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Could we craft a progressive response to Project 2025?


Hi Nicolette, My name is Jack Callahan and I’ve been on yesterdays town help and would like to help out on Operation Hope. I’m 70 years old so it’s not natural for me to use social media proficiently. I’m not sure how to use this page , but I have an idea that could be useful. Today was a real firestorm regarding AIPAC. I suggest TYT gets on board with the many Progressive groups protesting AIPAC. If we call out all the Congress people supporting this genocide, we can team up with all the groups that came out today. This is topical , timely and necessary. What say you? Just a thought, thanks! Jack Callahan , jackc380


Hello all, I am glad to be here and proud to be a part of Team Hope!! I loved the ideas that were suggested in the Town Hall Wednesday night as to how we can further utilize the URLs trumpczar.com and endthebombing.com, I am already actively working on mockups of graphics designs and some possible page layout ideas… I am open to any and all suggestions. All week long after the campaign ended I was really hoping that we could use those URLs to continue getting the message out to folks, and here we are about to be doin’ the damn thing… therefore, this is my hope story that I wanted to share with you all. Thanks to everyone that is onboard! :grin:


This sounds like a good idea to me. I would like to see plans for how we can prepare our response to the implementations of project 2025, and also how we can begin preventing implementation.

And for any interested, here is a half hour video essay summarizing project 2025.

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Here is a great article on the hope of our collective intersectional moment, in solidarity with the spirit of MLK.

I suggest we consider this article, and that we work to widen and deepen our progressive solidarity broadly. Our crumbling empire is more obviously exposed and more sensitive to systemic inflection beyond our US national borders. For instance, if we had previously worked to make Haitian solidarity explicitly inclusive with our movement, then we would have greater current influence and ultimately leverage to affect our imperial reach in the region (some context on Haiti). If we build such explicit solidarity, now, then future opportunities of such inevitably increasing imperial flare ups can later be capitalized upon. The space to widen our solidarity for love and peace is large, from war industry (Palestine, Haiti, Ukraine), prison industry, fossil carbon industry, etc. As we plan ahead of time to leverage solidarity widely and deeply, we can clearly and explicitly expose the systemic network of global crisis within our national politics.

I suppose, more clearly, the point of my suggestion is that our US empire is more sensitive to our solidarity internationally than it is intranationally. And so, we can plan to respond to our empire’s operational compulsion to react to its own decay, and thus cause imperial intention to persist to instead backfire (via systemic feedback) and thus accelerate imperial decline, which ultimately grants space for our peaceful political revolution.

PS, here is also an excellent interview with the author on their article.
EDIT PS here is also more good context on Haiti.

EDIT: also, I started a dedicated thread to develop this plan.

Hi all, this is Eclectic. I’ve been there on most of Cenk’s townhalls and have been in the TYT Community since 2015.

I had heard of Project 2025 but didn’t know what it was. I asked an AI plugin for a summary of the video you linked to (thanks!) and this is what it came up with, I’ll watch the full thing asap. But if the brief summary is accurate it sounds worthwhile to me too to try to come up with a progressive response to counter this.

The video script discusses the conservative plan known as Project 2025, which aims to overhaul the U.S. government by concentrating power in the hands of the president and furthering far-right wedge issues. The plan includes creating a Personnel database, training conservative foot soldiers, and implementing a 180-day Playbook to push conservative policies. The script emphasizes the potential consequences and the need for action to prevent this plan from coming to fruition.


The link to tonight’s townhall is: Meeting Registration - Zoom


Hi Jack! So glad to see you in here, my apologies, I don’t get notifications like i did with the Slack channel. I love the idea and would love to have likeminded groups join us! Look forward to seeing you at the town hall tonight💜

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Hi Eclectic! Always happy to see you!

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Thank you Jared! This is super informative!

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Nice to see you too, Nicolette! Like you said I don’t get notifications (except for the daily summary by email) so I have to remember to check.

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Hi all, I wanted to inform you of basically a shocking fact that the last of the original 12 amendments proposed by Congress seems to have been basically ratified, but was never enforced by the United States. This amendment, would help save American Democracy as it would result in 6,000 reps and basically all that we need to do is rally and convince the archivist of the United States to basically certify the ratification(which isn’t disputed) and BOOM we can really see if our so called leaders REALLY care about the country. Here is more information and a look to. the relevant research book: “In a stunning work that spans more than 600 detailed and fascinating pages, within which is reproduced hundreds of actual copies of portions of rare government and private books, journals and manuscripts, some never made available to the general public at large before, and with all factual historical claims supported by page after page of meticulously detailed endnotes, American Constitutional Historian Eugene Martin LaVergne has brought together for the first time in the Nation’s History all of the irrefutable proof in one place to show that the Real “First Amendment” proposed by Congress to the State Legislatures in September 1789 was actually fully ratified and consummated into Federal Constitutional Law more than 220 years ago. And as the United States Archivist said in 2010, “Had this been ratified, there would be far more than 435 Members of Congress - nearly 6,000”. With a nation that is today so deeply politically divided by a People resenting the effect of money in politics caused by the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision, exacerbated all the more by a People feeling that our Federal Government has become unresponsive to their concerns and unaccountable to their needs, this stunning historical discovery could not have come at a better time in our history. As the People all soon are informed and come to realize and accept that Article the First is already part of the United States Constitution, this will inevitably be the catalyst for a peaceful Revolution and the immediate and unstoppable reformation of the composition of the size of the United States House of Representatives, all done by the People themselves simply speaking up and taking back the power that they were promised by our founding documents but then wrongfully denied. A must-read for all Americans.”


Title: How “Less” is “More”: the Story of the Real First Amendment to the United States Constitution

Thank you Jared how did you find this

oh, I just searched some of your quote :turtle:

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I’ll find out! Learning as we go…


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Attached is a presentation and discussion exploring crisis intersections, and some solution ideas.

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