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Organize. Amplify. Be the Change. Welcome to TYT’s public square for taking action on campaigns that will create real-world change. Be part of the discussion, creation, organizing, and execution of change campaigns. Operation Hope is knowing that change is possible and that people can revive and save democracy.


Good evening Alison,

My name is Shadic Anderson and I love everything about this movement and I have a variety of ideas to help save our democracy as TYT saved me from the brainwashing of Corporate Media and the Republican Party. Furthermore, I’m apart of a Veteran Progressive Organization called Common Defense and will ensure to bring this up on our regional meeting this week and share the various ideas throughout the week on how we can fight for our democracy. WE GOT THIS!!!




Hi Alison,

Im a long time viewer and i have a possibly weird sounding idea, a nonpolitical campaign :thinking:

I was watching a YouTube clip produced by Steve Shives and was brilliantly written and performed using the facts as, unfortunately, we are all too aware of …
But others aren’t and that’s important :thinking:

Republican voters are almost impervious to ideas because they never hear them
Corpratist Democrats voters are almost impervious to ideas because they never hear them

Cenk’s right. Its the media

But think about this🤔

Imagine how viral completely factual and funny as hell videos would go and actually draw from both groups by letting them think about their own reality

Nobody does anything wrong in their own eyes, ever.
Remember that always and dissimilar groups suddenly have common ground.

The more entertaining the videos, the better :joy::rofl::+1:

Roast Democrats for Republicans and Republicans for Democrats then introduce a series of funny ads from the point of view of independent voters and roast them both but keeping scrupulously to the truth with detailed accreditation and the more absolutely blatant the lying, the more focused on humor we need to be…

Because we already know the corp media will bury anything from TYT…
…but not necessarily it’s members participating in Operation Hope
Get groups to create new yt accounts and induvidually post the videos to the site with an introduction like
“I think we need the truth for a change, agree or disagree but please enjoy a good laugh”.

And if you’re looking for a “core item”, make it

“Human essentials make unlimited potentials”
Ensure all have the necessities of life
Education to maximum potential

For everyone, without restrictions

Now that’s “radical”

Tap jaker will despise every bit of it​:joy::rofl::joy_cat:


Good morning Alison. My name is Ricardo Rodríguez. I am a computer engineer, University of Michigan grad (Go Blue), based out of New York City and Puerto Rico. Professionally I work as a technology consultant helping small and medium businesses compete with giant tech corporations.

On that note please know I am looking to volunteer. In that spirit as well I want to point out a few areas you might want to look into, tech/product wise.

  • You need a well designed, working and engaging app and website. A quick easy change is your brand color. You can’t have a black website in 2023. Maybe this was “cool” back in the MySpace time, but there is a reason why no succesful social media or media company uses black background any more. Another low hanging fruit is your landing page. You need to feature the most important and engaging content/CTA above the fold (e.g. the first thing people see without scrolling). Right now 1/3 of the landing page shows a bunch of discussion topics with ZERO replies and 1/3 a Live Schedule list that has no immediate purpose. And the list goes on. There is so much missed opportunity and I hate to see you fumble here if I can prevent it.

  • You need your own custom app/online experience. I think it is great you are saving money by piecing together different off-the-shelf platforms, but eventually you need to delight your users with technology the same way you delight them with your mission and passion. It will allow you to do things that no one else is doing, which will make you a more respected and serious organization in the eyes of your supporters. Think about that, you will be able to do things that no other political group can execute on, which further positions you as a leader and example to follow in this space.


Indeed Ricardo. The redesigning of the website has been on my head for quite a while… and also in the head of somebody at TYT too, I said this because somebody has already left a message in a bottle on TYT’s website HTML code to have someone help with the “next website iteration”.

Black & white color palette not only is too 90’s (although it’s my favorite decade), but it is quite antithetical to the fairest (and therefore nuanced) show in America. Instead, I would recommend a palette with colors with a symbol that most people can embrace like the following three examples (if you have more recommendations, the better (I’m not a designer, I deal mostly with data and back-end):

  1. #CE94A0 – RGB(206, 148, 169) - I call it, Americolor: This color is the combination of the three colors of the American Flag (White, Old Glory Blue, and Old Glory Red) with each color represented with the amount of space they occupy int he flag (exact proportions),

  2. #4569B1 – RGB(69, 105, 177) - America is mostly progressive: This is the combination of Americolor + the official color of progressives with a proportion 33.3% and 66.7% respectively as it represents the current stage of progressive policies affiliation (I am going with Cenk’s number as I haven’t done the math yet, but I will for a second JIC/TYT promo video that is on my backlog).

  3. A gray shade: I don’t have a specific one, but gray would be representative of the Nuance.

In terms of functioning, I would add to add-ons to the website and app… these have a conceptual background that would also permeate TYT’s clips and live shows. I will expand on these in a subsequent reply. For now, please let me know of any feedback.


Hey fourthwall_dragon, nice to hear from you.

Yes, the actual reason why black background is not a great choice it not only because its 90s style, but more importantly the mental association it produces on web/app users (mystery, darkness, loneliness, danger, pretty much how space/night-time feels). In terms of the color palette my only “hard” suggestion is: “the background needs to be white”. Apart from that, the color highlights can match the on-set color palette, or anything you have suggested.

Just so that we don’t take over this thread with product/tech stuff, maybe we can create a new topic category here on your Discuss page.

BTW, my LinkedIn profile/username is also “ricardo787york” in case you guys want to check it out.


How about an Amendment Now? I’ve done the work for the first draft. Hope for all the pages but hope at the very least for one page to make a huge change in this country. Please consider reading this document and looking at the image of the ballot I designed. Thank you.

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I have wanted to join but couldn’t afford it (#disabilityissueswithmoney), but I did it because operation hope is crucial and as always, you guys are the only ones doing it. I had hoped Cenk would run for a long time.

No cult of personality Republican stuff, just that he’s devoted his entire life for all these years to progressive values shouting it from the rooftops. He’s literally, tho, the only person I know that honesty just means displaying the love and kindness inside him.

Proud to support him and I will volunteer if they ask me, but probably won’t actively seek it out due to being “ADHD AF.” This cause is important to me so just tell me (exactly) what to do and I’ll do it.


All this Operation Hope and how people responding with all their ideas is really refreshing, inspiring, and also validating. For years I have felt like some sort of outcast for thinking that there are things that we can do to make a difference. It is great to know that there are quite a lot more like this out there.


I’m all for Cenk throwing his non-MAGA hat into the ring, to replace all those weak Dems we currently have to choose from, which IMO are slim pickens, so Cenk already gets my vote 13 months in advance.
I need opinions on an idea for a proposed OPERATION HOPE PETITION.
I would love for the Republicans to nominate a STRONG candidate to be the RUNNING MAN in 2024 so ( just in case the GOP wins in 24’ ) we don’t get stuck with the Orange Menace/ sexual PREDATOR for another 4 years. And since Cenk has recently discovered some kind of legal loophole that would allow a naturalized U.S. citizen to run for President ( which is why Cenk could run as well ) I think I know of a particularly popular naturalized U.S. citizen who would be the DESTROYER of Donald Trump, in every way. That includes the financial MUSCLE to run a VERY STRONG campaign, past political successes, on the job experience, global appeal, millions more fans than Trump, a wildly successful track record on environmental causes, a funny, caring, & charismatic personality, a humble public servant, capable of securing the Conservative popular vote, securing the Republican nomination and probably several bi-partisan endorsements as well. This way, if we can’t get the rest of the country on board to avoiding the impending doom of the iceberg that is Donald Trump, and all the chaos he brings ( like a definite dictatorship,eventual thermo-nuclear war, and even the possible END OF DAYS )… at least we can rest easy knowing that ( much like in 2020 with the Biden option ) we have the lesser of 2 evils in the form a Republican general election candidate. Can anyone guess who I’m suggesting yet??


Greetings comrades!

I’m not sure I know how this blog works. But anyway, the purpose of OPERATION HOPE is for progressives to gather here, share & expand on ideas about what we should be fighting for politically & plan steps to bring those ideas to life, yes?
My #1 goal is Medicare For All. I know Cenk is all about paid family leave, but that only helps people with children. M4A will help every single American because everyone needs medical care eventually. Universal single-payer healthcare will put millions of dollars back into the pockets of everyone who’s paying too much for private health insurance now.
I know M4A is an uphill battle politically. But hasn’t Bernie already done a lot of the groundwork on this? I’ve read the info on M4A at BernieSanders dot com, but it doesn’t have a specific action plan with the steps needed to get the legislation written. That’s above my pay grade, but I think we could get those details from someone on Bernie’s staff? Does anyone know how to go about asking for his white paper or whatever it’s called on M4A?


I hear you, comrade.

You are right when saying that M4A affects a broader segment of population, but I am with Cenk on this one for the following reason:

We seem to be following Eric Liu’s guidelines for turning protest into Change (willingly or not, only Cenk can tell. I would bet he is as he must have already heard about Eric Liu).

Cenk with Operation Hope has Expanded the frame of the possible and Chosen a defining fight (Bring positive change to the real world — Or the 4th wall, you might say [see what I did there?]) and as he explained on today’s show(10/03/23) he has chosen Paid Family Leave as first battle on the grounds of likelihood to be victorious. He did this based on popularity of the proposal (84% was the stat cited).

Since the third guideline is Find an early win, I am with him on this one. An early win can bring hope for the ones not in the movement yet and increase the likelihood for the rest to come, including M4A.

This us agreeing on the first battle, but all of those are important and urgent.

How to turn protest into powerful change - Eric Liu - YouTube


Hey fourthwall_dragon! Thanks for your reply. I can get on board with Paid Family Leave if that ends up being our 1st goal. An early win will definitely give Operation Hope liftoff. So what’s the strategy going to be?
Do we pressure the Squad to bring a bill to the House floor so all the Dems can be forced to publicly vote for or against it? (But with McCarthy gone, now who’s gong to decide which bills come to the floor for a vote?) I’m a firm believer in the power of publicly shaming politicians – we really don’t use that tactic enough. (The honest Dems should be calling out that crook Menendez on the house floor every week until he resigns!)
But shouldn’t we also organize public demonstrations to illustrate to Washington & the media the massive amount of public support there is for paid family leave?
The sticky wicket for me is that no matter how hard I search, I can’t suss out which specific companies/industries are paying off which politicians to fight against paid family leave. We need to know what CEOs to target on this issue. Any ideas?


Some people (including me and @soulbornsin) have flown the idea of an app (that can be done by even one person – imagine if the two of us or any other can chip in working on this one) that will keep them shamed all the time if we get to make the tool part of the zeitgeist. It does this plus other goals that include: having a better informed public, and a more direct way for the public to perform as a watchdog for the ones in power.

Republicans were right for the wrong reason: America should be run as a business, but only in the sense that WeThePeople is the Boss and they are supposed to work for the public rather than giving everything to their donors. If this can get to people’s hands in a way that is easy to consume and make easy for the public to agree on giving the vote to those that do NOT work in favor of the public.

I will be linking those replies in a few.

I am keeping the quote short, as I don’t want this thread to be that long. But if you click on the little arrow on the right-upper corner, it will expand the context. By clicking on the title, it will lead you to the original post.


Good evening,

I just finished watching today’s show, including the Ro Khana interview (super helpful, btw)! Operation Hope is exactly the outlet I’ve been looking for with the increasing sense of anger, helplessness, restlessness, and passion that I have for these issues. As I am not educated or employed in politics, I have had no idea how to start. I’ve thought about starting TikTok but can barely operate Instagram and Facebook (at least beyond scrolling, posting a picture, etc.). I’ve been plagued with this nagging feeling that I might have to run for public office at some point because I saw no other way out. But now I do! I’m so excited to partner with this community, and if someone wants to help me with the technical aspects of TikTok, I have lots of ideas!

Much love to Cenk, Ana, the TYT community for keeping me sane!


Here to support Operation Hope and looking forward to this!


Can’t think of one Republican I’d vote for, but curious who this is. Never know….

If this person is indeed more able to secure those idiots who would otherwise vote for DT, they’d, for me, have to also be like extremely progressive, and that sounds like the antithesis to the principles of conservatives (the very opposite of progressive); so likely this person is gonna galvanize the Republican base it seems, but that would be counterproductive simce it would rally all types of republicans (there are just a few, but a few nonetheless) which would give someone like Cenk or other hailmarry a harder time in clinching this thing (possibly giving Trump the win. No, I think I’ll stick with like anyone else (that’s somewhat progressive or even just a popular democrat). This, my man, is a pretty serious bag we’ve got here. Can’t play games (in terms of outcome, but games in campaigning are unfortunately unavoidable). I kinda have wanted Cenk to run for a long time. Dudes a powerhouse that will motherfucking get shit done and never lay down. That’s literally what we need (long as the person is also very progressive, which Cenk is).

Still, I’m curious tho I’m sure I’ll reject this person. Just cause something is novel or intriguing for SOME reasons, doesn’t always mean one should share it, cause tho progressives are pretty much always intelligent, their are all type that may read this, and it’s possible to accidentally galvanize competition to progressive values and given the dire dire nature of this, we can’t afford to even accidentally lose this thing; for just an interesting comment (if that’s what it is, cause of course I don’t know your mind, and don’t even know if you’re progressive or just “independent” which if you are kudos for joining the convo and know I mean you no disrespect, happy you’re on our side, presumably).

I like the idea of using humor as rhetorical and also soothing tool.


I agree. And Cenk is gonna kill if he squeaks by for the win in 24, pretty much every non-asshole/fully ass-hole, will then for sure vote for him the next election, and Cenk doesn’t have it in him to take that for granted or become power hungry. That’s very important as well.


I feel like there were many learning moments with Justice Democrats. What I learned from it was there are 4 major components to running a successful campaign and you need to have a plan for all 4 before you even run. They are:

  1. Name Recognition
  2. Grassroots support
  3. Money
  4. Be able to handle attacks from the establishment Democrats.

We need to envision what the perfect candidate is like and train potential candidates to be what we want them to be. They need to run the perfect campaign and embrace being hated by leadership when the get elected. I don’t know if we need to start a new group like Justice Democrats, but we need better screening so the people we support actually fight for us.