How can i save a loved one from trump syndrome?

I have an aunt whom I love dearly and has been more of a mother to me my whole life than my own mother. She is caring, giving and not in the least bit racist or even slightly judge-mental of anyone. And yet, she is full blown obsessed with Trump, believes that he is a pious Christian man who can do no wrong. No matter how much evidence she is presented with she goes into full blown denial crazy town and spirals into excuses that make zero sense and even contradicts her own words. It has confused our family, we can’t understand how someone as loving and kind as her could even consider a bully like him a good person! I don’t know what else to do, I’m not trying to tell her she shouldn’t be a republican that’s her own political opinion, I just want her to see that he is not infallible and Christ-like like she always says he is. She was almost suckered into buying his NFTs because she said she prayed on it and God told her that she should support him. I’m extremely worried that she will be taken advantage of and I am just looking for some real advice.

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As you get older you will realize that adults who raised you start to act like children. This is the way of the world.

When dealing with children, elderly, mentally ill, and wounded animals use the same frame of mind. You must allow them to control nearly all framing. They generally can lack all sense of danger for themselves or others. They also they cue on your communication of your body language and tone more then words themselves. They can be captured easily by fear and due to the lack of rational capacity, those fears can easily become destructive. This is much like a scientist that attempts to supplant philosophy with science.

The way to address her is to address what she is attempting to convey not the actions themselves. She is indicating by her actions that she is worried that you are lacking a path of spirituality and she is attempting to show you the importance of that connection. This is because as you grow older you focus on your death more.

Understanding hard power and soft power could help here. For the purposes of this discussion know that feminine personalities due to their stature tend to employ techniques to deal with hostile adversaries I call phycological diffusion. If she spent many years married she is likely caught in this loop where she would interface with a masculine personality that would reciprocate this energy. The problem seems that she is caught in a viscous cycle. As a fixation on that cycle occurs and there isn’t a hard power to push against the person can become destructive of their self and others without intervention. This is why we experience the Karnes, they are lonely, and have had a bunch of adversarial interactions with their spouse. It turns in the a pleasure cycle where they exercise some power or perceived power then they are rewarded with a boost of brain pleasing chemicals. The person they fight with dies or leaves, they then focus that energy on their children and those around them. This then causes division usually which makes them more lonely.

It seems odd but what you have to do is interact with them more not less. They need to be imprinted on, think of this as a slow process like growing a plant. You need to show them that you have religion or spirituality that isn’t dissimilar to theirs. You then show slowly reveal over time that your spirituality is in conflict with Trumps values. Then you frame their spirituality as being in conflict with Trump. Then you start to show them TYT and how our values align with theirs.

Women don’t naturally pick up the war mentality that men seem to grasp like second nature. Women don’t often seek this information in my experience. I make an effort to educate myself on feminine centric information, I wish everyone would attempt to formally educate themselves on the perspective of others.

With that said you must become a linguistic shogun and please encourage others in a similar position to do the same.

All these books are small but VERY powerful, the truth needs little explanation.


The Art of War
This book was written by Sun Tzu and is a about tactics it is an astounding work of art that is the culmination of a master general distilling hundreds of years of other writings, and practice of war tactics in to a small book.

The next two are written by Miyamoto Musashi which I must say, I have never found more words written by another that resonate with my soul. This is especially true of Dokkōdō I lived by this code before I knew it existed.

The Book of Five Rings
Miyamoto Musashi was likely the most powerful shogun to ever grace earth. The book of 5 rings is a book of dueling and military tactics on its face, but really is far more. If you read the subtlety of the book you can truly understand the idea of a warrior poet, or a poet warrior.

This book is the smallest concentration of wisdom I have found, beside a book by the name of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment. That is a great book as well just not a tactics book.

I am here if you need me. Don’t let them go without a fight, you will regret it for the rest of your life if you do.

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Does your aunt read books or will she listen to a book on tape or Audible? Maybe you could buy her Cenk’s book or even read small excerpts from it to her.


Sit down and watch TYT’s main show together. I guarantee you’ll have plenty of ways to help her add nuance and more critical thinking to unlearn the propaganda she’s filled with. I’ve found that people don’t watch what I’ve sent if they think it may go against previous beliefs. So together, you can be sure, and ask her questions pausing to verify something. It’s not easy, but worth it. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


“Denial can be an ugly thing.” --Ace Ventura when Nature Calls.

Seriously, my advice is to watch this series with her without tying it to the soon-to-be-convicted-felon. And let it sink in. It is the story of our time and this is the best telling of it I have ever seen: PBS Documentary.

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