatic of the type of emotional struggle they have now entrusted us with when they expressed a desire for support. If we respond in a healthy way, then we could help to reduce such underlying causes of the dishing out of disrespect, (which you claim to be motivated by). If you wanted to help our team work together and to ultimately accomplish our goals, then I would think you would at least not go out of your way to exploit such vulnerability as has been entrusted to us by @sciguy24 here. However, that type of healthy response would require degrees of maturity such as emotional, social, cognitive, etc. And such maturity requires experience, some of which our larger group can hopefully now gain from seeing how this went.

For your personal feedback, every single word you’ve written in this thread thus far is (ironically) projected. (Line for line: You were clearly being the dick, not them. You were clearly taking your experience for granted, while they were asking for other experience. You displayed a lack maturity, while they displayed the maturity to seek support. You apparently do care about age, at least enough to claim you don’t. Clearly you lacked respect, not them. Clearly, your attitude is counterproductive to a progressive agenda, not theirs. You did not communicate and relate to others well. You need to hear this truth. You’re taking the opportunity to go out of your way to dish it out, not them.) Back to my point, your reaction was interpersonally exploitative, unhealthy, and ultimately counterproductive to any progressive agenda. You did not speak the truth; you spoke your truth. You failed to put aside your own personal antagonism for the priority of our progressive movement. Given what we have witnessed here, I do not expect you to be willing to respond to @sciguy24 in a healthy way. I would suggest you look in yourself to find a method of how you could at the least not have reacted in such a counterproductive (and exceptionally disrespectful) way. If you still need a place to vent your grievances for support, you could learn from @sciguy24 and ask for help. You do not need to pretend (and project) as if one needs to just take and accept disrespect, especially from our own team.

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Obviously, if we all reacted to each other as you have begun here, then we certainly could never accomplish our goals. It appears as if your reaction was motivated by a personal eye for an eye emotion, and I am saying our progressive team needs to not be so blind if we are to accomplish our goals.

I challenged his point of view with a relevant response to what could be his problem and with a possible solution. If you don’t like that then thats your problem. If you’re going to participate in a public discussion forum, people are going to challenge you’re views.

Get used to it.

I apologise, that should have been put in quotations. As for an eye for an eye, I agree for the most part.

Thank you. I do want change, I’m just asking myself whats it going to take for it to happen?

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I have no issue with challenge, obviously. In fact I enjoy collaborating constructively over disagreements, (and in general).

To be constructive, consider what you challenged. As it stands, your initial reaction grossly misrepresented what the OP clearly meant, and so you didn’t actually (let alone relevantly, as you claim) challenge their point of view. You instead challenged your own distorted view of their point of view, and thus exposed your projections. Sincerely, any relevant points your perspective can yet provide are still needlessly encrypted within the projections, not to mention barricaded behind the offensiveness.

What I don’t like is not that we’re challenging each other. What I don’t like is firstly how grossly misrepresentative and disrespectful you have been (even if @sciguy24 has themself dealt worse out to you elsewhere), and mostly I don’t like how careless you seemed to be regarding our team and agenda.

More simply, I would be less bothered if this happened in a different situation; but no, you came in here, unprompted, and you began your shit, exactly when our team member reach out to us for our support. Frankly I’m surprised you seem so oblivious to how this situation makes you look to anyone else that reads this thread. Do you think other readers would think, “this is my community” based on how you reacted? That is the question which is mostly prompting my continued response.

This is our community. I will grant these are skills to practice, and mistakes are made. And I don’t expect to convince you of anything. But I will set a better example. And I’m sure, if you wanted to, you could have made your points in a healthier manner, and it would have better served our team.

First I would like to say, I’ll stop dealing with the other guy now, and hopefully you don’t mind that I couldn’t let it slide.

Regarding your clarifying question, what is it going to take, I would say I can’t know for sure. Even though I expect things to get worse before they get better, I don’t think a revolution is necessarily necessary; (even if I also don’t rule out that potential). There are many moving factors. And, regarding what is it going to take, I would also point back to my comment about how these struggles were passed to us, and even if we make good progress, we will pass remaining work on to our future people still. So, I think of this as a relay marathon, which is why I commented on pacing.

For a more concrete answer, I think what it will take depends on which specific changes you’re asking about.

I’m sorry but I don’t remember seeing your support in earlier post from sciguy24 but I do actually agree with you. Sometimes it takes fully understanding the entire situation before reacting to certain circumstances. Something I can also learn as well. To be clear the point is nobody really knows what another person is going through before you respond. And also to my previous response, it is also to that very point. It’s rude to assume because someone states something another may not fully understand or gel with is ok. A person doesn’t always have to say something back. And personally I don’t like someone acting like an expert and ruling like they are an authority of knowledge when it’s just being a bully and I don’t mind responding in kind when it is actually appropriate even if it is distasteful. How do people learn if not called out like you have done to me so easily? Maybe look back at previous posts.

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Also, regarding what is it going to take, this brief podcast episode outlines some concrete answers / categories of that question.

Hello @sciguy24, I hope you are doing great. I am late to this as I have kept my self busy at TYT’s Discord.

Here’s a first glampse for you to see where I come from in regard to this:

If I was rude to you on a personal level I certainly apologize. I’m never personal with my comments.