What's the delay!?!?

At this point I have to pose the question, what’s they delay really about? I mean look at the reconciliation bill , statistically there is an overwhelming majority of citizens that want and need this bill including Reps., If these people, both Rebs & Dems, are suppose to be representing their constituents, why are they doing the shoot calling, what do we pay taxes on daily bases from our hard earned dollars for? But capitalism is so focused on momentary gains, that its not even apparent how this system pins society against one another, not healthy competition. I mean the fact we have to payback taxes when we’ve been paying taxes all year and then to be told depending on your bracket you may have to payback more is simply BS. The fact that only few progressive coccus members are speaking out lends me to think their going to just ping-pong compromises until the bill itself is no longer what it was intended for. My theory is that most of the government officials all have monetary interest tied to specific reforms in the bill, for example construction, healthcare, clean energy, and the list goes on. It’s corrupt they can’t even consider the bill, so they’ll just volleying back and forth until we forget or get fed-up, ultimately blaming their counterpart sides, when in all actuality their just playing games with peoples lives. It sickening, oppressive, and just plain wrong for so many reason


I really really really want to claim this one, a wrench in the cogs of exploitation.
But I can’t, not alone, this is the work of TYT Dragons razing establishment gaslighting and social confusion on the internet and in our communities, and I’m about to test that theory right now.

How many of you have started becoming comfortable with your handle on national politics that not only have you become more interested, or engaged even, but have shown such drive by joining a social discussion group you’ve found, and I’m willing to bet the group is either a local group or professional’s political group of your field.
Or perhaps it’s the old fashioned way, up close and personal with your group of friends.

And you be dropping truths.
Not only that but you address every rebuttal in short order. It doesn’t matter if it’s one or 4 that gang up on you, everything that’s thrown at you is clearly nonsense, and you’ve felt for a while it’s been long past due to answer a call for a hero.
So you do what you must, school these poor confused souls and exercise the ignorance out of them!

Maybe it didn’t work, maybe they still haven’t sided with you, or given you an inch.
You didn’t lose the argument though right?
You obviously didn’t lose the points that were relevant to the conversation, but you could have been in heated conversations for hours, and while you couldn’t tell if your audience is listening, you realize that you have been commanding your interrogation, and more people are interested than there ought to be.

My FB political group is like 700. I spar regularly with 5 resident trolls, but on some issues, I get randoms out of left field and we’ll argue for weeks!

I count the point when I get the last word and the other, even with the standard shamelessness, still comes speechless once you’ve given them the piece that makes it fit…
you think, because again, these dam trolls will continue fighting even after they see your point!

Tucker Carlson saying Az only started to vote by mail in this last election is a go to I don’t want to wear out, because it really is an automatic cricket machine. You can almost sense the realization and indignity.

I have a list of reasons to smash the Az audit to a pulp, but I’m going to pu a Joe Rogan and say it was the fact that Cyber Ninjas never performed an audit before in Az or FL, and that they have no experience in elections.
I continue to say that if these people haven’t even done it before how can we trust them?
Then continue to say that Cyber Ninjas didn’t even familiarize themselves with our elections that they didn’t even know we voted early in person, or the proper procedure to handle election machines and because of that caused us $3 million to buy new voting machines.
We took that from our Red for Ed funding, Red for Ed in Az got cut in half this year, Governor Ducey said it was because teachers refused to “teach”, but as I recall, when Ducey asked for dates for official reopen on his desk immediately, everyone complied.
Everyone was back in school by Spring Break, which was fantastic, it was the timeline our schools were going to try for no matter what.
They were able to do that without the state lifting a finger to help.
The best thing our Governor did for Az was never directly standing in the way of public health safety… no matter how much he wanted to, because he did! He just didn’t have the dumplings to be a savage.
Which I should not make fun of, looking at the other red Governors, I might have to look at this half full… or potentially full.

This is his last term, we got limits, I’ll tip my hat for at least that Doug Ducey, your actions pay respect to John McCain, but he still would have whipped you with his belt for the election treason. Good thing John McCain thought to protect that too.

I miss you John McCain, you don’t know what you got til it’s gone, and you were a patriot, not a frickin fascist terrorist!

What was I saying?
Oh yeah, how many of you?
How many go out and champion the truth only to come out King of the Hill?

And perhaps many of us stop at offenses, and offer words to help the other side reconsider, or actually consider I should say, your words.

You don’t even think you do, but now that I’ve said it…breathing fire are we? I’m not doing this on my own, no matter how influencial I am, I’m only affecting maybe hundreds.
Our allies are nourished by us.
Our adversaries are starting to pick and choose their battles.

As things calm, you realize you’re eager for more.
You want more because you’re kicking butts and taking names!
Would you want more if you were publicly shamed? If you were wrong? If you might be delusional, but results are results:
you continue to speak, and people try to engage, you deal with trolls how you do, but every constructive criticism gets your full attention and serious consideration to the thought.

This is my delusion of grandeur, in my world, my kin, as separated as we are, are finding ways to make the country open it’s eyes.

Tell me I’m wrong so I can be done with this fantasy and wake up from this dream.

I have to get to work.
I appreciate and apologize for you making it to the end, you must not have anything to do😁

Holy balls ok your gonna have to me sometime to read this one lmao. I will get back to you on this essay of a response you sent lmao and I appreciate you taking the time to write this, nothing but love here!

ok so I wrote this exact reply on the other form, but I want to elaborate a little more, So my question to you my good sir, which do choose continue in violence and be afraid of what has always been as such as you stated , or form a new path were that not is not even optional, because at one point it wasn’t just standard normal, but violence has always been present, which we all have come across verbally and physically. When do we take stand against this dread and hurt, who’s willing to stop dwelling on past events, which we do indeed need to understand, but once understood, lets move on rather than build off an already proven system to be negative, why build off a broken foundation?

sir when there’s a pandemic do you get vaccinated?

so if your community, nay, your country is currently the most renowned for violence, sexual abuse, hate crime, and general threats for civil war, my gun is my vaccination.

do you fear covid? do you fear covid even more now that you have the vaccine?

you want to put labels on my gun ownership, I suggest you refrain from doing so, it is common sense.

you wouldn’t be unvaccinated during the pandemic would you?

please don’t misunderstand I’m not labeling anyone, I’m just posing a question, second I am vaccinated and I feel being transparent about it critical. But one is meant to inflict harm, while one is “meant to,” keep society well and living, it’s like comparing a katana to hyper- . I’m just saying these these that are current as far as crimes, but when do we start living in the present and realizing most people commit crimes because of predispositions do to environmental factors. I hold no malice for people who have guns, its just I feel to really be revolutionary, and I think the idea of getting rid of something that is intended to inflict bodily harm. Let’s be honest what other uses do guns have other individuals protecting against other intended on violence?

inflict harm or help protect you from unexpected violence.

I didn’t buy a gun to kill people, not even to kill those that perpetrate against me.

I have 3 kids, I’m asian, and an American Patriot.

I have to defend that against a nation that is still having a hard time reconciling those 3 things together as even a possibility let alone acceptance.

I grew up with gun people, Republicans and Democrats alike, and I’m sure I would mistake one for the other, I’ve been surprised before.
Not one doesn’t know the importance of gun safety and responsibility. I’m still trying to figure out how they can still say that and be publicly against background checks, yet say privately that they believe in sensible gun laws.

The culture does not match the narrative, and that is something you should keep in mind.

When we go against gun owners, it’s not really gun owners is it? No one wants guns around like this, this is insane.

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Actually, I may have incorrectly answered your question to an irrelevant matter.

Kicking butts and taking names has nothing to do with physical violence, and in fact is most likely going on in the digital realm, even if we’re also talking close personal groups. Such is the way of things.

Progressive fights don’t involve punches, sometimes it provokes violent tendencies though, to which we have little control over.

These battlefields are the chatrooms of debate where the Progressive that’s had enough, armed with TYT preparation and political engagement, lay waste, single handedly, only to get reinforced after the KO to keep that coffin nailed shut.

I am not shy about my scathing opinion of American Society, and reactions are mostly instinctual. My constructive criticism is seen as lib condescension, and it takes a few volleys before people realize that I am being serious, and that I am still serious, and maybe you should go back and reread what I said without thinking I was sarcastic about everything.

That I am so flippant with my responses, even now I have difficulty having people take me seriously when I introduce a new thought or idea.

Everything we do is offensive, so going out there and saying your truth, knowing full well what to expect, and be ready to meet the crashing waves head on…
That is bravery worthy of the Rebel Alliance, in red states it’s more like the Resistance.
And we have warriors willing to face the opposition head on! No support! Only the power of truth being wielded like the Force, knocking everyone over in it’s path.

That is the disturbance I feel, and establishment can’t seem to understand where the leak in their strategy is coming from.

I think it’s everywhere.
Has to be, if everyone is as passionate as I am about TYT, how can we not?
It only takes one of us, I literally dominate my chatroom with rebuttals, questions, and considerations.

I have 3 days of FB suspension left for calling my wife crazy because she couldn’t stay away from work more than two weeks after getting out of the hospital with our first child, and the firestorm I have ready for the unchecked comments these past few days is going to ruffle feathers like no other!
Ok fine, I got suspended for saying women were crazy and using my wife as an example. In my defense, it takes one to know one.

I got a few who read my FB public posts too, someone autoshares everything I put up, but if you’re wondering, yes, my FB is even worse than my wall of texts here, so the people that do read my stuff… they’re just as crazy as me.

People like us give hope, I think that’s what’s happening.

Speaking out, that’s worse than any blaster or lightsaber can do to the Empire, the people are the ones that are dangerous, Jedis just remind them of the fact.

When Progressives say they fight, they will always mean their words (nevertheless I suppose we should be careful) The only time guns are ever appropriate is in a self-defense situation, otherwise fighting is only ever used nowadays as a euphemism.
Fight for equality
Fight for social justice
Fight your mom over some BS

There’s not actually any fists being thrown.

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agreed my man my-man-denzel-washington

14 days layer you are proven 100% correct. Its almost like the corruption is predictable at this point

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You are proving your ignorance. Nobody here cares about your gun ownership. We care about corporations manipulating you into THINKING we care so you buy guns and hate us even though all we are trying to do is get free health care for Americans like every other 1st World country on the planet. Buy all the guns you want. Just do not point them at me and tell me collecting a tax to help pay for the road to your house from the village infringes on your rights so you get to kill me.

you have proven your ignorance by trying to step on what I have to say on gun ownership by trying to say no one cares.
Have I been talking to myself?
Do I use gun ownership as a smoke screen to hide corporate corruption?

Try again, what’s your problem with me?
*don’t point your gun at me" means you didn’t read anything I wrote.

My belief that more Progressives should own guns come from the fact that Donald Trump follows the playbook of Hitler to a T, and it’s working!

Guess who else thought radical leftist socialist had to be ethnically cleansed from existence?
The Nazis!
And they’re calling for Civil War and won’t stop!

I feel the matter is of significant importance considering Trump is backed by white supremacy!

My apologies, as this is actually part of a different conversation that bled into this thread.

To stay relevant, I believe this to be the real cause of our delays in Congress, it’s not like anyone 8s acting on good faith right now.

But to prove gaslighting is not involved, let’s review what exactly Progressives wanted from the Reconciliation Infrastructure Deal and what exactly Progressives wanted for the bill, popular by most of America, and absolutely critical for people to go back to work.

Paid family leave, so you can spend time with your new born.

Free pre-k childcare, so parents could go back to work. Mothers especially, over half that had to quit because of taking care of children, and this would have let American Moms be free to go back to their jobs they didn’t want to leave in the first place.

Giving Medicare the ability to negotiate drug prices, so we don’t have to keep paying the most outrageous prices in the whole wide world for prescription drugs.

Medicare was going to be expanded to include more old people that have been in desperate need.

It was only going to cost a mere 1 or 2% increase in corporate tax, the same tax Donald Trump lowered from 35% to 21% and still no one is getting raises, only minimum wage, and that’s a majority of the population!

That is what Progressives wanted from the Reconciliation Infrastructure Deal, since all of that is gone, it’s not a Progressive deal anymore is it?
Now it’s just another scam just like the actual Infrastructure Deal that does nothing but privatize the infrastructure we build!
That means paying for things we didn’t have to before!
Toll booths every eighth of a mile, water bills will be charging by the gallon, and literally every terrible thing that has happened to Texas from their government selling out their state’s utilities.

Over 700 dead, just from one storm.
The survivors were left with 5 figure electrical bills and broken water pipes.
And the electric company still over charged their customers and refused to correct their mistakes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican, Corporate Politicians work together across both aisles to hoodwink the American people!

It’s not just the Democrats you understand?
Everyone who voted for this Infrastructure Bill is a Corporate Politician.
Everyone supporting this Progressive in name only Bill is acting based on their campaign contributions; legalized bribes.
Every single one.

Remember them well, they don’t work for you, they work for your employer’s boss.

A living wage anywhere in a America is less than $2 more than their minimum wage.

But again, right now, it’s not really about policy. No one would believe that, it’s just that Progressives have had a stronger voice, and steadfast focus on the problems Democrats shamefully ignored by beating Bernie Sanders in the primary pf 2015.
Ever since then it’s been slander and shaming and “progressives fault for…” no, Trump was absolutely right, Hilary was the worst of them all!

Violence Begets Violence and owning a gun is going to do nothing but make you even more of a target. It is not that I am naive to the use of force for political goals. In fact, I am somewhat of an expert on the topic. The real danger lies in the fact the POLICE are one of MAGA’s key demographics and political leaders seem AFRAID of them.

THAT is the danger. No vigilante and EITHER SIDE is going to end liberty. A POLICE FORCE, however, absolutely can.

The one thing that helps me sleep at night is that I PERSONALLY know many Army Officers and my peers are all in the Combat Arms Branches. I am not losing sleep if some nutty Civil Affairs Major thinks Trump is king. I WOULD BE if the Infantry, Artillery, and Armor Officers started thinking that way.

They do not. Friends of mine who were Captains and Lt’s with me a decade ago are now Colonels and Soon Generals (one already). They are ALL highly progressive. But unlike loudmouth conservatives they stay silent because they wear a uniform. Just like I did until I didn’t. I assure you, they would quickly put a bullet into any right wing uprising…even one backed by police.

MY/OUR goal needs to PREVENT things from getting that far. Talking openly about guns all the time is the OPPOSITE way to do that.

Edit Also, Its all well and good to talk tough. Have you ever actually killed a person? Unless you are a complete Monster it changes you forever. I vowed never to pick up a weapon again after leaving the military based on my combat experience. It would take a DIRECT threat to my daughter for me to break that vow. I would not break it even to defend just myself.

Bro bad start to that one, you might wanna think that one through again

You need to read the thread this topic is meant for in American Culture Bias.
We can’t have this conversation before you’ve read my full opinion on the matter.
I address your issues.

Which opinions of most significance did I miss (I’ll admit you wrote a lot…which in and of itself is not a problem for me, but it was VERY hard to follow your writing style…and I did not catch all of it.

That said…when one part is simply WE MUST “GUNS”!!!

The rest sorta falls out of focus guess I assure you there IS no justification for tha tlevel of coutner violence OR need of protection. One gun is NOT going to prevent a mob of right wing lunatics with badges from murdering you (it will just increase the odds of it happening) and if its less organize the asnwer REMAINS the police force.

If the police are not cooperating and activley failing to protect you that is when you SUE in a court of law. Judges and Lawyers are FAR more progressive on the whole, and even the most conservative of judges will have the wisdom to know allowing the police to pick and choose who the protect is a recpie for an anarchy THAT HURTS THE RICH.

If a police can choose not to protect you cause you are lib, they can just as easily choose not to answer 911 calls to multi-millioion dollar estates on the grounds those estates can afford pvt security. Ergo…the only think allowing these hooligans to run wile in the police force are the WEAK leftist political leaders who let it happen.

As a young LT. in the Army my first Platoon Sergeant was a right wing nut job that tried to steamroll my authority. His mistake? A subordinate can’t take someones authority from them if they are WILLING TO USE IT. (Assuming the use of it is legal and appropriate)

This thread is where we are discussing this.

I’m not sure if your replying to my response or our other fellow member?

Was responding it iJedi

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