Bias of current day American Culture

I have a question I’ve had to pose to myself and I’m struggling with, so if culture is something developed overtime. Culture is based off morals and values/moral from a specific regions based in heritage. So my question is as a multi-cultural nation the USA we’ve developed various subjects relevant to this, for example food, Chinese, Mexican, French fries, the list goes on. Why is it we can agree to intergrade cultures on day to day commonality like food, but when politics is concerned we fall way behind the line?

Hmm…. Interesting question! Resource/foster parents take trainings on how to promote cultural connection for a child in the foster care system and the way they talk about culture is it is something as nebulous as a group of people and how they behave (like a social contract or understand each other) all the way to how one individual consumes carbohydrates. And I think the co-opting of cultural beliefs in the US is based on if there is a market available for that demand. I think politics of other cultures can and do get incorporated if that policy has popularity in the market place of ideas. But other times, it can often mean that it invalidates a previously held notion which humans can have a hard time re-evaluating previously held beliefs (especially if they have perceived benefit to gain from it).

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America is two fold:
We are Republic, an ideal fantasy of community governorship, one reinforced by the experienced hardships that causes the fantasy to be had by more with every passing day.
And we are Imperial, the elite take American ideals and waves them like international threats of knocking down your neighbor’s door, so much so that we started looking amongst ourselves to find doors to kick.

We won’t even bother seeing where the music is coming from, if we’re off by one or two houses, then you shouldn’t be living in that crappy neighborhood if you didn’t want your door kicked in anyway.
On the way we’ll hit up this great mexican restaurant just down the street, tacos like you wouldn’t believe!
That unfortunately right now is the American Way.

Believe it or not, having a gun on me to protect myself and my fellow Americans is of great comfort to me.
Until the threats and terrorism stops, I carry everyday for my fellow countrymen.

Long live democracy.

I do agree with basis, but in order for other individuals to feel just you do with that pistol or whatever you may have, no insult intended, a common understanding has to be established, certain individuals have a version of what’s right in their mind regarding your actions and ideals, aka that being how choose to act, but if as a collective whole we lend thought based off communication to choose how to act as a COMMUNITY. It would lead to network of intellectual conversations rather than reverting through violence and Irving your point out of pride, but noooooo common sense is lost through trying to prove a stance of right from wrong, when in all actuality neither exist. Opinions are an decryption of a point of perspective from a specific standpoint, whether you have the patience to listen to grasp another way of thinking about any issues is up to you and to better yourself as a human or to be self inflicting chaos upon yourself.

absolutely. It would be irresponsible for me to suggest that picking up a gun will automatically make you safe.
First was choice, carrying a gun everyday is not something you take lightly, I wasn’t fantasizing about my first call to action, I wasn’t trying to look for trouble to step into, I am just more threatened at the rhetoric that floats around in the public, wanton mentions of civil war… it came time where carrying was prudent for the times.
That was not enough.
I took a beginning firearms class, to help me make my final decision, and to be frank, weigh the responsibility up close.
Training is important, one class at least to be familiar and comfortable with a gun, practice, and if you’re going to carry, an intermediate class on holster and drawing your firearm.
There’s one more on my list, and that’s defense class; learning proper procedures for incidents when you need to draw your weapon, when it is ok to draw, when you should withdraw yourself because of your weapon, and in general how to avoid potentially dangerous situations itself, which is usually half the defense class anyway.

I bought my safes first, and secured the house, and waited for permission from my gun unloving wife. My family’s safety wasn’t going to come at the cost of my family feeling safe.

I don’t ever expect to use it for anything except target practice God willing, I wouldn’t even draw it unless it’s a last resort, my hope is that I won’t, I have heard enough stories of glory to know that no one should be looking forward to your first conflict, you invite more than you can bite off, and even the taste of death will wash any illusions you may have of heroism.

You are right to note caution and voice concern, as it is mine to prove my gun ownership isn’t a danger to my community, and that I carry responsibly.

If a concealed carry license was necessary, or a gun permit, I would have both, but I live in Arizona, constitutional carry, and my concealed carry class was taken for purely knowledge’s sake and understanding the responsibility I carry.

I never hope to use it, but I cannot in good conscious ignore a duty that I feel is very much needed. People are on edge, they want to be pushed further, they’re looking for triggers.
This is the times we live in.

Train, carry, and be responsible.


Well said, it’s just I’m having this ethical issue if we have weapons meant to inflict harm/defend, but not everyone has the same tolerance in a empathetic sense, and I agree with you on majority of your points and I believe you do practice this but the other person is who I am concerned about, but that is out of my control. So this leaves me at an impasse, trust all of humanity with guns as far as equality goes, have way stricter regulations, or I don’t know what the third choice would be. But I’m there are responsible people out there.

Absolutely, and to be perfectly honest, most gun owners feel the same way.
I have only been one since November, however I have long known gun enthusiasts trying to get me interested.

And it’s because we don’t have these open and honest arguments that we absolutely have to be clear of intent and not allow reprehensible behavior to find sanctuary in such lapse of judgement.

I believe in my Second Amendment rights, but I believe in democracy more, there is no doubt that my rights come second to forming a more perfect union.

It just so happens my beliefs do not have to contradict each other, just like I don’t need to threaten everyone and their mother to exercise my First Amendment rights.
I do declare.

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I appreciate that open honesty, I just hope you can advocate to the other side its importance, and I’m not arguing by any stretch of mean, but even cops who are supposedly professionally trained have misfires or claim they thought it was taser, it kinda leads to a who came first the egg or chicken, do we protect ourselves from violence through violence? I have no idea lol

While trying to find balance and common ground with the other side, we must also remain honest about the reality we face.

I do think I’m making progress in my FB groups. I have been battling ideas and trying to expose bias in hopes that recognition of such bias (political for example, I’m always being called mainstream media leftist radical etc. etc. etc.) may lead to an opportunity for the other side to actually listen and consider.
The success is inconclusive, as I am finding out that while my main fight with the local trolls is constant, a whole year spent of me taking each question seriously ( or making an insult constructive) and answer everything as professional as you can, then future readers will see your measured responses.

This particular FB local politics group I’m in has almost 700 people, and I’m under the impression that most, if not all, actually do read them!

Which is insane, I have this policy I’ve been telling these trolls since January that I fight fire with fire, so acid attacks are free to return fire. Never press the assault just eye for an eye.
But remember even in insulting you can control the conversation back to constructive discussion, ignore the “gotcha game”, gotcha is not the point, we want common ground, understanding, and thoughtfulness; however you can coax it out, abandon your debate if you have to if you can instead claim compromise.

That is how you deal with the other side.

I don’t know how to deal with the Right’s increasing aggression, but that’s not what I’m after.
I want my fellow Americans, my allies, the Union, to take more serious matters of their personal security.

These are not the times to be reluctant of whether or not you need a gun, there has been no other time to own a gun!

Fascism is afoot! While we try to hold democracy together, lest not forget of the risks for doing so.

We could use more Progressive gun owners.
I know it’s a responsibility, and no one should try if they are not truly ready for one, to be comfortable around it, to practice often even if just dry fire.
Progressives will actually respect the firearm, keep it safe, both while in their possession or stored in their home.
Progressive gun owners won’t answer the door with gun shots, concealed carriers won’t be eager to shoot anyone, and we would see much more public displays of responsible gun ownership which would help bring people more at ease with guns in everyday life.

Starting to sound good isn’t it?

Just think about it.

Train, carry, and be responsible.


I agree on some level, I just hate violence, but I’d be naïve to say other people don’t malicious intent. I just hate the fact of having to inflict on another, but if it came down to it…smh what is the world coming to?

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It has always been this way, worse even.

There was a time when we stoned women to death just for sport and crucified people for petty crimes.

There was a time when the Church would carry on inquisitions and accuse heresy to burn people at the stake.

There was a time when Imperialism raped and pillaged the world as birthright.

There was a time, fairly recently, that a people wrestled their freedom from their Monarch, declared themselves an Independent Nation, and against all odds overcame one of the greatest armies on the planet, or at least held out long enough to survive and see the day won!

No one ever wants to start with violence, in fact, human nature moves us to exhaust all possible options before resorting to violence, human nature even tells you to turn the other cheek, but if you get cornered, if you are threatened, or otherwise left no other recourse, then and only then is it appropriate and only if your life is in imminent danger.

In the absolute rare case it does happen.
Like a seatbelt, or a vaccine.
Just in case.

When my brother in law started yelling for civil war calling for blood, my mother told me it was my fault and that I shouldn’t be so open about my politics.

I cannot stress this enough, because I can see you’re still not quite there yet.

These people are fascists, fervent for their Dictator, elections don’t matter, democracy doesn’t matter, black lives don’t matter, all these people do is brandish and dog whistle every waking moment.

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I agree on so many levels, and you are right when you say I’m not quite there yet, but this is because of basis of care for others, I have contemplated who is worth my time and yet my heart still reached out. It’s sounds clique, but I can’t control what’s not within my power, or rather I can’t help those who don’t want be helped.

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I say that because I have seen fascism in the face. I would not be able to grasp it either, had I not witnessed it myself.

It’s… unbelievable.

No facts? No facts?!

Everything I say is “fake news” without actually listening to what I’m saying.

It’s so unreal.
Seriously, red alert, you people outside the US, need to pay more attention what’s going on here, or prepare for WW3, because… these people are effing crazy!


ok lets not speak it into existence, and believe it or not, but there do exist some sensible Americans lol no but in reality, these are facts we need outside help/input tin order o mitigate this appropriately, hopefully before we reach the butterfly effect!

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Ignorance is not bliss, our good nature does not cancel wicked actions, and we are past the hope for non existence.
I understand, I wish Trump didn’t happen either.
But it did, and now we have problems.
Don’t turn a blind eye to it now, that was the mistake we made the last World War.

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so my question is when are words no longer an option, I guess it’s matter of being prepared for the unexpected.

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when they start shooting.
Conflict never solves problems.
The only thing Progressives need to concern themselves with is preventing and ending conflict.

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This is how you take care of your sacred Second Amendment Rights.

In order to protect your rights, you must earn them through responsibility.

I add consideration and accommodation for good measure as a Second Amendment Rights Advocate.

I want all my fellow Americans to be comfortable with the firearms in our culture; they need to know the guns are in safe hands and safely kept.

Unfortunately, we’re still on Background Checks.

Train, carry, and be responsible.

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I’m not so sure I call it sacred, and honestly my guy I’m going to have agree to disagree, unless procuring food, any entity that presents that it could take a human life, I just can’t get on board with, I feel there are other solutions, in all actuality guns just provoke more violence.

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