Cenk's campaign

Hi TYT family!
So…I really hope Cenk runs for prez and I’m sure you all do too! Here’s my idea.

TYT sets up a donation platform where we all donate just ONE dollar. I think if everyone can handle $1. With that money, TYT gets very modest flyers printed up (THOUSANDS), and those members who wants to distribute the flyers kick in 5 bucks to cover shipping to their area. Distribute THE FUCK out of them in a varierty of places all with a website that they will direct people to about Cenk’s campaign and the progressive message. Please feel free to elaborate/colaborate or offer improvements to this plan. I think American people are so hungry for something different, if they came across the flyer, many of them would check out the website and message. Thanks guys :v::heart::facepunch:


Your heart is in the right place, but remember Cenk just said he’s THINKING about it, as much as we want him to run (OMG how I wish) he hasn’t made that decision yet. Let’s just wait for now before putting boots to the ground but that’s a great plan to start off with once it’s a go.

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He should focus on economic issues and his slogan should be “Claim Your Money.” The top issues would be:
Medicare for All
Green New Deal
Paid Family Leave
$20/hr minimum wage
cancel student loan debt
free higher education
expand Social Security

He would explain how each of those issues would lead to more money in your pocket.


More of this!!!

But lets throw both Cenk an absolutely needed lifeline when trying to recall anything he says during the campaign.

Cenk must tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, like he was constantly under oath in a deposition and he must communicate that truth with love and compassion and understanding that Cenk is absolutely capable of.
Like absolutely brutal honesty about everything including lunch.
Make truth and verification a feature of the campaign and the only competition that Cenk will have is Marianne Williamson. :thinking:

What politicians would want to debate someone who only speaks the truth fully, no half truths, because theyd be slaughtered every time they’re caught in a lie and their credibility plummets :joy::joy_cat::rofl::+1:


It would be unique in politics :smirk:

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Visit every state even if you don’t think you have a chance there. Being in a red state I’ve seen people that might get out and vote with a little local inspiration from the candidate but sit it out when they’re skipped.

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2 words - Tik Tok… there is a huge progressive audience. Flood social media. Learn from Trump, embrace all press, even negative press. Cenk 2024.


Is there a system yet created where we can begin organizing with other Cenk supporters in our local areas? I don’t know the first thing about campaigning but I am ready to knock on doors for Cenk, make phone calls etc. I don’t see a volunteer option anywhere on the CenkforAmerica website but I may have overlooked it.

Please advise!


I’m all for this. I would like to volunteer too. We should all work together and get caught trying.

Cenk 2024


Couldn’t be happier with Cenk’s decision to run.

I too would like to volunteer, just tell me what to do.

This is gonna change the world.


Same, put me in coach!


I am willing to do some volunteer work for Cenk’s campaign if needed. I have previously helped with other campaigns by doing phone bank work.
I live in Concord, NH which is the capital city of the “First In The Nation Primary”
if Cenk needs any help navigating Concord or other areas in NH I am willing to help with that as well. I can give more info about my qualifications if needed.

This is my very first post here & do not want to write a novel. I enjoy writing and can get carried away.
I have written many mini novels as comments & replies.
Any constructive criticism is welcome as I only want to add to or improve any discussion here.


I always found it useful when trying to get a regulation or rule passed or charged to present it to a small group I knew would probably oppose it and find out why. It helped me know questions I might get I hadn’t thought of and how to address any misconception as well before taking it to a larger audience. I also found it useful to find places I could compromise without gutting the purpose or changing the outcome I was trying to achieve. It didn’t always work sometimes people weren’t ready for change or the loudest more powerful voices won out.

Might be just me but I’d find a better picture for the campaign site. To me it looks unapproachable and my voting age grandkids said a little zoned out. Maybe it’s just how it looks on my phone, haven’t viewed it on the computer.

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What if you did some you tube and tiktok videos using some of the topics listed in “Operation hope thoughts” ,have one of the other team members read off the topic and you give yourself 60 seconds or less to answer each one. Just a quick summary of what you want to do. Then you can direct them to your website for more in depth answers. I’ve seen it at allot of conferences I’ve went to they usually call it lightening round or lightening talks live.

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As I’ve stated in other forums, I believe any citizen, natural born or not, should be able to be President of the US. However, at this time that is not the case. To me its fairly obvious the courts would rule Cenk is not a natural born citizen which would prevent him from being President at this time. As a guy who went to Columbia Law school, I’m wondering how he missed this.

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I think we should make short campaign ads and there should be something consistent in each ad to get attention.

For example, make each ad a haiku:

Paid family leave
Polls at 84 percent
Give parents a break

It gets the point across in 5 seconds.

I’m definitely open to other ideas. I think a joke or insult directed at Biden/Trump would be fun too.

Then direct them to cenkforamerica.com.

Are you getting paid for this? No one could care this much about that narrow of subject. Then really want to argue the same points over an over…

I’m engaging in the free exchange of ideas as I believe I have a right to do.

If you repeat the same arguments over and over to different people is that a free exchange of ideas?

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Sometimes the same idea applies to more than one topic.